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2009 – Server / Sage Year

by Stephen Cocconi & Holly Coleman

The Mature Soul Cycle has finally come to the US with the election of Barack Obama. This turn of the page of Soul Age paradigm signals many new opportunities in store for the United States and for the world.

But many of those opportunities will come in the wake of some people’s panic and uncertainty with how to share with others and allow themselves to change their own identity to fit into the new world and the demands it will put upon all of us.

Role: Server / Sage Server – (Adaptive and willing energy to do what is necessary) Resourcefulness: doing something different with what you already have.Sage – Lots of competing opinions and a great need many people will have to grab anyone that will listen to their opinion. Instead find groups sharing common ideas and work.
Goal: Submission Act on any policy, mission, hope, cause, inspiration, you believe in. Don’t be tentative or wait for someone else. Make sure that it includes benefits to community. If you don’t know one, find a purpose or mission, take a class. Move your butt!
Attitude: Spiritualist / Stoic Stay in all the possibilities that go along with being in hope. Otherwise, you will likely slide into numbness which is the negative pole of Stoic. There is more opportunity now because so many old ways have failed. “Necessity is the mother of invention, but panic is its father.” Michael
Mode: Aggression Perseverance Aggression is brazen! – Allot of attack with words and inflammatory statements. Get into a Warrior stance and face them down. Lots of bravado but little real courage. Reserve shouting for confronting intolerance and bullies. Do not just venting selfish anger or rage, make it count for something!
Chief Feature: Martyrdom /Impatience When top CEO’s cry “poor me” (as if they were helpless) this is the smell of Martyrdom. Many folks asking for help who are the unemployed workers really need it, but pride or ideology might stand in the way of asking for it. Dumping shame and seeing through the veils of dogma is the only way to beat the feeling of powerlessness. Slide to the pos. pole of impatience and kick ass on the conditions that made you a victim in the first place. Martyrdom is also the CF that is the excuse for revenge, and the neg. pole of Impatience its delivery system.
Frequency:   77 slipping to 35 Surge begins at the outset of the year and then drops to 35 as a reflection of the Depression. Aggression will be punches and jabs that seem sluggish.
Male-Female Energy:   50/50 Balance A year that will be seen by many in the future as the time when the genders once again came to grips person isolation being a function of faulty gender roles. Time for men and women to look at gifts and powers in an ancient and profound way. Each gender needs healing with their own gender!
Year Type Techno + much new small innovation of machines and electronics – reliance on many old theories and policies to set programs that will fail. People will run to tech to solve problems. Switch back to mechanical and organic means of growing food.
Centering Intellectual Moving/Part Many will want to fix their pictures however the only way to advance is to replace your “pictures” of their individual identities and how life and systems should work. Change of paradigm. Make your body play or have fun! Do not sit long!
  • Credit Card debt will be the next phase of the Economic Crisis
  • Earth Changes will be severe until 2012 and the insurance industry will go bust.
  • People choosing to have faith in themselves and their chosen communities will thrive!
  • The most important time ever for being clear and conscious on intentions and life purpose!
  • Earth is ripe for any and all alternative means of planting food and joining habitats.
  • Many willl experience intial fear while adjusting to their situation.
  • As the master number 44, Barack Obama will take the reigns as one of the most powerful Presidents in the history of the United States.
  • While much of Western Europe had been on the curve since the formation of the EU and the break-up of the old Soviet Union . Reverberations from this election and the beginning fall of corporate Capitalism will influence the next 15-16 years. Along with Corporate collapse its stepchild, vulture venture financing will also be shown to be a huge Ponzi Scheme (robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is so impressed he gives you more!) have ramifications around the globe particularly in China and India. (Is it any wonder that the fellow’s name was Made-off?Pluto entered Capricorn for the beginning of a cycle that lasts until 2025. The last times it was true for the US was in the period leading to the American Revolution – 1762-1777. Much of what you will see is the breakdown or break apart of many public/private/religious institutions of the West and some entirely new structures and ideas rise to the surface. What we described facing humanity as the “Damned Depression” will be in full swing. Much of the recovery will depend on how fast community enterprises will replace corporate enterprises for complete restructuring of the economy.Paradigm Shift by design is a combination of redoing concepts, values, and truths, hierarchies of important steps or ideas, and boundaries. Simply, many of the old tried and true ways have come to an obvious end to their believability! Of these paradigm shift may mean that actually begin to live and implement ideals you have long paid lip service to but not enforced. One that is often vaunted but Capitalism makes the practice of this almost impossible is “we are all in this together.” Competition and preserving status makes this a point of internal contention for many and an obvious hypocrisy of for some.There is only one truly urgent issue to take action quickly about: Earth’s environment. All other things allow time to pass before jumping in. Most politicians will not get this and Earth will have massive die-offs and climate shifts by 2050.The fundamental shift that will happen over the next 16 years is: a grass roots recognition that the Earth itself is in peril for human habitation will force the confrontation between two value sets: Young Soul values of profitability and wealth versus the Mature Soul values of sustainability and health first. Resourcefulness is the Key! Micro level – Community level – Granular creating of new systems.2009 begins the period for most Baby Busters – that last part of the Boomers and first wave of GenX’ers 1954-1964, to step into their real power. Unlike the older Boomers, who took what their parents did and mushroomed it into lopsided opulence and environmental exploitation, and political reductionism; this group will face enacting contrary programs and ethos under the guise of utilitarianism, invention, sustainability, and wealth redistribution.Spiritual Community Building As our outer world dissolves, a longing for God, spirituality, transcendence. An overwhelming shake-up in the primary assumptions that underlie most religious institutions will see a rethinking of the way that religions everywhere espouse their dogma. The Catholic Church will initiate some sweeping new policies that many will say will lead to its downfall, priests to marry, yet it will be a renaissance for the church.Economy: The possibility for income deflation coupled with price inflation will make things worse for everyone. Beginning of the downfall of the insurance industry from many natural disasters adding up on the books. Credit Card Indebtedness will spike through the roof! So will the unilateral raising of interest rates! However, this type of action is akin to “taxation without representation”. This is the private sector coinciding with Pluto in Capricorn. Some of the great controversy will be “blaming the least powerful”. Blaming the consumers for taking on their consumer debt. Do not believe it!Personal Energy expenditure: Be conservative in spending energy. Get out of debt. Don’t spend unless it is on new information or new invention. The new ethos should be: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Declaration that one will buy nothing but Green!Old Souls need to get over the complacency that someone else will lead. Get a Mission and get to it! Life Porpoise. People will start to become ignited around a cause. These will tend to be personal issues. Holly Coleman has channeled about “spiritual impeccability.” The task itself is not as important as the fact that what your are doing has a high-zing factor. Such things would include doing things that provide you feelings of high satisfaction and appreciation. This energy will set-up more to come even in hard times. Additionally, this means staying clear of places where you may feel invited to dive into Martyrdom for prolonged periods. (Remember how much this CF loves feeling sorry for itself in ego-indulgent wallowing). Meditation here for centering and blessing will be supported and useful. But if you meditate to shield or block energies, you will feel exhausted and get none of the benefits of the work except further thoughts of alienation and therefore isolation. People choosing to have faith in themselves and their chosen communities will thrive! This means taking action to institute new measures and projects to support their collectives.Young and Baby soul Backlash is “I’m not sharing with you” “What’s mine is mine.” The protestant work ethic and American self superiority creates every incentive to preserve the mindset that I am not giving up what I deserve to someone who doesn’t. Loosing privilege (perceived) is at the core of the martyred rallying point for many.

    Street crime will stay constant by the fear of it is likely to escalate and as a result so will gun sales. But the real crime rise will be in home violence against wives, children, elderly, suicides and pets, as those who cannot shift point of view from the old paradigms will inflict their pain upon themselves or the weaker whomever is perceived in that role. Challenge: 2009 not to go numb.

    Obama’s Karma – Barack Obama is a Priest/Scholar with a King casting and with his King Task Companion wife Michelle they are no strangers to being in the thick of power and at times of great change. Having first been Pharoah Amenhotep III and his wife the powerful Empress Trye, they ruled over Egypt during a time when old Gods were muscled out and new one brought in. Again, incarnated as the former Roman Emperor Constantine, he ruled during a time when the empire split into two halves, and he was responsible for calling the Councel of Nicosea which codified official Christian doctrine for the first time. In other words, this guy knows how to rule. And, it was no accident that he had a black Muslim father and white Christian Mother. He meant himself to be the bridge between many groups. While this soul fragment loves the challenge of power, he does not have a Messaiah Complex, but lots of people will. His Overleaves make him an excellent candidate to fully vest the Mature Soul era throughout the world. Pays back many people from the era of Constantine , preserves the constitution from amendment from reconstruction.

    Obama’s Leadership Style (Pragmatism) – He will look to see what issues are getting addressed by non-governmental sources. If there are issues he is interested in, he will choose his battles. As to war crimes prosecutions, he might stop several policies that encourage bad practices but otherwise he might not intercede or push on an investigation. Along with corporate crime he will probably let members of Senate and Congress and States take the lead with investigation. He is wise enough to know that he would otherwise burn out his credibility, his political capital, and his goodwill.

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