Jan 012010

Recoiling from Reality with Risky Reverie

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Themes & Key words:

Energy, reverie, obstruction, conflict, uncertainty, ingenuity, elimination, caution, presence, diffusion, force, and anxiety.

Introduction: 2010 initiates a new 10 year numerological cycle: The days of global future pacing need be done with because it is propelled by fear! Instead of actual data gathering from spontaneous experiences, thinking and action based upon prediction is substitution of guesswork for contemplation. Authentic, rather than reactive, creation originates with ones own deliberate intention and is guided by ones intuition. To be a pioneer means taking the risk to build without knowing the outcome. Take your energy back! Invent the future for yourself and make your contribution to the collective creation of the human family as a Citizen of Earth.

The following forecast covers the years 2010 through 2012.

Role: Artisan

Casting: King

Goal: Growth

Attitude: Pragmatist

Mode: Caution

Chief Features: Stubbornness & Impatience

Frequency : 80

Masculine – Feminine Ratio: 30% – 70%

Soul Age Orientation: 6 th Level Young – Karmic

Centering: Moving / Intellectual Part (year of the Body and Energy sources)

Chakra: 5 th & 3rd –A good year for standing your ground, put some power into your words. Face opposition head-on, but with calm and it will dissipate.

Sub-Personalities in Play:

  • Guardian (personal spiritual gatekeeper and monitor)
  • Mother (overly protective, but nurturing aspect)
  • Humor (the part that wants to see the lightness in things or becomes a prankster)

Realm: Angelic (better to believe in Angels and connect rather than go it alone)

Degree of Neutrality: 35% – This number infers people and institutions retain bias, are polarized, and stuck on their position. In negotiation or conflict there is little room for resolution; resulting in stalemate or lopsided outcomes of either victory or defeat!

Direction: downward, outward (go deep and take what you find into your life)

Platform: Leadership – “Be the change you want to be in the world.” M. Gandhi

Needs: Acceptance, Expansion, & Exchange


Beneficial Year for and to…

Constrictive Year for and to…

Artisans (innovate and demolish)

Sages (shut up and listen! Hard to do.)

Kings (Rise to positions of power)

Warriors (empty battles will frustrate)

Priests (Charismatic call for healing or extreme rhetoric.)

Scholars (will not the appreciate the turmoil and chaotic nature of the year)

Men willing to heal their wounded masculine and share the healing.

Servers (can be overwhelmed by the demands upon them)

Buy a house

Sell a house

Plant a garden

Be in debt

Rid yourself of old unused items

Start a business

Go bankrupt

Look for a job

Buy new durable goods

Marital relationships (avoided issues will come to a head.)

Deal with lingering health problems

Gambling or taking aunnecessary risk

Begin a new regimen or habit

Entering into new agreements

Conservative but not necessarily Republican

Liberal and probably Democrat

Deal with old issue in a new way


Denial – act “as-if” all were rosy

Consumer overload

Convert to alternative energy

Companies selling electronics

Buy a gun or learn self-defense

To believe in peace and non-violence

Computer Security Specialist

Web Designer

To be an ideological zealot

To be an intellectual or realist

Digitize your personal data

Run afoul of the IRS

To have a work published: music, book, article or patent.

To have a family member in the military or to be a military retiree

Take a trip for a retreat or replenish

To not have health insurance

Buy a new car

Repair car problems

Human kind is floundering to find a significant and coherent “long-term” survival goal.  At the end of the Young Soul era, a period of chaos is upon you. Deep uncertainty like this happens at Soul Age transitions in order to loosen or collapse old foundations. At this time, greed rather than ideal has been the reactive fuel running the collective ship of consciousness. The power structures of the world have been more interested in erecting high cost defenses rather than tearing them down. Energy for advancement is available but caught in a protracted cycle of misdirected ventures designed to acquire profits not progress. Making the Earth and its’ creatures the ultimate debtors for their folly. In 2010, the few extreme events likely to occur have already been in the pipeline for several years and are a continuation of downward sliding circumstances.

The Mature Soul ethos in the negative pole acts to merely aggregate people into an undifferentiated clump. Creation of the “New World Order” is a backdoor entry into the evolution of humankind. Even if it is powerful Young Soul forces which are the engineers of pooling humans into manageable groups like herd animals. Nonetheless, evolution does not guarantee social betterment or spiritual advance, just realignment. The rest is left to the will of the human collective and how it embraces or rejects greater responsibility based upon the Mature paradigms concept of “we are in this together – so let’s work together.” You are all Citizens of Earth!

Presence of the Artisan energy this year is about inserting tweaks and spreading the seeds of novelty into the brewing cycle of chaos gripping the world today. It will be done with a dose of accelerated creative destruction. The need to exploit the Earth in order to “save-the-race” is the cry de jure being screamed by every group. Mother always pays the price for her children’s mischief. When in reality, we’d all get lots more done and have a lot less rankling about it if we all took turns shutting-up and equal turns paying close attention. Incredibly simple, egotistically incomprehensible!

The unsettled and generative force that the Artisan is will bring the issue that has been your most long term difficulty in your life to the forefront. Essence will cause you to oppose and conquer those roadblocks that you have both projected and endured in life thus far. General examples would be: that people with money issues will be force to face them. Someone with relationship issues will have to confront them. And persons suffering with a specific health issue or disease will be liberated from it or devastated by it. Use force of will, (positive pole of stubbornness) if necessary, to conquer and oppose the trends that have governed those self-karmas which have imprisoned you for so long. Remember that an Artisan destroys as well as creates. But from destruction can come transmutation, the positive aspect of demolition, when enacted can remove that which is hollow or weak or artificial. Contrast this with the negative side of the equation which is use of indiscriminate force to impose decimation with violence and death, leaving only carnage and ruin. Be careful what you destroy and how you do it! The Artisan that destroys in preparation for rebirth is the Phoenix .

In an Ordinal-Expression year: The obsession with celebrity is the biggest distraction that American’s face over the next few years, with many hoping to avoid their own ordinary but personal problems and live vicariously through someone whose life seems removed from such hardship. As life feels more threatening, “larger-than-life” has a voyeuristic appeal and becomes the in-demand product and therefore profitable to sell. Such yearnings spawn the creation of new demigods, heroes and saviors and the trend will continue over the next 15 years. At the same time, grass roots movements across the board are growing. Many are truly pro-active and seeking consensus while a minority is getting more militant and extreme on both sides of the political and religious spectrum.

Growth: Comprehension is the positive pole of this goal. This year may be interpreted as a re-rooting to a grounded balance with the body, reality, and solidifying or bracing oneself for things to come. Instead of size increase, even though financial systems will continue to appear solvent and expanding; advancement in mature stability is the end result that will take form. Because of the Mode of Caution, many might interpret this energy to feel Reevaluating. People are becoming adults. They have to be. Now, the question is will the American political class grow-up as well? The aggravation of the high frequency, Impatience, and the highly karmic confrontational nature of the year will have some folks thinking of the events as another “f—ing growth opportunity.” (FGO)

Moving (Kinesthetic) Centering: More than any other year in recent decades, this year is not so much about action or movement but about energy, electricity, and where the body draws its chi. One of the major transformations that the human species must make the to shift its consciousness and find ways to draw energy not from force of will but from expanded meta-consciousness. This will mean learning to raise ones vibration in ways that are gradual and non-resistant. Expanding and Omni-directional in reception and thus learn to draw and harvest rather than to generate of manufacture life force. All forms of energy work: tai chi, yoga, qigong, reiki, and the old standards like free form dance and tantric sex will be ways of tapping into the “free energy” fields that have been spoken of by ancient mystics and most recently, Nicolai Tesla.

On the larger scale of Energy, a shift away from the belief that fossil fuels are the primary source of energy needed to make an economy function. Electricity is the actual key to progress! Making electricity can be accomplished by more than fossil fuels. Technologies will be mushrooming devices created that can harness one’s own physical exertions and transfer it into kinetic energy and harnessing chemical energy for generating power and heat. When other micro-options of generating electricity get a more solid foothold new paradigms emerge and the “energy crisis” will be over. And so will the strangle hold on humanity by corporate capitalism. But most significantly climate stresses from any form of polluting energy production will be reduced and eventually extinquished.

cThe human body itself is at a turning point. Physiology is bifurcating toward those who take up rigorous training regimens but otherwise eschew the real use of the body…physical labor. Go be in the dirt! Exert yourself doing tasks: lifting, moving, chopping, carrying, and whatever way actual work gets done and you will have a sense of balance and peace that no “workout” can give you. Even walking more places and taking a bit longer because of physical activity will make the 80 frequency more digestible and produce less anxiety. Touch and sensory immersion are crucial to reclaiming the sensitivity of your animal/instinctive awareness. Otherwise, it will be too simple to get caught in one’s head, about things.

Pragmatism being the assimilative attitude, can slide or activate all others: skeptics, idealists, realists, cynics, and spiritualists will all characterize their own positions and making their positions known with the subsequent actions clash each asserting to be the most rational problem solvers. This leads to frustration the negative pole of Impatience. And when it join forces with the Pragmatist, especially under the pointed and often derisive quality of their negative poles (intolerance and dogma), look for dismissal and ridicule to be the arrows of first attack in war of obstructionism. All of these conflicts enhances Stubborn entrenchment. This next period of history will show that it is difficult to get things done on any scale but direct personal or small group action. This year’s Intellectual part the Kinesthetic Center will not cast new ideas out for exploration and consideration, at least on the national level, nope there will continue to be the rehashing of worn-out-dogma-fermented effete long ago ossified in the slag heap of worthless punditry.


The Guardian and Child sub-personalities of the human race, manifesting the Spiritualist attitude and the Priest role will call for the raising of a new savior. Truth be told, the world needs Saviors like the Earth needs more holes in the Ozone layer. Whether they might be Richard Dawkins, Barack Obama, Lou Dobbs, or Sarah Palin, .it is time for everyone to pitch-in, just a bit, and do the repairing that needs to happen. To be so “convicted” that one must ride forth on the steed of zealotism, under the banner of some divinely or deviously inspired sentiment of righteousness , is the extremism that is tearing the human race into more hysterical factions.


Equally bizarre are the new extremes being asserted as the battle for who owns God. That argument enters into the realm of some grotesque charade even more bizarre than anything yet imagined. Hallelujah to those of genuine spiritual principles who will grasp the fallacious calculation underlying the declarations of both sides and recognize the grandstanding of people doing the most shouting. Grandiosity and reliance upon symbols has got to go! So has dogma of all sorts! But each aspect will cling stubbornly.


Masculine – Feminine Ratio: 30% – 70% – Encourages one to open to new possibilities that come to you and not have to make them happen as is the Yang signature way. There are those that believe that “getting things done” is the realm of the masculine. Nothing could be further from the truth. The masculine is the dam and the feminine is the water. Together they create hydro-electric power. A rivers flow is continuous and erodes, moves, and shapes the course of the banks and cuts the channels. Volume and momentum created from the downhill flow of gravity (feminine) are at least equal if not more powerful forces than those created by explosion (masculine). With a 70% portion of Yin energy, this is the first year of many in which males (who are the physical representation of Yang energy) could feel the necessity of getting healing. Bathed in Yin energy both their resistance and ability to hide or avoid their masculine wounds is diminished and intervention will be the option for many. For those who continue to avoid themselves, these men will show signs of breakdown, aggravation, isolation, and a turn to addictive sex. This channel has found no better place for healing the wounded masculine than the ManKind Project. Women of a masculine energy balance will feel equally imbalanced and need to reclaim the power of her femininity which, in the name of women’s liberation has taken on many of the worst traits of men including exploiting their own sexuality for profit. The Woman Within Workshop is held by powerful women exploring the sacred feminine in a feminine way.


Frequency: 80 – Can you say, “Cat on a hot tin roof?” Few will escape the general irritability present this year as life “heats-up” around Economics, Environment, and Politics. Tipping Point, anyone? The hyper-frenetic energy beginning as far back as November, frayed parts of people’s personalities and stock markets and store fronts all showed the effects. Many folks are ready to burst out and run with desire to making fresh things happen. There is as much need to believe that the fear of collapse is over. But this year’s mode of Caution clashes with the high frequency putting people on edge! Anxiety will be at an all time high while people strain to keep the false smile on their faces wanting to be positive. It is off to the races this year!



  • Acceptance – Accept the way things are and forgive yourself for the past.
  • Expansion – Make new social connections and be open to new possibilities.
  • Exchange – Find ways to give of yourself and your authentic gifts and skills.


Medicine and Science: A terrific year for new breakthroughs and new ideas of how to approach disease. Cancer research will announce several new ways to approach the problem from injury and inflammation to understanding the role of toxicity in cell disruption. The only real hurdle facing the exploration and development of many of the new ideas will be the roadblocks erected by the “medicine for profit” ethos held by big business and which governs the research dollars at universities as well. Many a promising breakthrough is liable to die out or put on hold as corporate motives reflect on the decline of profits in the new era of constricted medical commerce. The new health care bill will do little or nothing to spur pharmaceutical innovation but it will give people even greater incentive to take pills instead of get healthy. OY!


Liver disease and diabetes are two high profile representatives of cultural specific body dysfunctions that have proliferated under the food choices made by Americans. Look to see a big upsurge in information attacking or at least questioning much of the food and preparation of the American diet.


Economic: Greater industrialization in China and Europe will move them toward greener technologies and put them far ahead of the curve in both cutting emissions and the advancement away from oil. Solar panels, arrays and transfer systems, will drop in price and Chinese made varieties will begin to flood the American markets allowing more people to afford the possibility of installing less expensive energy systems. In spite of this fact, there will be more subsidization of power companies from the US gov’t to save them from decline in demand and protect them from the cost of replacing old technologies with new. Instead of new building and production in the geographic US, there is still likely to be more “outsourcing” of jobs but increase in prices of high end homes. Throughout the world, corporations and governments alike strive to further consolidate their powers. At this social strata the perception of invincibility is high.


Employment: People who perform high-tech jobs in businesses will continue to have safe employment. However, the substitution automation causes these people to be in demand especially in the realm of computer programming and network security. It gives firms more control over an already stressed work force. Manufacturing and construction will remain flat and even decline in many areas of the world where established infrastructure has plenty of supply. Rising unemployment in the US will not be reported as people fall off the roles, but showing what will be called a decline. In Europe and China , more public sector job creation will occur exerting a more balanced and buoyed affect on their economies.


Financial Markets improve as many higher income folks enter into the real estate market and pump prime this sector by arm-wrestling the government to give more beneficial terms to buyers. Additionally, the bankers have once again gathered the reigns of control of Wall Street. The Dow will rise past 11,000 this year and possible 11,500 in one scenario. The average investor, feeling buoyed by perceptions that their retirement accounts are stabilizing and even growing will begin a new round of consumption. For most of the year until the mid-terms elections in November people will believe that their futures were reestablished will add to the upward swing in the market and provide a signal that the recession is over. WRONG! Most companies will be trading credit and continuing to hide their indebtedness on balance sheets. Transparency is not here yet! If you can save, do so!


Technology: Everyone will love the further application of electronics and machinery to their lives. Fewer tasks will have to be done manually for those who can afford the products. Even wiping ones bum is now mechanized adding opulence to the new bidet. Butt cleaning aside, others will consider new technologies so overblown that a backlash will begin that will last the next 2 years. Many industries continue to automate replacing human beings with machines, computers, and robotic communication portals and thus lessening the actual number of decent paying jobs in both the private and public sector. Efficiency as evaluated financially in a purely time and motion sense, continues to improve. Yet it lacks any social efficacy from a stand point of human fairness and livelihood. Profit, by its very definition is an imbalance! More out – than in? How does that happen? You make it up on paper with many zeroes following and integer. It is frighteningly that simple!

Education: At all stages of schooling, public curriculum and pedagogy has turned away from illumination and education to indoctrination and training. Like many western countries, children will be subjected to more hours in the classroom and less actually experiencing life. This delay will do less to improve learning and comprehension but will continue to delay the entry into the workforce high school and college graduates. Additionally, there is greater pressure to get higher degrees and credentials. With the effect of greater indebtedness falling upon aspiring candidates further fiscally burdened. Yet, college enrollment is likely to decline despite federal money available for retraining. Why? The ability to pay for other aspects of their education are out of reach for a growing number of people. Folks from the military who will be able to take advantage of new GI bill will be shocked to learn just how many restrictions the so-called “reward” has attached to them. While many veterans will still take training programs rather than pursue degrees; they are likely to confront many hidden obstacles. In the negative pole of the Intellectual center, cleverness is more prized than thought. Behavioral modification, with the predictable repetition it installs, is what gets rewarded…not original, nor creative, let alone, radical thought. Status quo wants idea’s to be “outside the box”; but achieve outcomes that herd people into consumer cages.


Socialization: Facebook and Twitter will expand their influence more dramatically as the number of subscribers continues to spread. Relationships grow but so does depersonalization as people mistakenly believe that the shallow connection of tech-touch is somehow the same as intimacy. A further falsification of reality breeds a distortion in emotions. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/07/fashion/07breakup.html?hp As the two dimensionality of the virtual world continues to encroach into hard earned relationships require face-to-face encounters. Skype and YouTube as not substitutes for being in the presence of someone, just because you can see them. Superficiality, and therefore a reduction in substantive relationships actually makes social bonds weaker instead of stronger. Interaction is a live encounter! On the upside, more people know more things about each other and this adds to the belief in transparency and intimacy. (see the Monkey-pod) concept below.


Terrorism: Pakistan will be pilloried on two fronts: from the Taliban and Indian extremists. Both governments do not want war with one another, but it will be the excuse used for both countries to crackdown and further minimize civil liberties. Actual attacks on the US will occur twice, both minute in scale and yet blown into extreme proportion. As Baby souls from third world countries where hate is inbred with their religious diet and real economic exploitation by Western puppet governments ferment in atmospheres of poverty and hopelessness. Extreme groups like Al-Queta flourish. Without the veil of terrorism to distract the average person, the flagrant economic exploitation insinuated by the military-industry complex and supported by governments would be stripped naked for the citizenry to see.


Most terrorism claims are a sham and a fraud cloaking organized groups that only exist because they are “anti”terror industries. So terrorism provides a purpose for such groups as Homeland Security, TSA, and Blackwater. But Americans full of fear and anger can find common ground to express it toward a common mysterious enemy like terrorists. In his major dystopian allegorical novel of the last century, 1984; George Orwell put forth the concept of “continuous war”. In it fascistic government apparatchiks discover that the best way to keep a society afraid and off balance is to have an ongoing military conflict. The citizenry fearful to be seen as unpatriotic and faced with a fomented peer pressure willingly silences themselves thus supporting the war by default. A neat system almost completely regulated by the people who are oppressed. These events and mass psychology are currently the same conditions that America finds itself in. Much of the public sentiment toward the war in Afghanistan is divided alone party lines, but working class folks on both sides of the liberal/conservative divide share one thing in common: it is their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers, that are in that theatre of war and they stand the most to lose. People keeping the home fires burning cannot and will not buck any nationalistic sentiments. Concern of losing a loved one in the fighting. If there is to be any solution to the current war then take a leaf from Michael Moore’s book. Check the tax returns of all American parents. Anyone worth $50 million in cash and assets, or more, send their children to the front lines. Before those kids got to boot camp, the war would be over! Overly simplistic? No, regardless of soul age, power is used to protect the Ego and is equally useful to exploit someone else for selfish gain.


Politics: President Obama will begin the process of rebelling against his handlers and the pressures of the power establishment that he encountered when he came into office. Realizing already that he is likely to be a one-term president, (we have spoken for years that anyone in office from 2008-2012 term will be scapegoated by the media) he will take off the gloves and start swinging harder and jabbing quicker at the Republicans and the entrenched members of his own party. By 2011, there is danger and turmoil around him. Possibly an illness or a fateful encounter with unsavory elements will have the effect of making him an unlikely candidate in the next election. In any case, at this juncture, it appears that he will not be in the next presidential election.


There will be continued assaults upon what might be termed as “moderate” factions all over the globe and in differing sovereign states. Politicians of the center, the ones who actually tend to solve problems rather than create them, will be under the greatest attack from the extreme right. It is likely that the pressures on them will call forth new coalitions that are likely to lead to the creation of a new US political party in the next decade. Manipulation of public sentiment, pushing all of the buttons of self-righteous fear and anger; the growing propaganda machine in the US power elite will divert this maelstrom of chaotic energy toward the public calling it government inefficiency or Socialism or some other buzzword raising the specter of blame and anger instead of problem solving.


Health Care: Even though there will be a finalization of Health Care reform by summer, (yes, it will take that long) no improvement of the healthcare industry will actually occur even though some costs will stabilize. The problem is too much economic freedom in the health industry incentivizing it for profit, not care nor coverage.


2010 Elections : Republicans will take back 2 Senate seats because of low voter turnout and retirement of moderate Democrats succumbing to the growing pressure of extreme partisanship. Joe Lieberman is likely to join the Republican Party. As people move toward greater cynicism there will be pressure to punish any “slackers” (i.e. the weak who cannot defend themselves) and America will have its own jihad…the Christian wrong upon the poor and liberals who seek to care for them. That is the sentiment that will allow a Newt Gingrich to be the Republican front-runner in the 2012 elections.

Earth Health: Human population continues to be the single factor that tips the Earth toward a punctuated equilibrium of physical evolution. To ignore all the available data is quite understandable from the standpoint of the Baby Boomers and the later GenX’ers. They will not be the ones to suffer the harsher effects of atmospheric change. With NASA’s recent discovery of the elongation and thinning of the magnetic field surrounding the globe, the possibility for solar flare activity from 2012-2014 becomes an additional issue in the great convergent shift hinging between now and 2025. In actuality, no American adult over 55 has to do anything about their behavior. That’s right, if Earth kills off the human species because of its exploitation, the worst effects will not fall upon your generation. Your grandchildren and great grand children will encounter the resulting disruptions.

Several species like the Chinese River Dolphin will be officially declared extinct. The Borneo orangutan will be the subject of more world wide awareness as the Polar bear has been in the last couple of years. The acidity of the Pacific Ocean is rising dangerously fast. Declining wild fish stocks have been noticed by business and governments alike. But under competitive pressures from other countries and growing human populations defer meaningful action for future dates making the situation worse.

Countdown to 2012: The ring of fire around the pacific plate are getting more active. Volcanoes in Philippines , Indonesia , Hawaii and soon to be in Columbia show the effects of the Earth being tilted on its axis in the 2004 Sumatra quake. Increased earthquake activity in California , Washington , Japan , Alaska , Korea and Western Mexico will happen this year with at least half of these places being hit by 6.0 quakes or above. Hawaii can expect tsunami conditions before the end of 2011. In 2011 there will see the discovery of a new virus or bacteria coming from the Amazon jungle that creates a serious disease threat similar to the avian flu of the late 80’s. Unexpected and caught off guard, the disease is not so deadly as it is debilitating, similar to Lyme’s Disease where many can an will survive but out of work and disabled for months. There will actually be a call to ‘sterilize’ the jungle in a mass-destruction of land and species in the name of disease eradication. The loss will magnify green house imbalances and allow for even greater disequilibrium in the atmosphere. Even though the natural cycle of plate tectonics is known not to be human created, the reactive response to it is likely to exacerbate the problem rather than cope wisely with it.

By 2015 public information in America will have been diminished or made extinct. With print newspapers and magazines on the decline and rapidly disappearing, many readers will not have ready access to on-demand information without having to resort to a computer or like electronic device . Those who would quickly dismiss this claim are those who are the tech savvy and who have tech available to them. But more ominously, commercial broadcast TV stations are seeing there business models becoming profitless and outmoded as the modern era of pay TV and Web media crowd out any other competitors. The consequence of this trend will be the reduction of available and non-controlled information. Those who herald the wonder of capitalism obviously never read the Young Soul Sage, Adam Smith, who spoke of oligopolies and monopolies reducing competition and exerting control over a market. As communication conglomerates gobble up the FM wavelength used currently for FM radio and broadcast TV, and convert it to cell phone signal, independent stations will not be able afford operations and fold. Resulting in a further stranglehold of what information, or might we call it info-tainment or ad-formation, will be available to citizens.

A free society depends upon everyone knowing “what’s up.” But the Madison Avenue crowd squarely under the directorship of the profitocracy (Rupert Murdock for example) relishes this collapse of openness and is ready to pounce on the chance for further commoditization of information. It is already occurring in the educational system. A new subservient and ignorant class is being allowed to emerge! Ever read Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World? He foretold of these coming social classes known as Betas and Deltas being groomed for servitude to an elite and dominant Alpha class who tell them what to buy, from whom and how to be, think, and do. These classes are already defined by brand affiliation where religion once held court. As intellectual property grows in importance with the information economy; so much so that there will be moves afoot to charge people every time they utter aloud a valued brand name. Nihilism meets profitocracy meets technocratic hegemony. This is the world that citizens turned consumers, thinkers turned marketers and workers turned into automatons can expect.


Balance and Strength Remedies for the Coming Years

Read more. Discuss more. Test more. For those who can and will, get away from your television sets! Visual and auditory overload is the main source of background anxiety in the modern era. Clearing your mind so that “you can hear yourself think” is more vital than ever for reclaiming freedom from shouting dogmas, slogans, jingles, buzzwords and accusations.

Find your Monkey Pod: For many years we have spoken about the usefulness, indeed the necessity of locating your tribe . These folks are the network of deep familiars and similars’ that comprise your current worldly significant associations. This idea is consistent with our concept of Entity affiliation and connecting yourself into the matrix of your major cadence. A tribe is a physical plane network that trades energy more tangibly than ethereally as with your Entity mates. On the physical plane, the persons in your Pod might not all be actual entity members. The group is comprised of friends, family, some close neighbors, or members of a physical location or emotional community. Reflecting the approximate size range of a Major cadence is 150 – 290 persons. The anthropological hypothesis called Dunbar ‘s Number is consistent with our notion. The idea asserted by Dunbar and many other social and biological researches concludes the human brain is programmed by evolution to recognize and share resources with (which means to have mutual support of) a limited set of psychologically significant persons that you recognize a members of your Monkey-pod or tribe. Originally, your pod would have been in close geographic proximity. But now because of technology, they can be spread out across the globe. Find those people and cement bonds and alliances with them! Gather them as close as you can or strengthen ties as best as you can. Yes, some of those folks are ones you may not like but still share a common heritage, identity or history which engages the bond. Focus on these fewer associations and if need be create some new ones. Dump from your mind celebrities and public figures that you have mistakenly included in this number. Unless you know them personally, you don’t want to waste your precious energy on someone who has no interest in reciprocating the concern you have for them. Once you have your base group a sense of greater security, less complication and expanded authenticity will take root within you. Together, groups can reassert the true notion of community and coordinate activities with other bands to make life more workable and sustainable. Remember, think globally, act locally!

There is much to do in this year of ostensible bickering. Seeking a higher principled purpose and achievable goals should be top priority. Unpleasant as it is, that bickering will act like an exfoliant which scrubs things down into a raw clarity. Such cleansing is necessary for the removal of irrelevancies and exaggerations that keep wounds festering and prevent the building of a more effective and coalesced vision of the future. So embrace adversity and notice what it reveals about your position, your opponent, the situation, or a proposed solution.

Finally, buoy yourself against ideas and thoughts that are fatalistic and deterministic. Rethink what is important to you but act with deliberate caution and limited haste. Begin a new solid foundation using a systematic, one-step-at -a-time approach. 2010’s 80 frequency will make everyone feel jumpy and want to act in ways that resorts to the immediately gratifying but long run self destructive format of “get-it-now” or “fix-it now” mentality. As overwhelming the data and pressure to react to it can seem, like a slaver’s whip driving you to react. The remedy put an end to the hurry-up of impatience in your life. Exerting faith is to take time to watch, ponder, and decide from clarity, not whimsical abdication of your power to anyone or anything. The way to measure growth in yourself and others this year is to see a reemergence of prudence, and a reestablishment of knowing that one’s senses will inform you of the correct choices because you feel strong in your body. This is the integrity that follows from structural alignment. When truth, love and energy converge in the individual physical body and metaphorically when these factors converge in collective body politic, as well!


One major element of a kinesthetic year of energy is to draw vital force from expanded energy sources. Learning to pull life force, in various languages referred to as: mana, prana, chi, or jing can be drawn from other dimensions. What one might think of or term the angelic realms. If you think the idea of a guardian angel is just fantasy or foolish, why not put it too the test. Connect with one and see how it feels when it shows up! Otherwise, go ahead, go it alone. Continue the attitude of “I have to do this all by myself!” Continue to strain in the isolation and separation that is rampant and a devastating remnant of the Young Soul era. It will hinder you personally; and contribute to the competition driven downfall of humanity itself. So, get a little help from out-there! And do the work you were meant to do, right here!

Epilogue: I hope these thoughts prove useful and assist you in creating the life you want or at least coping with the events that unfold. I sat for several hours getting images and signals from Michael about the coming year. Then, venturing out onto the Internet, I spied many a prediction: financial, technological, political, economic, sports, celebrities, sociological, environmental and of course psychic. As I perused, some statements rang the gong of truth with the Guys whispering of in my ear. But it was interesting when I asked about my personal role in this prediction cycle. What came next hit me like a ton of bricks! I was told that while they will continue to come through and offer channeled information through me ad infinitum. The time for yearly public speculation and prediction is, for Michael through me at least, is at an end. While I intend to be around and providing spiritual counseling and channeling for years to come, it appears that Michael has decided to move me up to another plane of channeling as they have.

Michael’s consciousness on the Mental Plane now goes by the name of the Consortium. From hence forth, while still utilizing much of their original channeled language and terminology, the evolved Michael Entity will focus more on principles as embedded in channels of energy and the formation of systems and universal cosmology. What this means in terms of my services is more than informational conversation but now an expanded focus upon reworking the energy networks, which in brain/mind terms can be thought of as the neural pathways of truth itself. Stay tuned for new services and techniques to be offered by Michaels’ Consortium: Masculine-Feminine Realignment (MFR) and Energy ReSourcing (ERS).

$10 + $2 S&H = $12 per set.

Good luck in 2010 and beyond.


With Love and Service,

Stephen Cocconi and Michael Michael's Symbol of their combined King-Warrior Nature

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