Jan 012007

With collaboration from Holly Coleman

Key Words

Friendship, Attention, Audacity, Affiliation, Identity, Digestion, Inculcation, Knowledge, Theory, Recycling, Opacity vs Transparency , and Angst


Roles: Artisan – Priest

Goal: Growth through learning Acceptance

Attitude: Idealist (Update and renew)

Mode: Perseverance (Get with it! Do it.)

Center: Intellectual, Moving Part

Chief Features: Greed and Martyrdom

Frequency: 75 (on a scale of 1-100)

Male-Female Energy Ratio: 32 – 68

Directions: Outward, down, forward

Influencing Realm: Techno

Introductory Commentary

Note from Stephen: Many of you visiting this site will undoubtedly note that while I suggest that the Overleaf energies will affect the entire world and all nationalities, please forgive the unintended focus upon the US. Also, you the audience are most likely Baby Boomers or GenX’ers. Thus, the interpretations are coming from one of your own. For more information about other parts of the globe and nationalities, please drop me an email to request information about that place or peoples.

Theme: Identity Check! Locate your place in the cosmic scheme of creation. Meaning: reestablish a sense of personal purpose.

Key Words: & Issues: Equilibrium, Freedom, Fairness, Advantage, Obligation vs chosen action Modification, Stability, Indifference vs. Apathy, and Value vs. Price and Cost, Prototyping – Creative Process continues in stages.

Year of Irritating “I told you so’s.”

Solution: Just Change Something!

Primary Emotional States:

Glee: (Overly optimistic views about everything will have some people sound absolutely giddy about everything.) Exhilaration: Most people agree that there is nothing like that rush of excitement when you have achieved something that you really wanted or at least have completed something that was dogging you. Use these moments to ground yourself in appreciation (internal) and gratitude (external). This will act as a store of value when the doldrums hit. Humor: There will be a ton of situations that seem so ridiculous that you can either laugh or go ballistic. Yet, most people will find themselves feeling up and relatively "good mood" and buoyant. Anger/Frustration: If you don’t suffer fools easily (careful that you should not be one of them) then hold onto your hat. You might feel a bit of lecturing coming up or simply to choke the bastards. Boredom: Related to anger but suffused with a healthy dose of arrogance. If you find yourself bored with something, you are likely to think “this is just too mundane for me.” No matter how you cut it, boredom is not a terrific motivator unless you are in Martyrdom. Then, when the change hits you, your whining about having to make changes will get others angry with you. The cycle of “poor me” becomes self-fulfilling and dripping with self-pity. Worry: Most psychologists speak of the diminishing effects of fretting over something that you have no control. A reasonable truism to be sure. Yet, there are many things in which we have valid concerns and even fears if the outcomes of those worries should materially and negatively affect us. Worry, when channeled into productive action can bring about focused attention and the potential for necessary action. Panic, which is worry in the negative extreme will send you into a tail spin and serve nothing. Don’t Panic! Pay Attention!

Overleaves Interpreted

As if we don’t have enough prognosticators on the scene (this one included), in a Priest year, every one will be vying for a place in your ear: revving you up, bringing you down, patting you on the head. All calling it “words of inspiration” or a “call to faith.” Yet beware the hidden agendas of all but those who you really know and who really care about you. Telling you what you want to hear and what you need will be at an all-time-high! Madison Avenue Artisans will be raiding the databanks of corporate America looking for the magic elixir that will convince you that a fad is the “next great thing” or that your wants are really needs that you haven’t yet realized.

Together, the combined Overleaf energies represent that of creating your own morality and reality. The Tarot cards that fit this energy are the Magician, the Hierophant, and the Devil. These together are what you face on the boundaries of this years journey. A book like: Spiritual Tarot Seventy Eight Paths to Personal Development by Signe E. Echols, Robert Mueller, and Sandra A. Thomson is a terrific guide for interpreting some of the subtleties of the Tarot and the archetypical qualities of sub personalities. (Michael channeled years ago through me, that the characters of the Tarot are one of the best sets of sub-personalities.)

Growth can occur when we exhale and expel the old gases within us that can otherwise be toxic if not expelled. That is the way that growing through Acceptance occurs. Releasing old tensions to allow for movement will generate forward motion and the resolution of some old sticky relationships. In business and other enterprises where the emphasis is on constant expansion, it would be well to work on growing through product improvement and changing the ways that what you already have is delivered. The tendency, when Growth in the negative pole interacts with Greed, is to want to gorge oneself out of fear of scarcity. The effect often is to grow too big, to fast and thereby degrade what you already have.

Perseverance is nothing more than repetition. This is what it all boils down to. A year where many plans will take additional time and energy, some may be beset by the boredom and whining of Martyrdom. Those who stick to it will have large gains. Make sure to change pace on occasion not to fall into monotony and thus give up.

Greed and Martyrdom. Victim and Perpetrator. Some victims go to great lengths to get even. You will see this in the world of corporate finance, the clamor for the ouster of many of the highest paid CEO’s and the end to huge “golden parachutes” for those who have run companies into the ground. The average person is tired of the gluttony of the higher echelons of society. This is particularly true in Islamic countries where they believe that Theocracy is somehow impervious to the temptations of power.

Intellectual Center – Moving Part: Since the downfall of the “republican revolution” many decried the lack of new ideas. With a whole panoply of problems facing the Congress and families alike, this is the time to invent something new and stick to it for the year. Many ideas will be floated, keep your mind open to trying something new.

Masculine Feminine Energy: The Yin/Yang of this year can be thought of as multi-tracking and divergent (Yin) rather than single minded or convergent. The feminine perspective is about to get its best test in years. With the largest number of women in politics and with Nancy Pelosi being the Speaker of the House, look to see how much can be done with subtlety and consensus building rather than the masculine brute force approach that has occurred over the recent past. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many concurrent activities or projects. (Artisan-Yin and -Growth). Balance will require coming into your body and admitting to when you feel overwhelmed.

Frequency: For those of us getting older, everything seems to be passing by faster. Yet that does not mean that the real pace of change is increasing, just the pressure for it to do so. Currently, most people show the frequency as the quickness of pace or tempo in which they say things. Seconded only by how fast they act to make these things happen. This year there will be a disconnect between thought and action, but still, once any length and vociferous discussions have subsided, there will be action that occurs quickly.

Key Monads:

Deserter-Deserted: (Abandoned) Many relationships will show their weaknesses under the reorganization of Ideals. Some folk might just up and leave them. This kind of departure will be very painful and yet liberating in many ways. Let the Priest energy of this year be a forgiving and merciful reverend rather than a fire and brimstone judge. These can reveal themselves as the end of friendships, business alliances, customers, quick and unexpected firings, spouse abruptly walking out, or a simple failure of someone to keep an important promise.

Teacher-Student: An intellectually centered year can bring about mental overload or a desire to take in new ideas. Lots of folks are leaning to do things differently. Education and retraining is high on the list of many people right now and will be for the rest of the decade. Looking for a teacher who stimulates you is a worthwhile outlet. This kind of monad might not be directly within an educational setting, but will certainly be one where you are learning something new, generally information that helps you reflect upon who your are.

Economics, Business and Real Estate: As the modern reliance of Capitalism continues to be the ruling device by which the benchmarks for most decisions are made, more and more people will see the obvious downfall of this type of decision making. What is it you ask? Answer: that all transactions and assets revolve down into the tangible materials of mother Earth. Land and natural resources like water and forests are ultimately far more precious than Beverly Hills real estate or gold bullion, yet both will be taken in their turn as the spiral continues downward.

However, the prospect for the stock market keeping this insane inflation will continue until the late summer. It will rise until about 13,000 or a slight bit above. Then in the Fall, the bottom will begin to drop out. Very little will be able to stop it. The minimum wage increase will be blamed. The actual reason will be the cross effects between the bloated indebtedness of corporations and individuals and the increasing pressure on blue collar workers continually declining salaries and rising medical expenses.

Real Estate markets in the US will stabilize and even rise slightly over the next five months to one year. Then, the market will hit a sort of stagnation. People having to sell or enter bankruptcy will be the driving force for new sales. But there will not be additional or rising numbers of people buying into the market. No, those days are over for some time to come.

Earth Environment and Cataclysm: A new problem awaiting us is the rise in global fires. Yes, like forest fires and the burning of all sorts of toxic materials not meant for incineration but destined to befall us before the end of the second decade of this century. What this portends is a decrease in the actual oxygen content in the Earth’s atmosphere. Try taking a deep breath of carbon monoxide. Notice what happens? Maybe you can’t because you are unconscious already or choking for breath. Doom and gloom? No reality that is slipping your way. Begin to think about the Earth that something will have affect upon you now, not just you on it.

Ice Melts and sea levels rise. For another couple of decades, ice melts will not significantly raise the oceans. Just like ice melting in a glass it is merely is changing state. However, there are many affects that come about with the melt other than rising sea levels. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6230731.stm The biggest issues facing the health of the ocean food change will be the infusion of huge quantities of fresh water into the salty oceans. Sea life and fish rely upon that high salinity. Currently stressed fisheries will face even greater challenges. The worlds natural and wild food supply will continue to diminish.

These effects are seen on the surface of the globe. But what about underneath the planet? It will be between 2035-2060 that the magnetic poles will shift. It will not be cataclysmic for the planet, but it will transformative for human kind. Many will die. Yet, the remainder will have a massive rebuilding effort from earthquakes and volcanoes. This will serve as a the beginning of an historic 100 year period where, good sense and a will to survive will cause countries to work together in ways that New Age adherents’ have prayed about for decades.

Weather Patterns: Much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing an unseasonably warm winter. Even when there is snow fall or rain, it seems to be disappearing rapidly. We are just wasting fresh water as if there was a never ending supply. Sorry folks but this issue continues to be the biggest problem of human kind. Drinking water!

Communications: Personal, Professional and Technological – The Priest will tell you that “the truth will set you free.” Most Artisans believe that your are free to set out the truth you want. In either case, basing what you think is truth rests upon what you hold as your moral ideals. One moral quandary that everyone faces is this: how much do you actually speak of your truth? This perseverance year you will have many chances to figure it out and get it across. But one theme that seems to be pervading in a dominantly feminine energy year is “timing is everything.” So when you speak your piece, know that the repercussions will differ depending upon when you say it, not so much how you say it.

The one area that you can count on in increasing information will be the Internet. Inspired by the Young Soul ethos that “more is better” and the Mature Soul ethos that “we can connect with everyone on the planet;” those of the Techno realm will make every effort to expand online communities. If you are an investor, look to companies that creating new ways to communicate. Skype seems to be one of those new online pioneers that will allow people to chat and view each other with much greater ease. (Hey Baby Boomers, remember Tomorrow Land at Disney Land? It is here!)

With more women taking leadership roles in the US, and with greater dissatisfaction with “legalese” look for national legislation and in many states as well to simplify the types of language used in commerce and law. A wave of optimism, still growing from the recent American elections, wants many changes.

Food Source: Ever had a GMO? (genetically modified organism) The truth is that you probably have but you would’t have known it. It will take at least another decade for the issue of food labeling to be dealt with directly. In much of the world, including the US, soils are exhausted thus requiring more chemical fertilizers to make crops grow. It is not the chemicals that are so much the issue. It is the ever more limited ability of soil to absorb them and then transfer the nutrient value to the plants. There is more to food than just calories. When food is depleted of nutrients the body craves more. Although the economist says that America is rich with food and we just over consume, others will tell you more often it is because we are obese because we are getting less fed on more stuff. Doesn’t’t that sound like a metaphor for modern consumer life?

Hawaii Specific: Oahu will continue to find difficulty staffing people because of the shortage of labor. This will cause an increase of immigration from both the mainland and the Philippines. On other islands, it is very likely that Kauai will suffer from very windy (near hurricane conditions) in the Sept-Nov this year. Best to have your house and belongings in as dry of storage as you can find. Big Island and Molokai will continue to experience building booms though the real estate market is not likely to rebound until May-June. Property will begin to trade hands in imaginative ways. Building will be strong, particularly on the Big Island for about a decade to come.

Final Thoughts and Comments

Predictions, Prophesy and Premonitions: Outcomes, Destinies, and unseen random events foretold. Over the years, Michael has channeled much of all three types of information through me. Some have actually come about and or been factually proven.Yet some has missed the mark entirely. Predictions are actually forecasts based upon existing conditions that when one extrapolates the possibilities, then some major trends can be foretold with little controversy. But it is the big stuff – like prophesy (some call we psychics “prophets for profits”) that draw peoples attention and instill in us a roller coaster of hopes and fears. It is the occasional, out-of-left-field, premonition (the usual connotation of the word implies a calamity – but sometimes it a wonderfully beneficial vision) that leaves us wondering, or waving palm branches exalting the predictor.

But what do all of these things really aim at? At the base motivation, they are attempting to fulfill one of the oldest evolutionary needs we humans strive for: advantage! And by extension, if we have advantage over chance or other competitors, then we can somehow enhance our safety and security from harm by planning for every contingent. However, if you really create your own reality then no amount of prediction should really assist you anyway? Right? If you didn’t’t like something that was coming your way one should supposedly be able to make choices or changes that avoid that outcome? Well, that is the theory, anyway. And to a degree some outcomes can be avoided by different choices, yet, if some lessons are desired by Essence, then manipulation of events might not affect the outcome, just the way it might happen.

In any case, real power comes from the ability to choose. But a note of reminder and clarification is pertinent here. One can only make choices amongst available or possible options. Over optimism which we might refer to as “magical thinking” is the purview of the frightened Child and not a facility of the Creator Self. The true Creator can make miracles of seemingly implausible options with Perseverance and dedicated effort. On the Physical Plane, it is the only true work we all share in common.

Have a terrific 2007. Be who you are and forget the dogma.

Love and Support. Your friend in the Cosmic Comedy

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