Apr 162012
[Michael Assessment]
“Growth does not always attend acquisition or expansion. Sometimes, the betters angels of one’s nature arise, and as a result induce strength and improve integrity, when hardship or adversity seem to be the dominant theme. Summing up the year to date, many have found a rather slow coming to terms with that one can still have trust in. The King demands for itself a reliable source of trust before it ventures into something new.

For the next 4 months, you are seeing Growth shift from the flavor of Reservation Mode and slide to the more unpredictable and flamboyant qualities of Passion Mode. In the case of the positive pole of this mode, Self Actualization, it is often confused with its precursor…self realization. Where the former means bring into form those intentions or manifesting your True Personality in thought and deed. But as to the latter, it requires clear assessment and reflection upon what reality you are actually creating now. For those who are clear and congruent, this period is likely to be enjoyable, if not wondrous and prosperous. Enthusiasm for living is probably very high right now as you drink from the trough of seemingly inexhaustible possibilities. Enjoy!

Yet, Passion Mode, especially in an Emotionally Centered year, can easily evoke, and then cause a crash landing into, the negative pole of Identification.  Couple that with the negative pole of Spiritualist Energy, Credulity, and you will see some people crashing and then thrashing about declaring how right they are even as their world seems to be crumbling about them. Ultimately, Passion Mode resets boundaries; the direction of which may be contractile not only expansive, as most people tend to assume.

Assumptions and beliefs which people and institutions have defined their identities, are beginning to tremble. Not so much from pressures originating externally; but from the stark realizations that their beliefs bound in ideology, and not on facts, are about to cause implosion from the inside. The American economic system will continue to serve those whose means insure that their participation in it can be sustained by trading money back and forth and collecting fees in either direction. This tendency of financial capitalism is likely to be one of its most resilient and long standing attributes. Yet, as the realities that fewer people are working, and growing dependance upon relationship for support (negative pole of the Mature Soul era – because they are forced and not directly nurturing) the ability to sustain this economic system grows weaker and less sustainable. Thus, as people come up against realities like these, especially those who hold tightly to thin, simplistic narratives, they will become more rigidify espousing of their positions in the face of their cognitive dissonance. (They must discharge the energy somewhere!) Passionate anger can look and sound very much like hatred. More of these trends will break the denial as Passion demands the raw thrust of agitation for those who have not yet found or embraced inspiration.

In times like these, Passion need be constrained and its emotional gravity harnessed and directed. Yes, this does seem contrary to the native qualities of this Mode. However, imagine taking a waterfall and channeling it into a high pressure sprayer? It becomes highly potent and capable of being directed with terrific and precise intensity. If you have not found ways to further experience your raw emotions, in a way that is genuinely expressive of your values; you will be given opportunities to do so left and right. Whatever you think you believe in, simply reflect upon your acting upon them? If you have not acted upon the values you tell yourself that you cherish, then perhaps they are not truly the values that run you? Or, you have hidden behind an identity that keeps you falsely aligned, but buffered against some fear you have been unwilling to face.

Passion Mode offers you the chance at being authentic without the constriction of your mind concealing what you “should” be or should believe, and reveals to you, in spontaneous outbursts, what you really are and actually believe below the surface of your facade.

Pay attention and know that when you begin to act more genuinely from unconstrained push of a Passion Mode eruption; then instead of carnage from an undirected lava flow of emotion, you will feel a plume of massive energy at your disposal and direction.”   [We hope this has been of use to you.]

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