Jan 272011

Comments about 2011 and the following Millennium

Key Themes:

Coming to terms with the Big Lie(s) & who get to name the new Truths?

  • Why religions fail to see God as a whole being?
  • Markets will solve all problems
  • Caring for self alone does not produce desired outcomes
  • Justice is available for those who think positive thoughts.
  • Group think does not affect anything.
  • We get to learn about waste this year.
  • Interacting with people on social networks is the same as having relationships

Keywords: Forgiveness, Death, Understanding, Aspiration, Truth, Evolution, Permutation,

The New Maxim: If the solution is not about here, tangible, worldly, or doable by folks now, then it resides in the realm of fantasy, not reality. It is therefore a distraction not a solution. Or worse, the fantasy is a propaganda ploy by those with something to gain, usually at your expense.

Social Networking: + Interaction,  – Superficiality

Twitter is Twaddle, Tattle, and Sneer

Facebook – Narcissistic-hyper-terse, under-thought, superficial, spouting of inanities.

Body: Lungs, voice, neck, head, & tailbone


Like this year: Sages, Scholars, Kings

Neutral: Priests, Artisans

Will dislike: Servers and Warriors

Role: Sage – The rise of the blogger and Facebook addicts

Casting: Artisan – pressure to be cutting edge and fashionable.

Goal: Growth – Dominance ( “Go man go, and me first.”)

Attitude: Spiritualist  (“I’m in the mood for love.”)

Mode: Passion (“I feel good! I knew that I could.”)

Chief Features: Impatience, Greed (hurry up, I want it now!)

Frequency: 90 (until May)  60 (until September) then  40

Masculine – Feminine Ratio: 70% – 30%

Soul Age Orientation: 2nd Level Baby – Confined Creativity, A call to ranks

Centering: Intellectual/ Higher Moving (year of the Body and Energy sources)

Chakra: 1st  &  7th  -A good year for standing your ground, put some power into your words. Face opposition head-on, but with calm and it will dissipate.

Sub-Personalities in Play:

  • Rebel (calls for anarchy, revolt, rejection,)
  • Policeman (protective, responsible, reactive to threats, a form of warrior)

Realm: Techno (increased influence and subordination to technology, nihilism, and rationalism)

Degree of Neutrality: 15% – Extreme rigidity of position and policy in matters of belief and the heart. Bodes well however for impassioned people to achieve by boosting their stick-to-it-ive-ness and belief in what they want to achieve, conquer, or assert.

Direction: downward, outward (go deep and take what you find into your life)

Platform: Freedom – “Freedom, keep walkin, keep on your toes and don’t stop talkin about Freedom.” Mother Freedom – David Gates & Bread

Needs: Enlightenment, Healing & Relationship

Have you ever wondered why God, in whatever form you choose to believe it IS, continually circumvents our plans just to turn around and surprise us with outcomes we didn’t expect? A teaching method that appears quite like the parenting style of Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. It works for many people and has produces a tremendous amount of waste (persons and karma) in the process.

The Tenor of 2011 reminds us that forgiveness of perceived wrongdoings or stances unlike our own is an essential lubricant for social interaction. The Arizona shooting incident became world wide news because America is perceived as a land where law and not violence rules the day. However, a culmination of group think, or what has been adroitly labeled as “stochastic terrorism”, motivated an already disturbed Warrior/Artisan to take his jumbled brand of political potpourri and express it with the self righteous fury that has grown to a fevered pitch in 2010. Now the challenge of this year’s first waves of relationships will be the smoothing out, getting clear, acting on specifics, and then agreeing to find solutions.

With the demands of an ever increasing debt problem looming (make no mistake, debts are agreements and not in themselves karmic) world leaders are weighing the political vs the practical value of conciliation, compromise, and collaboration. (sorry about the alliteration. J) Many of these newly formed plans will most likely not be amiable but necessity will override most divisions. From the level of the family to that of interactions of nations, some ground may be gained by some acknowledgment of the needs, rights and validity of position of the other person. This growth will seem to stutter and stammer its way through most of the year but it will be there. The main problem arrives with the energy of Dominance rearing around late May-June and continuing through the end of next year greatly retards the chance of further recourse unless, both parties decide that it is in their best interests and act in concert to make something happen. Under this heading, China and the United States are quite likely to strike some meaningful accords on climate change and do it under the heading of business relations and improved trade. (China is afraid of American debt and wants to shore US up.)

With the Spiritualist attitude, the is tendency for broad vision but also unbridled fantasy residing on both sides of the behavioral spectrum are up for scrutiny. Too much praise and reward, as Ms. Chua points out provides no sense of perspective for the child, no hierarchy of priorities and little in the way of the ability to discern nuance and engineer stamina. All extremely useful skills but when driven from a standpoint of authoritarian defamation of character, the tangential effects of which may come out in many forms.  Many of them ominous and ultimately destructive to well being.

The Battle to Reevaluate Truth and expose the BIG LIE(s)!

  • Not all truths are self-evident., but the vast majority are. That still objects will fall toward the ground is the obvious fact of all things that have mass greater than air. But calling the force “gravity” is an arrived upon abstract construct that encompasses other facts and thus lays claim to truth. This example is significant in revealing the process underlying the way that events are aggregated and then theories formed to explain a whole host of things in a categorical and consistent way.
  • To the Sage and Scholar, truth and facts are the gold and silver currency of ideas, communication and knowledge. But arriving at common descriptions, definitions, and applicability of a label is essential for people to make meaningful agreements, discuss problems articulating various elements that comprise them, and thus leave the possibility open for connection or conflict.
  • Public discourse will be at an all-time high but much of it will be the misinformation promoted by Conservative Media and anger filled discourse.
  • We get to learn about waste this year. (dumps, pollution, food wasted in developed countries and financial waste as well)
  • In a nutshell, the Transcenders concept, of which aliens like the Pleadians are one example, bring the awareness of the existence of other races, and squeeze it through the cake decorator and present them as “saviors from space.”
  • Unfortunately, many of us, collectively and individually who are frightened of things, not that we don’t understand, but whose implications glare ominously in our eyes and we feel powerless to change; seek the solace of rescue from a source “oh high”. Something, or in the case of Jesus folk, SOMEONE more powerful who will “fix everything with a wave of their hand, or in this case space rays and make it all better.

Ah, the child in me wishes daily for such a simple and grand solution. An ice cream cone for my whimpering, scared, inner waif who sees his world floundering under the weight of meanness, confusion, and utter stupidity of human beings. We do all of life to ourselves and for ourselves. Hence, whatever paths we choose, whatever problems we encounter, are for the most part of our making. And definitely our responsibility to face or abdicate.

Coming to Grips with Death – Its power, its inevitability, its liberation.

Frank Malina died this year. So did a 5 month old premature baby of a friend of mine. Six people were gunned down in an Arizona shopping mall. Thousands of birds and fish fell out of the sky or washed up on shorelines around the world. The one thing they have in common: death.

As the final termination of life, it is also the inevitable destination of life. Yet, it remains the event, and concept that remains amongst one of the greatest taboo’s there are. Veritably it is the ONLY state of existence that ALL living things experience. And mathematically speaking, stands as one of the few probabilities statements that is stated in full 100% of occurrence. No one gets around it, but there are a plethora of ways to avoid thinking about it and certainly the Ego builds in safeguards to keep the focus off death and onto other particulars of life. A good strategy to keep focused on the day-to-day, but not necessarily enhancing the progress of a society.

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