Perspective on February and the Spring

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Feb 092017

Opportunity from Turmoil

{MC}Many of you may be surprised by the energy of February and take this as great news! When things are shaken up and apart, as they have been under this reemergence of American regressionism, there are many threads cut loose in this shredding which you can stitch together into a new pattern or create a new fabric of your life.{/MC}

Things have settled down a bit in February after a tumultuous January. Let’s begin with the Higher Moving Centered Energy (HMC) which has ushered in a time of reorganization, and even chaos, on many levels of human institutions (Exalted). Yet affecting individual  psyches with an underlying feeling of the destabilization (Ordinal). With that being said, what is happening for a great number is surprising since forward motion seems to be carrying you in rather surprisingly pleasant ways.

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Overleaves and Commentary for 2017

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Jan 052017

 Beginning of a New Era in Human History

by Stephen J Cocconi © 2017

People divided about the Dominance Aggression Paradigm or the Conscious Awareness Paradigm

{MC} A decisive split in the consciousness of the human race has opened up a chasm between groups and world views (Soul Age orientations). We will term the Baby and Young Soul rationales and operating beliefs: the Dominance-Aggression Paradigm. Opposing it is the emergent, but temporarily thwarted, new paradigm of Mature and Old Soul values and principles we term the Consciousness-Awareness Paradigm. This divide presents you with two equally unappealing options: collapse and fall-in or take a flying leap-of-faith across it toward a horizon you cannot see and one where you have never been before. Because it is a divergent energy, and fueled by enmity, those models will compel you to choose sides. Believing that you can be neutral will set your default emotions to fear. {/MC}

Prologue: Intent and Definitions

Some of you are looking at Michael’s Overleaves Forecast presentation for the first time. Or, perhaps you have never read the Consortium’s, or my, Stephen Cocconi’s experience of The Michael Teachings before; in either case, welcome! Continue reading »

Dec 052016

By Stephen Cocconi © 2016

The Day the Earth Stood Chill

lighteing-shock-victimPreface: It has taken some time for me to compose this piece. I’ve had to confront aspects of culpability, hopelessness, arrogance and Pollyanna idealism which (or witch) brewed within me as a deceptive palliative for coping with the fears I see in the world, and how they commingle with those in my world. This exploration has been personally poignant, forcibly as cleansing as a delousing, and yet instructive as to the ways I/we must begin to recast attitudes and expand our awareness to create the next phase of collective reality. As an Old Soul, I feel the terror of a world closing in around me. An increase in economic insecurity is inevitable, and I am amongst the 90% of the population who has only minuscule influence on a system that apportions it. Many will relate to this last statement. But in my/your Soloverse, the space of Being within, I may decide to succumb to fear or learn to establish safety in my own psyche. From this point forward, that is where my/your first power is to be found. Continue reading »

The Dis-Comfort Zone

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Sep 302016

Have an Experience of Endarkenment

darth-vader-dark-side-force-shadow-selfHave you ever felt the pull of the Dark Side of the Force? Are you aware of the Shadow Side of yourself? Does it make you anxious to think about turning to face those parts that you deem: weak, frightening, ugly, wounded, immoral, or dangerous? Or maybe, just out-of-your-control?

Enter the Dis-Comfort Zone!

Explore inner realities you’ve hidden, buried, or are trying to be birthed.

And, what if it could be fun?

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Elections and Projections – 2016 Update

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Aug 082016

An update and commentary of the Growth-Pragmatist-Aggression Year of 2016

“Between love and madness…lies pragmatism.”
Samantha Bee –Host of Full Frontal

2016, so far, has been one of the more hostile, and sometimes violent years in the U.S. since the Civil Rights era, and before that the Civil War. Interestingly enough much of it has been deemed “legal” or at least non-indictable. Many news organization regularly ignore what comprises some of the more ugly happenings on the world stage, at large. But everyone feels it instinctively and is edgy with grating worry, at various levels of intensity, about topic that have to fast-speed-blurdo mostly with security and identity; and they are pissed as hell about it. The Emotional Center driving Aggression, steered by Pragmatism’s “lowest common denominator” dogmatic thinking; have produced a barrage of Intellectual-part rationalizations that are utterly dumbfounding and decimating to Idealists of any progressive/creative types. All of it presented in a “news cycle” at a blisteringly rapid Frequency of 89. It passes in front of ones’ eyes in a blur with scarcely enough time to process any of it. And, it is already August! This is the synopsis of the Overleaves produced by Michael’s Consortium for 2016 back in December, 2015. Continue reading »

2016 Overleaves and Overview

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Jan 242016
“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Michelangelo Buonarroti
Motto’s of 2016
  • (positive) We can do this!
  • (neutral) Let’s get rid of _____.(fill in the blank)
  • (negative) Let’s pretend.

Introduction to these Ideas

What is the difference between a Forecast (prediction) and an Overview? One is guessing events; the second is defining the circumstances under which events might unfold due to the energetic conditions present. In other words, if you have lots of dead wood and dry conditions, and you are determined to use match light to see by, there is a VERY high probability of fire, if not an inferno. The solution is simple – change the type of light you use! Continue reading »

Havingness and Vision

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Jun 162015

Expanding the Volume of Possibilities You Make Real

By Michael’s Consortium through Stephen Cocconi

Vision is far more than seeing. It is a transformative act of taking elements that you already know and also introducing new or unfamiliar elements into formulation or design of something original or larger, perhaps even more precise; but it is a leap into a new direction for you. For your vision to be made manifest; that is to say transformed from the conceptual space of fantasy into the material reality of one’s life, it requires an increase in havingness.
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An Evening with Michael

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Jan 072015

Coming to Sacramento

Transforming Stubbornness:

Turning Fear of the Future
into the Right Use of Will


Friday Night, January 16th, 2015 –
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. PST.
Price $20


Where: Healing Roots Center: 
2129 Hacienda Way Suites D & E,
Sacramento, CA 95825


Limited Seating available:
*Please call to Reserve your spot.

New Service for 2015!

Limited time trial run: FREE!

Attend Michael Evenings…
from anywhere in the World!

Telephone Conference Call

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