Jan 132013

Theme- A Year of Synthesis and Symbiosis

Key Concepts – Teaching, Media, Collaboration, Concentration, Speculation, Discernment, Sorting, Sacraifice, Elimination, Clutter, and Rationalization

Role: Sage

Casting: Server

Goal: Discrimination>Acceptance (7 months) Growth (4 months)

Attitude: Realist (6 months) – Idealist (next 5 months)

Mode: Observation >Power (6 months) – Aggression (next 5 months)

Chief Feature:  Self Destruction

Centering:  Intellectual (5 months), Moving (middle 4 months), Emotional (last 3 months)

Frequency: (Pace) 44

Dominant Quality: Expression

Direction: Outward (into life and living)

Realm: Corporeal (Earther) – (Supported in addressing issues material and physical well being)

Note: The greater than symbol “>” infers sliding from one Overleaf to another.

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To the Reader

We are the Consortium. Our Michael Entity of Warrior and Kings has reunited with our Cadre of 6 other Entities at the level of the Mental Plane. As was our original purpose in formulating and communicating the conceptual structure of the Overleaves, Soul Ages, 9 Needs, Support Circle, Platforms, 7 True’s, Sub Personalities, Developmental Stages: Internal Monads, and Covenants: Karma’s, Agreement’s, Life Task and Monads; we continue to utilize these constructs which now are augmented by the complete interaction of our Cadre’s perspective from this Exalted Plane.

The Yearly Overleaves are designed to assist the person (i.e. the waking Personality), to understand the inner tides and trends they will feel present during that specific time period. Remember that these building blocks originate with the TAO but take effect upon an individual visa via Essence and conditions in their external world as well. Overleaves create an atmosphere or general temperament which bathes you in their influence, but also spawns unique reactions within your own set of Overleaves, and further flushes-out or fleshes-out various attributes of the Soul Age of that person. Since every person has Sub-Personalities, the Overleaves of a given year activate those aspects within you that carry a specific Overleaf imprint. Thus, your inner Sage, or inner Realist, or inner Aggressor, and that which is your own Authority, are activated within your Soloverse and augment the function and perception of your main Overleaves matrix.

The primary energy container or context in yearly predictions is the Role Overleaf. For 2013 it is the Sage Role. All attributes associated with that Role: communication, speaking, voice, humor, truth, play, verbosity, teaching, immerse all Physical Plane interactions with emphasis on these themes. Our development of the Michael Tarot Cards,  represents a tool by which you may refine your understanding of specific daily personal interaction with these broader yearly energies, by sampling the cards to get a unique report of the ways any of them are affecting you in a given moment.

Let us remind you of a crucial injunction. Remember that while you are in a body, your choices affect the experience of Personality, that identity you call “ME” or “I”, far more significantly, than whatever your Essence will. You cannot “fail” the Essence per se, but it is possible to have your waking “Ego” consciousness experience much disillusion, and your sense of wellbeing stricken with much pain and hardship. For many it is a simple leap to construe yourself as being governed or directed by some force from “on-high”, and therefore a powerless or helpless victim here “en-low”. Our knowledge is meant to empower, and remind that you have choice of how you classify your experience and how you respond to those events and circumstances. The power of the TAO is fundamentally concerned with the creation of conditions (the Universe at large and the Overleaves). It is an individual Essence that can, and does to a limited degree, “manipulate” or influence how those energies might appear in a venue, in this case the Physical Plane via Karma and agreements.  Essence also directs the construction of a Personality with various combinations of Overleaves. 

It is you, however, the waking Personality, who chooses how to deal with those conditions by deciding both the attitude with which you embrace or reject them, but also the course of action you choose to confront or abdicate your responsibility in the face of them. Your strategic approach may vary amongst many differing categorical options: invention, assertion, exploration, surrender, acceptance, retreat, numbing, resisting, or sabotaging; as mentioning just a few examples of broad coping mechanisms. Indeed, in any given moment, it is possible to have conflicting inner drives and attitudes when acting upon outer circumstances. Notice what happens within yourself when doing actions that are somehow contrary to what you believe to be true within you. Often, the greatest Growth comes in the process of reconciling the disparity between your inner truth and your outer actions. Our Teaching has always pointed to the use of the Intellectual Center to achieve self-awareness of your attitudes, behaviors, and emotional stances toward any life situation. We offer this information each year in the spirit of fostering within you a broader but more articulate understanding of what you face at a given juncture and how structurally you might perceive or interpret those impulses. But no amount of information substitutes for your choice. Our intent is merely to provide you detailed analysis and terminology.  Thus, whatever decision you make regarding anything, and your subsequent relationship to that decision: peace, victim, shame, confusion, empowered, etc., they are at least informed choices and support you in remaining conscious and accountable to them both.

In general

Our assessment of 2013’s aggregate arrangement of Overleaf energies will be received and perceived as favorable by a majority of Old Souls. Who, without any need on our part to pander too you, still remains the primary audience for our Teachings.

Sage – The Overall meme for this year is “say what you mean, mean what you say.” Supporting the naming and identificationaspect of this year are many expressive Overleaves dominating. The emphasis of this Role is on building one’s capacity to give names to and make introductions and pronouncements about new ideas, plans, by articulating principles that are to be either embraced or diminished from their places of intellectual status. Holding any encounter as entertaining and a willingness to have fun with whomever you meet, insures that your overall vitality will be near maximum vibration. Sages collapse under the weight of excessive pressure, so make certain to bring lightness whenever you can.No matter whether you believe you have something to convey, every Old Soul has a story to tell and lessons to teach. Be ready to speak your mind and share with those who ask how you arrived at it. Wisdom is seldom privy to those of great wit, erudition, or training, one gains it by having lived and learned. 2013 A Sage Year
Casting – Server– When a Sage energy is passed through a Server filter, the resulting combination can lead one to use play, in the service of healing and forming deeper bonds. No amount of levity is ever wasted when the goal is to acknowledge your shared human condition that is tempered by Acceptance, but sharpened by a need to express Justice. Harsh truth, as it might be perceived when delivering person or by the person who receives it, is best tempered not by a joke, but by the humor of shared inclusion. The phrase “I don’t know if this ever has happened to you, but I know it has to me…” is a door that can open and invite another person to realize that what you say is a personal experience and can empathize. A downside of this format, is to have someone pontificate with great righteous distain about the other person. Priest have a penchant for seeing fault in others, especially when it is something that burns them about themselves.  Compressed through Realist energy however, know that all forms of communication and feedback are likely to be aimed at real world issues or differences (as opposed to philosophical). Helping another person with something in a hands-on way increases trust and information sharing leading to joint ventures and improved teamwork. With these Roles combined, there is likely to be a vocal upsurge in protests about the treatment of “server type groups” like Labor Unions and representation, citizen rights, and 3rd world poor (not much about the American poor however), or any group holding less power or considered weaklings. Server filter for 2013
Discrimination > Acceptance (through July) Growth (until November)– In the shifting sands of human “information” you will find it necessary to further and more astutely categorize what is happening in the world around you, and the nuances of your own natural responses.  get clear on what something is at a thick narrative level, and then come to terms with things that are not likely to change within you…like your natural Overleaves and people and habits you may not like. This combination can be compared to the “delete” and “allow” buttons that appear during a software installation or spam filter. Regardless of whether you believe your mind to be the all powerful OZ governing one’s internal decisions, it is nonetheless the Center where the first phase of the action process initiates. Positive use of Discernment and Affiliation is a two-step process of clarification and acceptance; or identification and exclusion.  That is to say once you have seen those characteristics in people, in yourself or trends in the significant social circles you are a member of: friends, family, co-workers, community, and larger groups such as city, country or race; the resulting analysis gives you a much clearer idea of what is going on.  From there, you can rethink or fine tune your ideals to reflect reality as it is and how you can shape it. At this point, Growth kicks in when habit change and you utilize different ways of interacting from the refined ground of being. Discrimination - 1st Goal of 20132nd Goal for 2013
Intellectual– (Through end of April) Getting your head in the right place will be key. Begin by using your mind to watch what your mind does in the first place.  The self-talk or inner narrative, is commentary playing in the background of your subconscious which largely goes unnoticed and unchecked.  The lower the Frequency in play, in this year 44, one is more capable to track and observe ones pace of narration since it is a bit slowed down. If you can get hear what is otherwise accepted as “reality” then you can intervene and begin the process of rewriting parts of that narrative and enhancing those parts that serve you. As you edit and refine your thoughts it is your choice whether you utilize your extra band width to fill it with distractions or take time to contemplate and consider whether your thoughts are “thinking you” or you “thinking them.”Moving Center(May – August) – Move! Change the pattern of your energy use: physically, in your use of money, time, assets, and tasks you undertake. If you do not, the resulting sense of overwhelmed with things to do will largely get you stuck in your head and immobile. Direct yourself into new directions eschewing old patterns and your sense of hope and revitalization increases.Emotional Center (Sept – Nov) – Bringing the year to a close is the warm but sometimes angst producing feeling of reconciliation. Forgiveness of mistakes yes, but also coming to terms with the fact that some well loved “truths” were actually highly guarded Ego beliefs that didn’t stand that scrutiny of stand the test of reality checking. You need not eat crow when dealing with the negative pole of Sentimentality. Just remember the Acceptance flavor earlier on and the Realist injunction “it is what it is”. But be sure to amp up that perceptivity and pay closer attention to when you or someone else is falling back onto habitual reaction. 2013 Intellectually Centering
Realist – (Jan – July) Dealing with the “hear and now” and “things as they are” is the outlook of this attitude. All of them will have what one of our channels once termed “a disgusting ring of truth” meaning a bulls-eye recognition about a behavior or way of being in the world that you actually do. In any case, you are being invited to look at what you think and how you act. Idealist – (August – Nov) –  Individuals with this Attitude who hold simplistic or “thin narrative” beliefs, superficial and tending toward reductionism, will notice a sense of insecurity and a perceived uncertainty. To exhibit Naivete, is to take even complex ideas or circumstances at “face value.” In the growing mix of Young and Mature Soul values in a continual dance of convergent and divergent expression, tracking the subtler motives will be most important when making a choice about not just what to believe as true, but which assertion you will choose to support and act upon in your daily lives.  
Observation>Power (Jan – August) > Aggression (remainder) – Power in this teaching, is directly attributable to what you put faith in and are willing to honor as credible and support with allegiance of obedience. Personal power, or perhaps the exertion of it, is the willingness to put yourself in the position of authority and accountability for your own decision, whether they are popular or not. The previous Overleaves we mentioned provide the foundational steps from which you can gain a deeper or “thick narrative” about what you stand for and those aspects within you (Soul Age, Role, Imprinting, Karma, etc.) In the event one allies themselves in another person (parent or spouse or philosophy), the choice to do so still rest with you. Certainty is not required to establish power, it is the willingness to acknowledge one’s best assessment, and its potential limitations, and not waver in your commitment to know and defend the truth; even if it is evolving. Real power comes from commitment. The only way to be committed is to continually course correct, each time becoming stronger in your resolve and more authoritative in and about what you choose to assert. Make sure therefore those who you accord to, or who are in a position of Power with you, you are accountable to hold them accountable.
Self Destruction – Removing obstacles by dismantling yourself. Despite a reputation and a perception that one is libel to melt down or self sabotage or indeed somehow be destroyed, Sacrifice can and often does lead to a transcendent state. As the positive pole image of the double amputee shows on the card, his loss of legs did not hinder his mobility but transformed the way he does and elevated his determination to that of a wheel chair racer. The same might be said of a person who, after suffering many losses or tragedies, or perhaps the hardship of strict and painful physical regimens like extreme food deprivation, or alcohol or drug withdraw, or financial loss or tragedy, can inspire an emergence of a deep resolve or the discovery of previously unknown resources. But for those, whose coping skills or degree of depletion did not “make them stronger” their resulting overwhelm will render them incapable of adapting. In such a state, the personality may simply fail to rebound or find its only means of stemming the pain is to completely remove themselves either through actual self inflicted death, or from utter despair a symbolic collapse via an act of total ruin. Ultimately, the challenge when Self Destruction energy is running behind the scenes is to learn what is enough? And by extension, that you are enough! And in regards to a task, at any given increment of time, that you have done enough… for that moment! Coupled with Realist and Discrimination, it means employing some Sage wisdom and truth seeking to find out what those actual amounts are.  Underlying this Chief Feature and its influences is knowing that you have value, you value yourself, you know when enough is enough, and when to stop! Or, its negative pole will override all self preservation in an attempt to make it stop. Hard work and hard play should not be so extreme as to destroy the person doing them.  
Masculine/Ratio – 63-34The core of Masculine Energy is brevity… a bit of a challenge when you have much to say. But think of it as being compelled to distill your vital messages to the essentials. Focusing on ideas that will make you money or garner resources makes for a good use of this factor. Wasting time in over thinking is a sure fire way to miss out on opportunities which are just waiting to form Maya into manifest reality. Clear out anything you are not using now. The negative pole of Feminine attribute – Diffusion, acts to unconsciously sap your energy when it is locked in owned items and sometimes rigid beliefs which no longer serve an useful purpose. As the Feminine tends to relate with the Emotional Center, Sentimentality about objects colors your view of things causing them to hang on like too much weight. Obesity of material items, just like that hanging on a physical body, slows the person down, tires them, makes them less flexible and less mobile. All of these drain vital life force away from goals and pursuits that would otherwise serve to advance you. If you want to recapture your energy, use Masculine attributes to cut away and remove anything that is hindering you. Stop the Rationalization in the Neg. Pole of the Intellectual Center, and move toward precision and not accumulation. How many tools do you need? Only the one that gets the job done.
Frequency – 44 – Similar to last year, when the pace of planetary change of 50 seemed a bit slow for people, 2013 will provide a bit of a more measured rate of digestion. Technologists will not like this. Their business models rely on continual and breakneck innovation and transition for profits. However, for the human computer, this speed of process is far more advantageous to witnessing the effects of change rather than being swept up by them with little time to catch ones breath.
Dominant Quality – Expression – As the First Amendment of the American Constitution opens a wide range of possible forms for “freedom of expression”, this year’s energy will invite you to notice and then refine your personal forms. Here, the idea of “self reinvention” holds the possibility of gaining the most traction from what you say and do. Presentation of Self is not about creating a fantasy persona, like a mirrored mannequin of who you want to emulate. Rather, it is letting those parts of yourself emerge that have either been stifled or repressed or only allowed the light of day when you were safely alone. Risk favors the bold! Remember the two dominant Modes of the year are Power and Aggression. Take your Power back from whomever you gave it too, or re-stimulate its arrested development. Then, use it to leap forward into new opportunities, which arise from you radiating your personal power and asking for what you desire. Act with Dynamism and you will manifest!
Direction – Outward – Other oriented, interactive, extroversion and worldly processes. Set your sights on what is happening in front of you. Whatever you arrive at within, share it, act on it, test it, invent with it. Inner work is to be implemented into task orientation not just philosophical or spiritual contemplation. (Other options are: Inward, Upward, Downward, Backward, and Forward)
Realm Corporeal  (Earther) – In a Year with the focal point of the material realm and the physical body, aim all your endeavors and goals to achievement, manifesting, and being in this life. Life and living it, not Spirit nor focus on other realms, is the emphasis this year. Rest assured that the afterlife and other planes of existence will take care of themselves. (Other Realms of PreIncarnation: Angelic, Faerie, and Techno)

Roles and their relationship to the Year 2013

Artisans: A whole shot of creative energy will make it possible for a whole host of inventions and innovative thinking.

Sages: Not so much about words as it will be about strategic communication and bringing others into a place of hope and levity.

Servers: Will want to find better ways for themselves. Tired of settling for 2nd rate status on many levels.

Priests: High profile wherever they appear.

Scholars: Opening to new possibilities and new identities for themselves.

Warriors: Hard nosed but dogged determination wins the day in the business arena but also blasts apart old and stuck energy in there lives.

Kings: Will feel impatient with the first part of the year. They may have some missteps wanting everything to happen at once. When they calm down by the middle of the year, direction and purpose will be more clear.

Thresholds vs. Turning Points

With an Intellectual Center beginning the cycle of center adjustments, the prevailing tendency, in combination with the early goals of Discrimination and Acceptance will be to determine your capacity and capabilities regarding certain aspects of life. Using the title phrase above, it suggests that coming up against a limit is not some flaw, but rather a necessary assessment of your native abilities and tolerances; OR, and opportunity for a turning point, an inner shift toward overcoming them (if they are imprinted and not authentically you) or finding peace or forgiveness about them reclaiming all the energy you might have had locked up in resistance and non-Acceptance to them, and thus even feeling em-Powerment resulting from the process. The first quarter of the year will be focused on the combination of these Overleaves helping you come to terms and reorient yourself toward the second phase of Centering beginning in about May-Sept, which emphasizes the Moving Center.

Soul Ages and Trends

Where you will see advances for some, there will be regressions for others. As Mature Soul issues continue to become of greater concern (gun control in the US, for instance) a Baby Soul backlash will scream as if you were taking away it’s favorite pacifier. Continued favor toward the  Young Soul big-business community shows no sign of abating even with the re-election of President Obama. No real progress will be made regarding regulations of banks, credit cards, insider trading, or consumer protection in the cases of rejected insurance claims and claims made about unfair labor practices. An expression of the negative pole of Young Soul (acquisition) also looms behind the superficial economic growth being­ espoused by pundits and economists as a recovery. As the financial sector begins the assembly of another “bubble” to float its profits higher, the ripple effect will mean increased consumer spending. Behind the scenes, at the levels of large scale power brokers, their object of acquisition focuses upon more material and mineral wealth around the world. Collecting deeds of ownership so that in the long run, most will be reduced to the status of renter in some form or another. Only at that time, say within the next two decades will there be a sufficient social sentiment of betrayal and resentment that you will see any sort of social revolution in the US. In some of the countries of the European Union, like Greece and Spain, economic rebellion is happening but seldom is reported on mainstream media.

Learn about Money and the System

Credit, spending, enough-ness, budgets, and savings (or lack thereof). The question will be: “How transparent am I with these aspects of my resource management? Make it a priority using the Goal of Discrimination to parse your spending more precisely. Find ways to “pay yourself first” by saving money instead of buying things. On the individual level, a number of people will be relieved of debt either by paying it down, going bankrupt, or negotiating lesser payments. This will feel like a relief for many and give rise to a sense of hope and optimism about the future. On Gov’t levels, taxes everywhere will rise and institutions will stabilize their debts as well. Investments in financial instruments should be done with care and with a preparation to get out fast. Financial institutions in 2013 will continue to rig the system as to obfuscate the real workings of power brokers whose primary aim is to inflate stock values and reap the profits in sell offs. The Dow will be up over 14,000 yet it will falsely portray manufacturing “growth” and “profitability” instead showing an increase in market capitalization (throwing more money around) but have the effect of creating the appearance of financial market stability. Invest in yourself first.

Nexus Shifts

January  25 – Convergent

Feb. 18 & 28 – Divergent 18, Convergent 28

April 19 – Erasure

June 4 & 16 – Divergent 4, Creative 16

August 22 – Creative

September 3 & 26 Divergent 3, Convergent 26

November 10, 13, and 29  –

December 18 – Change over to the Overleaves of 2014

Addendum about Nexus

In general, a Nexus is a term we use to indicate a moment in cosmic history, where the forces of the TAO essentially intervene and rearrange the collective karmic paths of all individuals and the Earth itself. When a Nexus point occurs, the general purpose behind them is to restructure the circumstances that an individual, group of individuals, or entire race of beings, will confront and participate in. Having both an effect internally and externally in relationships, nexus points can alter the perception and emotional reactions toward a person or situation.

It accomplishes this feat, in four main ways:
  • First, by creating a number of new possibilities to be experienced simultaneously by the essence, which we refer to as divergent nexus, because they create concurrent parallel realities.
  • Second, by eliminating or collapsing possibilities into one stream of reality; which which we refer to as a convergent nexus. During a nexus of this type, parallel realities which had been exploring concurrent possibilities, are now merged and blended with or into a single reality. It is the reality at that moment that you experience, complete with all the new inputs and feelings from the merged parallels.
  • Third, an erasure or nullification nexus. In this variation, complete tracks of a pre-chosen path are removed and a void is left. This can be one of the more dis-orienting types of nexus since it frequently leaves a person with a gap in their unconscious sense of themselves, resulting in confusion due to an absence of a previously cared about person, circumstance, or ways of being.
  • Fourth, a creation or Genesis nexus. At moments where new invention is birthed, and or a revelation leading to an internal transformation happens, events progress in a way that were neither previously planned by essence or the personality. Commonly, complete departures from a person’s standard practices, or previously chosen path, or configuration of relationships, can be rearranged in any number of ways in alignment with the creation of a new reality or choice of the new path. In such cases, the experience of the personality can be both terrifying and exhilarating simultaneously. It represents risk-taking and improvisation with no compass, road map, and little and delay of previous experience dealing with the opportunities and challenges that will present themselves as  they construct this new reality. Of the four types of nexus, a Genesis nexus is the rarest.

Our final statement

We invoke the patron saint of the “bottom line”. No, we don’t mean Werner Erhardt, though he used the phrase in a quite self serving way. Instead we refer to George Carlin who reminds everyone, “it is what it is…so get over it.” And indeed, evolution for the Soul occurs as the outcome when you “get over” to the other side of any lesson, either by dropping your resistance to it or transforming it.

Enjoy your time this year! 🙂

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