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With collaboration from Holly Coleman

Key Words

Friendship, Attention, Audacity, Affiliation, Identity, Digestion, Inculcation, Knowledge, Theory, Recycling, Opacity vs Transparency , and Angst


  • Role: Scholar / Server
  • Goal: Acceptance – Slide to Discrimination
  • Attitude: Pragmatist sliding to others with emphasis on calming Stoic
  • Mode: Aggression
  • Chief Feature: Impatience sliding to Martydom (frustration, agitation, anxiety)
  • Arrogance for helping self-esteem
  • Greed continues as U.S.  C.F.)
  • Centering: Moving/Emotional part
  • Frequency: 65
  • Masculine – Feminine Energy Ratio – 78-22

Introductory Commentary

Humanity continues to walk the tenuous path from one soul age paradigm into another. As has been the case for the last 4 decades the forward progress of the still forming Mature Soul ethos and institutions, have been countermanded and challenged by the stalwart and well heeled tactics of the Young Soul mentality. “It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities” (John F. Kennedy).

The process continues in fits and starts with each reactive backlash being more extreme than the previous. It is time to get real and get prepared. In 2005, one way to phrase this is to “accept what is” in the World, and start laying plans for what your world is going to look like.

Overleaf Influences Defined

Scholar (with a Server Casting) To Serve: The time has come for everyone to take responsibility for how they define God for themselves. It is the most important definition that humans live by. All forms of permission can be traced back to how people perceive God and their own relationship to it. Faith is to know God, Religion is to create a theo ry about it.

The news will be filled with explanations of events and patterns that represent theo ry rather than reality. It will be labeled “common sense” or conventional wisdom, or our best estimates. Much of what will happen this year will defy traditional description or predictive measures. For the Scholar who likes to learn, fasten your seat belt this year will be fascinating!

The Scholar aspect of us seeks reliable knowledge that it inculcates (to become part of the Psyche). The process of hashing over what our “body truth” is, represents a key feature of the Scholar energy in a Moving Center year.

The Server influence this year means that the knowledge gained (Scholar) will have a service or useful, tangible, and practical quality. Regions of the world where Servers live will be noted by people whether they understand Overleaves or not. These would include: China , India , Mexico , and Hawaii . Cooking, cleaning, helping others, charitable giving will be expressions that many will feel motivated to do. An emphasis on discovery of TRUE HOME will make the Server energy very personal.

“Change the way you think of Service and learn to Serve by Who you Are, not what you do; and all that you do will be an actual outpouring of the Love that you are.” M. McElroy

Acceptance is viewed by many to be somewhat complacent or deferential. But this year, Acceptance is an active goal. When confronted with your inner “gut” truths about people and situations you find life in, the cognitive dissonance will be great. Gaining some level of peace will be a combination of expanding your sense of personal value (a good use of Arrogance) yet sliding to Discrimination in limiting the things that your “put up with.”

Needs drive Goals. Seminal to Acceptance are the needs to feel be seen, included, and be significant in your world and relationships. If you find that you are lacking in these, see what relationships are in imbalance (including the one with yourself) then move to make yourself first and foremost. In turn, share that with people who you call equals and you will flourish. Clear the dead wood of unequal relationships. By the way, if you are a “hanger-on” to a relationship where you represent the imbalance, be aware that rejection ( – pole Discrimination) could be headed your way. After all, that too can be an unequal relationship.

Pragmatism, like all Attitudes, represent the mental frame of reference or viewpoint you choose to hold when “scoping-out” a situation, event, or relationship. Because there will be emphasis on gaining the correct levels of balance in several areas of your life: work, family, possessions, friends, finances, each can require its own Attitude, and thus the sliding nature this year.

Aggression: The key phrases here are: “dive in, or Geronimo, or just do it.” Combine this motivator with the Moving Center influence and you will notice that you have little tolerance for feeling stuck. (Many older soul people are ready to break out of their acceptance of the status quo. Sometimes, getting angry and even admitting that you “hate” some condition, generates the necessary impetus to propel one to change their situation. Folks won’t be so much inspired to make changes as they will be fed-up with things as they are and ready to break down the walls.

A caveat to this energy might be the constructive use of hate. Arrogance, mostly seen as excessive vanity or aloofness, has the value of making a person feel proud and not willing to stand for humiliation or injustice. Telling someone off, especially for the wall flowers, might be exactly the thing to reboot a life of stagnation or depression into healthy self determination. In a Scholar-Aggression year the mantra should be “tough but just.”

Frequency 54 – Sluggish movements. Some will experience being bogged down and having to exert much effort for minimal return on their energy. Ironically, this is where Faith (aka, Acceptance) that your Higher Self has a plan and will execute in a time that will truly support you.

Masculine – Feminine Energy Ratio – 78-22 – Such an environment can look like Warrior or Intellectual, but we believe that better descriptions are machismo and bigotry masquerading as effectiveness. At a time like this, it is important to remember that a strong man defends the feminine and the inner child, not ignores nor bullies them.

Chief Features –These elements are the broad strategic ways we employ to respond to stressful situations and attempt to defend ourselves against perceived threat. By definition, these are coping mechanisms that assist us in seeking balance.

Impatience and Aggression will be a powerful team in assisting many of self-deprecating downtrodden rise up and say: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Now this will make people feel very proud for a short time but it will be balanced off by the ever present “backlash effect.” But to sustain these gains, a healthy does of SELF-esteem (Arrogance in +pole), based upon what you have learned about your real needs, standards, beliefs and values, can catapult you to a new level of personal power. Are you ready to risk looking foolish to establish a new you?

Ethereal Climate

Assimilation, Indecision, Ambiguity, and Realignment

The Neutral or Assimilation Axis implies a time when the configuration of life circumstances and players is moveable. Making the necessary eliminations and improving the digestion (sorting) of life lessons can take the form of greater wisdom or great chaos at a deep level.

A second feature of an Assimilation climate is that the locus of effects resides at the Spirit level of energy, rather than the emotional, intellectual, or bodily or material level of life. Therefore, the aura and the subtle bodies are of greatest importance to attend. Reiki, prayer, all forms of energy clearing and balancing, all the way taking frequent and meditative showers or baths lend themselves to clearing patterns that need be moved before permanent changes of identity can sink in and take hold. Changes made on the level of intention and focus, will be amplified and supported in the material world.

A third and notable feature is the connectedness to the Inner Planes that can be achieved in the Assimilation climate. Having access to “higher power” through the Instinctive aspect of this conduit can provide greater insight and allow for information to be transferred between the I AM or God Self and the Essence. A Nexus is an amplification of Universal force (some might say “God intervening) that magnifies an individuals potency for manifesting intention. (Be careful to know all of what your intentions are. Those that are in denial have allot of power and can haunt you every bit as much as positive objectives can feel rewarding.)

Lastly, stay clear of energy vampires! These are the folks who say they want to hear about your life but when you start speaking, they launch into their commentary about it or their own story, making you the “hostage” listener.

Globally Soul Age Awareness

2nd Level Mature (Level of terror). Negative pole slide to conformity and dogma to late Baby Soul strategies. In effect, the worlds fear level is at an all time high and yet most people are totally in denial about it. Many older souls instinctively feel (and are uncomfortable with) being off the main probability tree of parallel realities. The sense of isolation can be a great fuel to make people get more involved or just erratic. ( The Impatience CF.)


No place to hide from your fears! No matter how many rights you handed over to a “strong authority” or desire to have Homeland Security be the agent that arrests perceived threats, fear – more to the point of paranoia, underlies many peoples’ willingness to make these decisions to surrender their authority. In a 2nd Mature Soul period, there is a thrashing about for stability and familiarity. So, how does one or a society go about achieving those things? – Such a mindset creates a climate in which heroes, hierarchy, and conformity, flourish. In other words, there is a divesting of personal responsibility and an abdication of genuine individual power.

  • Get congruent with your real and concrete life values.
  • Define clearly and anchored in our core spiritual beliefs.(about divinity, justice, afterlife and death, fate and free will, etc.) Clarity will increase the congruence and accuracy of your manifesting abilities.
  • Do not being drawn into polarity either personally or globally
  • Bush Parallel causes older souls to become more focused and self-disciplined with regard to our values and our spiritual practices.
  • Healing the Sacred Feminine
  • Greater emphasis on reducing women’s rights will make progressive women clash with traditional women.
  • Older souls to heal their internal female archetype to help heal humanity
  • Learn to Exalt the Divine Feminine as deserving protection and cherishing.
  • Confront and defeat the ruthless masculine aspect.
  • Positive Pole: Equal Rights, generosity, visionary,
  • U.S. collective needs to own and take responsibility for greed
  • Polarity
  • While this Admin. Promotes Polarity, each soul has a choice whether to participate in choosing up sides.

Information Overload : It is time to come to grips with the fact that there are too many sources of information, much of which is not only unreliable, but laced with opinion and hyperbole. With literally thousands of media sources, political ideologies, religions, web sites, blogs, reality shows, opinion polls, editorials, infomercials, TV shows, appliance directions, and even psychic predictions, are among the vast number sources of information that competes for our attention. Is it useful to you or not? This is a great time to evaluate and decide what to ex-out.

Creating Affiliations and Friendships – On the Acceptance side of the Goal, many will feel the need to really know who your friends are and who you can count on. On the Discrimination, some will find that ending relationships that are no longer applicable. Differentiate which people are mere acquaintances from those people who you anchor part of your identity into. 2005 begins a crucial investigation into yourself and how much you value the integrity of chosen relationships.

The time is at hand for establishing or shoring-up a network of persons, , upon whom, you can really count-on. Friends are the mirrors of your own identity. The main knowledge to put into service for yourself and those you love is to evaluate close friendships in your life. The main issue surrounds the gathering of your allies and true fellowship in preparation for times to come.

Criteria for this process is based upon who you truly feel loyalty with and if it is reciprocated. For some, making friendships where they gain loyalty and invest in trust is the largest of lesson’s in itself. For others, the issue will be seeing where those who you give to reciprocate in an equal way. If not, why are you allowing the inequality to continue? Who are the people with whom you share confidences? Which among them would come to assist you in time of need? Which would you assist? Why? What qualities do your companions demonstrate in their lives or merely with you that might suggest the levels of integrity and commitment? These are questions not merely academic in nature, but represent the most important of your values. Those people who bond to you and you to them are share responsibilities.

DNA vs Spiritual Based Family Models -DNA lineage is biological and tethered by blood; Spirit Families are by choice. Who will you be sharing your resources, your time, your love, and projects with? Ancestry is a wonderful tie and all families are powerful teachers. But don’t let guilted obligation be the only guide to whom you consider kin.

Political Realities

  • U.S./Bush Administration will continue to alienate the other nations of the world. In spite of this, there will be positive progress and political realignment in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
  • While the US continues to function at a 6th Level Young soul age (most karmic level) – it creates the conditions for polarity that facilitate the completion of much Young Soul karma on the social level and hence allow advancement of the US to a Mature Soul operating paradigm.
  • The US continues to engender a number of polarizing positions. With the Aggression Mode, you will see many examples in the press, some violent, where individuals, groups, or countries take extreme action to be noticed or have their grievances aired. But because of the energy of Acceptance, these folks will be conciliatory and willing to negotiate if treated with due respect.
  • Polarities around Gays, Liberal vs Conservative, haves and have not’s, will be the way that the “us against them” mentality pits one group against other.
  • Bush’s popularity will rise and fall with the fortunes of Iraq . Most specifically, the body count of American soldiers. America is stuck in another protracted economically motivated war.
  • Bush sets us up for higher probability of WWIII between 2009 and 2012 –
  • Iran will continue to fight world pressure regarding nuclear arms N. Korea moves into 1st Level Young, continues to challenge world powers.
  • Clarence Thomas will be nominated to be the first Black Chief Justice. Bush, sensing that he could not get Antonin Scalia past a hugely resistant Judicial Committee in the Senate, will place the race card as he has done so successfully throughout his Presidency.
  • In an effort to pump-up many failing economies, look to the worlds governments to undertake gargantuan infrastructure projects. Certainly true in Iraq , several European Union members will propose the building of new water treatment and power generation facilities along major rivers in eastern Europe and South America .
  • The Draft will be reinstated by the Republican controlled Congress. There will probably be 1960’s era rioting in response.


Much of what we saw last year will continue into this year. Stocks will continue to rise and fall because of mixed growth and erratic earnings. The DJIA might spend all of 3 weeks above 11,000 this year, at most. But it will tend to stay in the mid-to-low 10,000 range until early 2006, when it will decline under 9,000.

The employment market continues to be soft with many people shifting into jobs that they have the skills for, but have previously not held the title.

Gaining advantage in this type of economic environment will mean to letting go of some of your material possessions so that there is room for things and conditions that can generate true happiness.

The era of material waste is coming to an end. As landfills get fuller and the cost of creating new ones grows, you will see more private efforts to control the excess garbage by reduction of packaging and increased incentives for recycling. (Although sadly, there is still little real infrastructure available to handle it.) You will see increasing invention and introduction of solutions aimed at addressing the problem. Because many of these will be based on tired economic dogmas, the ones that will receive the most attention will be those with the least amount of innovative solutions.

In spite of interest rates, the number of home being purchased will continue to rise for the next 12 months. By this time next year the country will begin to see a decline in real estate demand, everywhere. Real Estate expansion will continue to be the place where money is to be made. The problem is not one of loan funds, but a shrinking number of buyers who can afford to own a house. Over the next 10 – 20 months the market price of homes will continue to rise, on average, across the nation. However, when the slowdown comes, the spiral downward will be swift and intense for many middle and blue collar homeowners.

One thing that will become more obvious it is a great time to use cash and buy used items. People are overloaded with stuff, so if you want some, go to the consignment shops, want ads,

Anti-American sentiments dampens economic growth overseas and the dollar continues to fall in value. It has the effect of foreign investors buying American securities in larger volumes than the last 2 decades. (as Bill Clinton predicted 6 years ago) More deals to import foreign goods and sell American jobs oversees will be the result.

Medicine: The time for sexual enhancement drugs like Vioxx and Viagra to be put up to public scrutiny as the diet drugs were a few years ago. It will be noted that the increase of strokes and heart attacks make that additional orgasm hazardous to your health.

Earth Events:

The Earthquake of 9.0 in Indonesia is just one of the many examples that will be seen over the next 10 years as the Earth attempts to rid herself of the oversupply of human beings.

Yellowstone Park has a huge volcanic caldera brewing underneath it that could set off a Sumatra type quake along the Continental Divide.

The subject of water shortages throughout the Middle East and Africa will be more prominent in the news. The US will invest in more desalinization water plants throughout So. California and then Virginia .

Oil will continue to be a hot political and environmental issue. Prices will rise and the global race to explore will be everywhere. In places like Texas and Alaska , this will mean a short term economic boom. (1 year).

Because water will be at the forefront, those savvy investors would be well advised to buy stock in companies that deal with water technologies and sit on them for a few years. You think oil is a big deal…just wait!

Weather – Tornados will be large and devastation in the Midwest and on the central African plains. Most of the world will experience wetter conditions than normal and later hotter Summer and Fall. This will further bring to the forefront clean water shortages throughout the world, but even the US will begin to admit the pinch.

Water mixed with dirt means landslides. More places than So. Cal will have deaths related to this event.

Methods to handle 2005

Streamline our Lives: Get rid of dead wood, get lean, no more jobs, people, locations, clothes, circumstances that don’t serve or work for you

Create Networks: NECESSITY – Bond with spiritual family members for spiritual support and physical plane abundance and safety

Develop Gratitude Therapy: . – To function here in a contracting period. develop a daily ritual of thanking the Universe for what you have

Create a Healing Sanctuary: A place to reconnect to Higher Self/ Spirit. Again this is a necessity. (spare room, back yard garden. Develop gratitude for your Personality, create an altar with your own picture on it, you are God.

Earth-centered Spirituality / Shamanism

Anchor to the Earth energies: helps to stay in body and focus, feel safe. Do daily grounding rituals. Send love and appreciation to the Earth.

Connect with Buddha (Beauty)

Goes with Stoic Attitude: BE with what IS

Invoke Grace

Complete surrender of Personality to the Divine

2005 in Segments

Winter – January through March 2005

  • Irritability / Want movement / Uncomfortable
  • What doesn’t work is MAGNIFIED
  • Older Souls making major changes to create balance to be able to be
  • A Nexus Occurs in: February. These are times of great mutability and can be used like a slingshot to propel one forward. Recalibration is needed to function here.

Spring – April – August 2005

  • Hopefulness emerges as initial goals of year start to manifest.
  • More emphasis on clearing out dead energy.
  • Decide what cause or what person you want to serve.
  • Period of Greed and Lust sets in as the focus on sex in society heats up.
  • Great time to insert something new into your life. (hobby, activity, thing, even a person.)
  • It is possible for a powerful relationship to begin or end abruptly.

Summer- July – September 2005

  • Best focus time of this year.
  • Move to complete or end something that has been dogging you for some time.
  • Older Souls making major changes to create balance to be able to be
  • Bush has some challenge to his health and well being that could put Dick Chaney in charge of the White House for some period.

Fall – October – December 2005

  • A period of contemplation and integration.
  • Best to allow yourself time to assess the events of the year. Many people will feel stable economically if they divested themselves of people and jobs that have diminished them.
  • Now is the time to feel prosperous and give yourself a meaningful reward for what you have accomplished this year.
  • Emphasis on Children and the weak.

Key World Players this Year

Vladimir Putin – Russian President – 6th Level Young Artisan/King – will have internal pressure to resign. How will he respond? Repression or resignation?

Pope John Paul – Should finally die about Aug/Sept. – The church will rebound quickly. Everyone in the world will have a reaction in the same way they did Princess Diana. No one is neutral about this Baby Scholar-Priest

George Bush – Will continue to drive the US into debt at an alarming rate. He will make overtures to build cultural ties to other Baby Soul & Server Countries.

Oprah Winfry: 7 th Mature Priest will be asked to consider running for a political office in a highly publicized way. While she will turn it down, she will begin to openly suggest candidates in the same way she makes recommendations in her book club.

Soul Ages and Strategies

Old Souls: What are you waiting for? – One of the benefits Bush’s re-election is to make Old Souls jump into the game of life. The historic shame that old souls feel from being the Young Souls of Greece, Rome , China , and English empires, have generally kept many Old Souls from getting involved with politics and community responsibility. The thought goes something like this: ”This guy Bush is the biggest cutthroat yet, so I guess I don’t have to feel so bad about my past lives as Baby and Young Soul.”

Mature Souls: It is time to stop the pretensions about not being “judgmental.” It is time for this falsehood to come to an end. New Agers and Human Potentialist have preached a doctrine of “Non-Judmentalism-.” Most people missed the point! Discernment is the tree that produces the many buds called judgments. Those that flower into something nourishing are what we might call wisdom. Others, that mutate or die on the branch causing the tree itself to rot are what we call prejudice.

Young Souls: Stop denying the reality that America is above the allure of power and that there is a defacto American aristocracy defeating the intent of the Constitution. Admit that you want to be just like those who have power. You will stop trying so hard to ingratiate or reject the power elite.

Baby Souls: Hold onto the beliefs of the past and don’t ask questions lest someone of power focus on you. Clobber anyone who talks about sex or questions religion.

Infant Souls: Escape to any place and do anything to eat.

The Skeptical Psychic reminds you that: Hate is at an all-time high! It is a strategy that forestalls feeling terror. Hate is a fuel that can cause an engine to produce high energy for a short period of time. But in the long run, it is highly corrosive and destructive and eventually causes the motor to self-destruct. It is time to own your own hate, not necessarily stop it, but employ it consciously for the purpose of completing it and learning from it. Mastery over hate leads to its extinction. It results when a person confronts, harnesses, and uses their hatred to act above fear. Otherwise, those who are acting on fear and denying it, are reduced to the mob mentality. In mobs, no one takes responsibility for their own actions.

Enjoy 2005. Learn all that you can. Have fun. Just simply pay attention.

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