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State of the Planet 2006

by Stephen Cocconi with collaboration from Holly Coleman


I heard it said recently that living ones life from prophesy is a poor way to experience the present. Expectation and interpretation, instead of experience and openness can rule one’s life. So this year, there will be no predictions about popes, politicians, celebrities, the weather, or anything about human life. However, here are some thoughts you may choose to consider.

In some ways, this stance seems to be a direct emanation from the Overleaves of this period. I still find the Overleaves (Michael’s Universal Building Blocks) a very useful tool in describing themes and trends. Therefore, as is traditionally done by me during this time of year, I will offer a set of Overleaf energies that seem to be prevalent at this time.

Key Words

Transcendence, Alliance, Divinity, Destiny (self directed) Motherhood, Fertility, Birth, Manifestation, re-Invention, Misinformation, Faith, confession, profession, declaration, principles, body, and sex.


Roles:  Sage – Warrior
Goals:  Relaxation/Dominance ( personally-take charge of your life)
Attitudes:  Spiritualist
Chief Features:  Self-deprecation – Impatience (“I feel ashamed or humble, and I want it to go away now!”
Mode:  Power (endurance)
Center:  Higher Moving – Emotional
Charka: 2nd  Sexual Center
Frequency:  Variable and erratic. Lows of 24 to highs of 78 during he Autumn. with surges of stagnation during the winter months, all the way to high speed during the last quarter of 2006.
Masculine – Feminine Energy Ratio – Male – 33% & Female – 67%

How and When it Began.the Nexus of 2005

Much of what has happened to this point actually began summer of 2005 with the onset a staggeringly significant Nexus point in mid-July. On the world stage, the change of weather, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, raised the specter of how utterly unprepared and chaotic things are behind the surface of the declaratively authoritative administration of the US. We have defined a Nexus as “when TAO intervenes” on a planetary scale. Such an intervention is usually a general foundational shift in the same way that an earthquake can cause buildings substructure to become unstable and even collapse completely. At times like these, notions such as “paradigm shifts” and “parallel realities” come into view as two larger manifestations that affect the appearance and direction of changes. It was at that time when the Sage-Warrior energies began and the Overleaves of 2005 were displaced.

Metaphorically, what occurred was a general wiping of the slate, for many people. Of course, I am speaking directly of the Karmic agenda of agreements and tasks set out for your personality by Essence this life time. When this occurs, as happens at Nexus points, dramatic parallel reality shifts are activated by individuals and larger collectives alike, in order to stem feelings of chaos and uncertainty. These life blue prints were “the dreams” you aspired too and defined you. Some still feel the loss. Now, there is a clearing and it opens a huge space for redefinition of yourself.

The percentage of change that any one given person might have experienced has varied in both kind and degree. Many clients reported a departure of familiarity, enthusiasm, or purpose for a job, relationship, personal interest or friendship. For some people the wipe was so extreme, it caused a general feeling of being “lost” to the point of despair. Or, at the very least, unfocused. Others felt an ill defined sense of grief, not having a clear understanding of why they have to say “goodbye” to people and opportunities that were part of our original blueprints.

For some, minor changes of plans or expectations unmet. For others, complete loss of familiarity, devotion, or ambition to things or people once thought inviolate or incorruptible dissolved in an instant. The disorientation was loss of identity and direction left some in a grand tumult. Yet, in other areas of life, the Nexus would deliver resolution and completion as some trying things merely came to an end.

2006 from this point forward

For the first 3 months of 2006, the shifting sands of uncertainty. Many face a sense of being uprooted, or listless, directionless, or grieving the loss of solid footings in ones life.

But in no way will this transitional period feel gray and dismal for all. Indeed, removing the elements of familiar and in some cases, stagnant though depended upon items, have made for a tremendously inventive time bursting with new possibilities. Or simply, a big relief! As fast as some relationships, personal, social, business, ended; for some other folks, new ones arrived just as dramatically. Setting the stage for a “seat of the pants” kind of sailing through the uncharted territories now made open by the Nexus.

On a global level the polarization: politically, economically, and ethnically, is at an all time high, but there is little acknowledgement of any of it. Progress is beginning to happen, however. Over the next several years, you will be challenged to be very clear that having allies who support you and vice-verse. These do not have to include a dogma-based or emotionally fanatical allegiance to a given faction. The “US against THEM” model is still the dominant one. But in a year where Dominance and Power combine to issue forth in people the dissatisfaction or ennui to accept status quo, on any level; look to many segments of society expressing themselves in ways that demonstrate this circumstance. It will be the choice of form and outlets those expressions takes that can be of much concern.

Global Decisions were made – Stop the Polarity! Commit to getting to a new state of mind. Use the Triad to reach the central place of equanimity. (In other words: if you feel negative, get positive, then both of you realize that neutrality is the acknowledgement that both can be true at the same time, but you need not be dragged down or charged up emotionally by either state. Stay in the transcendent neutral.


1) Time to build Alliances – For those who remember Michael’s & Levels of Love, Level 3, a very practical display of Love in action is Alliance . Mutual safeguarding is the key to this topic. Who is watching your back and whose are you watching? Seem almost like a soldier in the field with their comrades in arms? Well, the Warrior aspect of the year will demand a reality based and meaningful expression of what love looks like. Don’t just think, act. The first act is to ask people (Sage) and really attempt to persuade them why the alliance concept is a good idea and how it might go between you.

With Dominance in gear, look to see who you think is “better than” you, or who you sub-vocally perceive that you are “better than.” While military alliances are sought with those of superior armaments, this trait is present everywhere in facet of human relationships. Careful if you are making alliance to be the dictator or rescuer of someone who you perceive “less than” you. On the opposite side of the coin

2) Being Sedentary means Soul Loss -Talk about being “numbed out”! Well, as the personality sleeps under the monotony of television, habit, or and ‘ism you might happen to use, your Essence can ‘drift’ further from your awareness, making you feel less connected and even more driven (-Higher Moving). In cases like these, the Animal and Robot within you tear at one other for domination. The result is always, self-deprecation and failure to feel sustained love or joy in your life.

To remedy this state doing the physical, tangible, concrete, motion, construction and destruction, and significant activities that stimulate your body and mind. Doing something to augment or meaningfully change the repetition of your life.

3) Redefinition of Marriage, Sex, and Offspring – Not all rights and rituals that are entwined in the traditional duties and obligation of relationship are merely “male hierarchical domination” of women. So to, not all the powerlessness and subservience ascribed to women, is accurately deserved. Either sex that seeks to dominate or dis-empowerment the other is not in a partnership, they are in a competition for power. This is the paradigm of Marriage and Mating that will a high priority to redefine if the Mature Soul paradigm is to take hold.

4) Identify who and where you perceive that your can either cause or you are responsible for other people’s emotional state. (I.e. where do you withhold or hide yourself, or carry shame, fear or guilt about how you express yourself to another.) While it is possible to trigger an emotionally full person into expressing or acting out upon their underlying emotions, short of physical attack upon someone else, each of us merely act as mirrors and foils for one another. Then, STOP IT!

5) Holding off on any communication in the name of privacy is a subtle place where we hold fear. Fear that we can’t cope with the reaction of those folks whom you reveal yourself to. (Classified Information or Top Secret or Need to Know) The process creates more fear. The Sage in you will want to “blab” all of what is going on, but the self-deprecation (shame) and holding onto the constricted moralist beliefs, are tools of self-deception more than kindness. Ask Holly, about me. She bust’s my self-deprecation on this all the time.

6) Find a reason to talk about what is important to you spiritually and ethically. (Sage and Spiritualist) and declare yourself (make it known!) Take a stand. What Commandments or moral dictates do your REALLY adhere to? (Most people believe in thou shalt not “murder”. But kill, everybody is willing to see someone dead. Many would indeed be willing to do it themselves in the right situation.) Part of the reason that polarity exists is that the vast middle refused to declare itself openly and even potently. Leaving the extremes to declare, by silence conscription of the ‘silent majorities’ that they have a moral imperative supported by many. Fear to be publicly chastised or stigmatize, more simply called shamed, is the driving emotion that keeps people stuck. There is a ton of it. Such emotions continue habitual reaction, rather than deliberate and ethically conscientious proactive deeds. Engage in WHY you believe. Don’t let up on others until they are really clear on why they have the beliefs they do. Start with that same kind of verification on yourselves.

7) FAITH is Living from Spirit (of the law) – truth, love, joy, appreciation and verification. OR Living from Moralism (letter of the law) – Obligation and debt, price and cost, action begs reaction can allow us to fall into the delicious trap of “better than.”

8) Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Listen to how many ways and situations you say statements like: “If I were the boss I’d.” Yep, expressions like these are Power Mode in the negative pole and are the grandiose ways that we try and compensate for feelings of powerlessness. When you have Power and Dominance together, like what will feel the case this summer, you can combine these energies to either stand tall and either state (Sage) and defend (Warrior) your principles (Spiritualist); or, your one of two major fear strategies will prevail: 1) You’ll agree with angry mob. Perhaps not jumping in,-(feminine energy) but supporting passively by latching onto some cliche base set of beliefs, dogmas, or ideology. (-Spiritualist). Or 2) will find themselves becoming “joiners for mutual defense.” Empowered to hold up under siege. (-Warrior). Willing to shout slogans and not listen to anything but their own rhetoric (-Sage).

9) There are few things more meaningful in our lives than mother and the influence of her (or lack thereof) in our lives. The whole range of mother issues will be up for review. Do you feel loveable? Are you abusive because Mom was? Do you whine and want Mom to sooth you instead of doing it yourself? Can you be tender with yourself in ways other than being indulgent or self-pitying?

Motherhood for women, giving birth from their own body is a major biological and spiritual identifier in her life. The womb is the second charka creation place of the female. Both genders originate from it. But for women, those with children and those who are trying to get pregnant, this year will feel very stressful. Many American women are coming up against fertility issues. Some of these represent the fact that many women have so immersed themselves into career lives that child agreements have all but abdicated for more traditional family structures. In other cases, what might be called “industrial disease” has affected the sperm donor as well as the woman herself. Nonetheless, it will bring up major assessment of personal worthiness, victimization, self-recrimination, and hopefully analysis of the motives for having a child in the first place.

For men, the review will be centered around how women in their lives, or lack thereof, resemble patterns related to mother. Where do you want your wife or mate to be your nurturer or server? Where do you blame your mother and either take-it-out on spouse, or stay single rejecting pairing all together to avoid confronting the issues?

Soul Ages

Older Souls:  A sense of intrigue for some, but most will feel the general lack of inspiration or purpose. The Spiritualist-Self-Dep and Impatience energies are your vehicle to gaining some peace or feeling more failed and frustrated. Dreaming will be astral meetings called by your Entity to discuss and remember the energy of alliance on a nonphysical level. It is OK to act like wise elders. But do it with Humility (+Self-deprecation) and not the (-Impatience) of intolerance. Hold the space of neutrality for the younger souls. Quantum shift (+Spiritualist) regarding what you are willing to have as a part of your attitudes, behavior, and tolerance.

Infant Soul ages:  The old aboriginal cultures (infant soul origins) continue to enjoy a romantic renaissance. Yet, even when true the popular media and laws passed by governments tend to promote only those elements meant to asuage the public. Many tribal groups are effectively silenced in this way. It is working to a great extent. You hear very little about activism among any of these groups. Co-optation is the motto of the Young Soul. Since we can’t suppress them (Baby Soul), we’ll just buy them out. Consciousness: Fear and shame based consciousness tends to learn through pain, karma, separation, polarity, war, cause and effect, denial, avoidance.

Baby Souls will be more extreme in their behavior than ever. This can work to the advantage of those who are fighting for traditional ways of life that are threatened by Young Soul exploitation models. Support the Inuit’s and the Klinkit peoples who fight for the North Slope. Yet, watch and see just how many other Baby and Young souls oppose them wanting the oil revenues.

Ah, Young Souls! Still they remain the driving force in the world. These are the same folks who riot in Paris and drive the corporate engines. This year, their actions will be more shuffling and stop-gap than actual progress. No one Soul Age is really collectively going to make much forward headway this year. It is best to hold onto your hats and seek to become “the boss of your own life.”

Mature Souls, still under the philosophies of Baby and Young imprinting, have yet to really make headway or statement of leadership. This year will be no exception. When Mature Souls really step up in action and philosophy, the world will follow. Until then, this group, who actually represents the largest single soul age on the planet, stands by wanting the growing comfort of technology with the moral superiority of tradition and history. Such a place is comfortable, but it is politically impotent and ethically ambiguous.

Within individuals, these Overleaves are very significant. Some will be driven to therapy, others to disaster, others still will have break the habits that bind them to conformity.

The best hope for this year.

Transcendence – A state of Grace – Faith in the Universe will take care.

•  (Being above and independent of the material universe. Used by the Deity.)

•  Rising above something by having mastered or released something.

•  Eminence, authority, ultimate dignity.

•  Total centeredness in Self – internal locust of control.

•  Reaching a point where one emanates or AM’s spirit from inside out.

•  Eliminates the effects of external forces upon you’re the stability and serenity of ones energy system.

Do have a good Sagely laugh as you are either kicking butt, or getting your butt kicked. Remember, the Buddhists say: “No matter where you go, there you are.” Be there, NOW …Raise your fist, laugh and shout, “I AM!” Then, jump in! Enjoy.

I thank my friend and collaborator Holly Coleman for her insights and information. View her site at www.globalwisdom.com

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