2016 Overleaves and Overview

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Jan 242016
“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Michelangelo Buonarroti
Motto’s of 2016
  • (positive) We can do this!
  • (neutral) Let’s get rid of _____.(fill in the blank)
  • (negative) Let’s pretend.

Introduction to these Ideas

What is the difference between a Forecast (prediction) and an Overview? One is guessing events; the second is defining the circumstances under which events might unfold due to the energetic conditions present. In other words, if you have lots of dead wood and dry conditions, and you are determined to use match light to see by, there is a VERY high probability of fire, if not an inferno. The solution is simple – change the type of light you use! Continue reading »

Havingness and Vision

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Jun 162015

Expanding the Volume of Possibilities You Make Real

By Michael’s Consortium through Stephen Cocconi

Vision is far more than seeing. It is a transformative act of taking elements that you already know and also introducing new or unfamiliar elements into formulation or design of something original or larger, perhaps even more precise; but it is a leap into a new direction for you. For your vision to be made manifest; that is to say transformed from the conceptual space of fantasy into the material reality of one’s life, it requires an increase in havingness.
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An Evening with Michael

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Jan 072015

Coming to Sacramento

Transforming Stubbornness:

Turning Fear of the Future
into the Right Use of Will


Friday Night, January 16th, 2015 –
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. PST.
Price $20


Where: Healing Roots Center: 
2129 Hacienda Way Suites D & E,
Sacramento, CA 95825


Limited Seating available:
*Please call to Reserve your spot.

New Service for 2015!

Limited time trial run: FREE!

Attend Michael Evenings…
from anywhere in the World!

Telephone Conference Call

Call early to grab one of the 30 slots available.

Convert to your own time zone – Use World Clock

*Please, MUTE YOUR mouthpiece during the Call!

Michael’s 2015 Overleaves and Overview

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Dec 182014

Role: ScholarWelocme 2015 with an Evening with Michael

Cast: King
Goal: Dominance
Attitude: Skeptic
Chief Feature: Stubbornness slide to Greed (personal excess, indulgence, overdoing it
Mode: Observation – Caution thru April – Then late August slide to Aggression
Centering: Intellectual – (Instinctive Part)
Body Type: Saturnine
Frequency: 48
Male-Female Energy Ratio: 18-82

Scope – Ordinal, Microcosmic, Compact, Precise, Ordinary, Exact

Techno Realm – Mathematical precision – cold, emotionless execution produces the mechanical algorithms of the universe.

Directions – Forward and Outward

Key Words of 2015: Microcosmic, expertise, theory (proof or disproof), machine measures and standards, Improve and complete.

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The Balanced Human – Beyond the Overleaves

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Apr 152014

Fully Emerging from the 5th and 6th Internal Monads

For those of you who enjoy listening to live channeling, this presentation was recorded on April 4th, 2014.  The first 50 minutes is uninterrupted output from Michael’s Consortium, the 2nd half is relevant follow-up Question and Answer. Enjoy!  

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Click the Play Button below to listen now.

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.themichaelteaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Balanced-Human-Michael-Night-04-14.mp3″]
To read additional notes about the Balanced Human process, follow the link. Continue reading »

The Concurrent 7 Warning and 7 Adaptive Trends

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Aug 202013

There are several topics which stand as key trends or ongoing processes, which, in current vernacular, are: tipping points of human evolution and “canary in the mine” warnings of planetary health. Remember, evolution does not specify, let alone guarantee, advancement or improvement. The next step in time may be one culturally in reverse. If you’ve ever waltzed, you know that the dance continues even when one is backing up.

The following list we term the 7 Warning Trends and the 7 Adaptive Trends; or the 7 & 7, for short. The first set of 7 explore what Michael signals as contracting the race into a fearful state and ruining the planet’s capacity to support diverse life: especially human life! These occurrences are spurred on and sustained by the World View III, an emotionally adolescent attitude based on the drive” “as long as I get mine.” This motivational stance is known in Michael circles as the Young Soul Paradigm.  Continue reading »

2014 Overleaves Forecast and Overview

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Feb 062013


Here is a Recap: of the 2014 Overleaves
  • Year About Energy – Having it, clearing it, acquiring the appropriate type, or being drained of it by the variance between Desire and Lack
  • ROLE: Priest
  • CASTING: Sage
  • SCOPE: Ordinal
  • CENTER: Higher Moving in the Intellectual part
  • GOAL: Relaxation slide to Growth (slide happens in late Spring)
  • MODE: Perseverance (Very unglamorous forms of achievement – no miraculous vaulting)
  • ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (Slide anywhere that gives you options or freeing perspectives)
  • CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (through June affecting Relaxation. Then Impatience (second part of the year – makes Perseverance run like crazy.)
  • BODY TYPES FAVORED: Solar and Jupiter (Warmth and Grandeur)
  • PACE OR FREQUENCY: 66 (relatively fast and constant)   

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