Sep 261994

by Stephen Cocconi  ©1994 – 2011

1. Humans are stewards of the earth, not its master.

2 God grants neither salvation’s, redemption, nor rescue. We are all in this together. We all collude and co-create the world and our situations on earth. God is waiting for use to decide what we will do with the Earth and each other.

3. Children must be honored, not reproduced for status, labor, or saving marriages.

4. People must take power for their own lives regardless of their income level or social status.

5. Relationships must be chosen for compatibility and honest similarity in interests, and not based upon simplistic notions that love should bear all.

6. Punishment model of behavioral modification, which means notions of abuse, brutality, retribution, must be replaced by making amends, accountability, retraining and genuine empowerment of personal responsibility. (Not blame as it now masquerades.)

7. Ethical standards are more important than civil law or religious dogma.

8. “Either/or” categories must go! We must begin to think in terms of both/and/in-addition to, designations.

9. We must begin to see emotions, especially those that arise within us, as having been inside us in the first place. We do trigger each other, true enough. Yet “getting our buttons pushed” regardless if the person does do with deliberate malice, they are still our buttons.

10. Emotions are energy, not the enemy. All actions on the physical plane are designed to help us learn about our emotions. Fear, is one emotion, that will tell the mind to “stuff it” or “up level it” “develop a strategy to divert the energy” but do anything but face it.

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