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Here is a Recap: of the 2014 Overleaves
  • Year About Energy – Having it, clearing it, acquiring the appropriate type, or being drained of it by the variance between Desire and Lack
  • ROLE: Priest
  • CASTING: Sage
  • SCOPE: Ordinal
  • CENTER: Higher Moving in the Intellectual part
  • GOAL: Relaxation slide to Growth (slide happens in late Spring)
  • MODE: Perseverance (Very unglamorous forms of achievement – no miraculous vaulting)
  • ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (Slide anywhere that gives you options or freeing perspectives)
  • CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (through June affecting Relaxation. Then Impatience (second part of the year – makes Perseverance run like crazy.)
  • BODY TYPES FAVORED: Solar and Jupiter (Warmth and Grandeur)
  • PACE OR FREQUENCY: 66 (relatively fast and constant)   

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Here we Go

As eluded to above, the whole idea of self forgiveness, the positive pole of bringing a Priest Compassion to the self, represents the first part of its expression for 2014. Since the Relaxation Goal, whose emphasis feels undirected for the first four months of this year, coupled with the influence of the Higher Moving Center, offers an opportunity for people to clear out old energy, (download the HMC-Buddahic Visualization) as if clearing out an old closet. In some cases, amends is already been made, or habits already changed, that were the source of the shame, guilt, or sadness, that was at the root of a person’s feeling of unforgivability. Thus clearing out the residue using the meditation of the Higher Moving Centered Energy, can help to erase energetic patterns which have been completed, but otherwise not removed from operation.

2014 offers the best Platform for Healing of individual pain, and closing of the rifts between persons. Once you drop your conditions about “what you should be” and stop imposing what “the other guy is” then movement can be made toward resolving any impasse. The Priest must remember that helping others does not mean allowing the other to drain you. Service here suggests first lending an ear, then, if asked, some counsel. Only after that might a helping hand be necessary. Greed will encourage you to seek out your desires first and make you hunger to go get them.

The Attitude of Pragmatist and the Goal of Relaxation sliding to Growth will grease the wheels for forward progress, yet the 75% Masculine energy will compel you to push! And Perseverance Mode will offer you the steady means and internal encouragement to “keep at it” until you feel it – Higher Moving Center! Enroll in health care, forgive people, make amends, let go or resentments, be aware of rabid bursts of self righteousness.

In a Pragmatist year, of course being the Assimilative Attitude, offers the possibility of sliding, what Michael at one point had called the “hands through” method; providing you greater variability of thought to improvise more options in dealing with situations that confront you. Greed, the first Chief Feature of 2014, will have its primary run through the first six months of the year. Combining these two Overleaves, offers you the opportunity to widen your perceptions (+ pole of Relaxation – Adaptability) of how to get what you want. Add the Mode of Perseverance into this mix, and what you see rising is a suggestion that slow, steady, and repetitive action, will be the most likely way that you fulfill whatever wish or install whatever new change of behavior you are seeking.

Continuing on Perseverance Mode, you can think of this year as an odd combination of having the potential of achieving the miraculous by doing the mundane. June will usher in a change of emphasis in the Overleaves mix. Relaxation will slide to Growth and the prominent Chief Feature will become Impatience. The centering, while remaining Higher Moving will shift to the expression aspect of the Intellectual part. Higher Moving is about subtle bodies and sensation, but the Intellectual part is verbal and should be employed to translate you inner experience into words. After you have spent time within Priest communion, internally reevaluating perceptions your life; seek out those people which either you desire forgiveness from, or need to confront before you can forgive. A sincere petition for resolution leads to a greater sense of inner peace. From this peace, the emphasis of the other 2014 Overleaves take you in a direction where a restatement or reformulation of what you perceive your given life purpose is. That is shift to the Sage Casting influence. Use what you formulated in the Intellectual part of your Priest-Buddahic exploration, as both an internal affirmation; but also communicate your purpose directly and frequently to those in your world. As a summation of all of the combined aspects then, you might consider this process (remember Perseverance is progress) as a realignment and reinforcement who you truly are and what you can offer life. Do however, pay attention if your Purpose statement sounds grandiose or unworldly. That would be the effects of the negative poles of both Body Types and Chief Features wanting to make itself important.

The Body Types of the year which are Jupiter and Solar. To “live large” is the Jovial Body Type, does not mean one has to give into the grandiosity of profligate spending, or falling prey to the tendency to put on weight. Instead, just like its group ruler the Sage, think about where ever you are entering into a room with presence. Practice carrying your self with prowess, dignity, and a sense of self-possession, is the positive pole and expression of this Body Type. Health and well-being than can be further gained by being outdoors and in the sunlight; which of course refers to the solar aspect. Add the appearance of radiant health and you incorporate the Solar youthfulness as well. Vitality, is another word for having strength, stamina and the radiance of good health, giving you easier access to your True Personality, clearer thought and resolve, but also present a figure to others that is both attractive and centered .So to, from the standpoint of the Higher Moving Energy is to begin an exercise program which builds your muscles and endurance (also emphasizing Masculine force and Perseverance Mode).

Having your inner Priest absolve you of old burdens and fears, like starting with a genuine clear conscience, grants one permission to express yourself, to show yourself, and to demonstrate your resolve in your actions. The power to permit yourself to be your own judge is one of the gifts from the Priest energy this year. The rigor of Perseverance and the expansiveness of the Higher Moving Center, combined with a Masculine energy of 75%; may cause you to experience that “fire within” at a more intense heat, greater urgency, and yielding greater courage for those who exercise these traits. Some will mistake actions motivated from the Chief Features negative poles of Voracity and intolerance, as brave. They are not. They are more likely self-righteousness attacking under the banner of Entitlement. Be advised that short-temperedness and obsession, may appear bold, or produce audacious and assertively covetous action, but in no way are they driven by courage. Instead these actions are motivated by deeply seated fears of lack, or loss of control or power or status. The after effects of Higher Centered experience leave one open and raw, and without the security of familiar anchors or patterns. These can be unsettling leaving one feeling confused or vulnerable, and then empty. Such a state engages the animal reactivity of the Instinctive Center, and may cause you to lash out or implode. Take small, relaxed, steps and what you learn anew will be inculcated.

How to Use the Energy

The Priest Year invites everyone to the vestibule of confession: private and public. Through a Casting of the Sage, the acknowledgments are best verbalized. Request personal forgiveness from others, and places you have not forgiven yourself for past failures (real or perceived). Forgiveness of old wounds does not mean you forget about them, it just means you stop harping on them and using those emotions as the mortar to wall yourself or someone else out of your life. Remember, that “the truth shall ‘make’ you free”. Such is the original translation of this biblical phrase, now cliche’d and pacified by substituting the word “set” in place of make. If you don’t get the implication, then here it is…make you free implies you have to get off or out of a comfortable haven of belief you’ve sustained for yourself. “Set you free”, on the other hand, brings with it a noble picture that you’ve been chained to something awful against your will, now finally released, you can get on with life. So owning up to a truth might feel like eating a little crow, but doing so will render a surprisingly satisfying meal of accomplishment.

The most conducive unifying catalyst for all the Overleaves of 2014 and cause you to manifest in the most substantial of ways, is the activity of the Higher Moving Center. Accessing the Buddhaic Plane (Download the Visualization) Utilize it to put your concerns into proper perspective. It offers everyone the opportunity to expand beyond their familiar sense of boundaries relative to the energy field of their corporeal bodies. When you bring that expansionary vibration back into your body, grounding it into the physical reality, transfer of vibration elevates your understanding of true value, and thus lessens your fears about loss. Once you filter your experience through the Intellectual Part, which means bringing words to bear to name the Beauty that is all around you, you are freer to rearrange your priorities more inline with Essence.

At the end of 2014, many of you will actually characterize their journey has having climbed a mountain and planted a banner of accomplishment. But you will first have to lay down whatever burden you’ve been carrying (the forgiving Priest energy), get real about what your Purpose, Vision for Humanity, and Mission of how to bring both about; is a task of Growth. To succeed or advance at least, get off the “hurry-up” treadmill of Impatience and macho Masculinity. Those cultural messages which shoves you to move faster than steadfast Perseverance, must be replace with the simple actions of everyday repetition. It is an Ordinal year simply because all personal successes will manifest the old fashioned way: steady, hard, dedicated work, where you forgive your mistakes and begin anew the next day. Humorously, for the high minded, sometimes determination-challenged Old Soul, that, in itself, will seem like a miracle!

The big driver and booby trap will lie in Greed. The desire to accomplish should be parsed by Pragmatism and the Flow of Relaxation, coaxing you toward inculcating your new purpose and structure; but also building an inner sense of achievement rather than aggrandizing some material desire for rewards. In other words, lavishing yourself with stuff along the way, or coloring your identity with grandiose titles or adornments (negative poles of Jovial and Solar Body Types) will only trip you up and make whatever accomplishment you have mustered seem incomplete or less satisfying. Chief Feature will do what it always does; keep the frightened Inner Child seeking safety, in its core: but its uses its tricks to reassuring and convince you into believing that its strategies are doing “what’s best for you.”

Readers of these columns often retort, “Michael, what you say is good advice but don’t these ideas apply all the time?” Of course! But stressing specific precautions during a unique period of conditions during one’s journey, calls for precise instructions to deal with the celestial weather of that moment. Would anyone have their windshield wipers and heater on during clear skies and a heat wave? Probably not. But, should one take precautions to make sure their car doesn’t overheat? Yes, especially in the aforementioned conditions. Knowing the seasonal Overleaves of a year can help you adjust your outlook more effectively.

Relationships this Year

Be careful who you choose to engage with. As the CF’s are Greed and Impatience, don’t be surprised that the more you have of either of these CF’s in the play in your Shadow; the more you will attract Self Destructor’s and Martyr’s to rev your engines and stir your issues to the surface. The two sided solution to this is to severe relationships where those trends have been the long term norm. But where friction arises in functional relationships, notice if an old fear or resentment has bubbled to the surface. Either of those may not have anything to do with the person opposite you, but because of your familiarity and safety with them, your self karma’s are less constrained and Essence will take the opportunity for a desired healing. Where appropriate, and for many what happens next is a real risk, is to express genuine heart felt apology for an injury you caused but someone might still be smarting from. The Compassion of the Priest is not for you to make a grand mea culpa, (- pole Self Dep) unless you are accounting for an actual sizeable transgression; but rather to address their pain. On the other side of the ledger, it might take you owning up to and admitting a hidden pain you sustained from or around them, but that you’ve been hiding, or thought it too petty to express. Dissolving these kinds of barriers will go a long way to clearing away emotional debris which would otherwise hinder a relationships continuation. For Essence, and expressing Compassion by opening vulnerably to another, it the most direct path to Essence Contact with another being because one’s True Personality has been revealed. If the other person seems, put-off or resentful in return to your honesty, perhaps that is a reflection of a lack of depth you might otherwise presumed existed. Relationships facilitate growth ONLY when the parties continue to build trust and share truth. Most often relationships are mutual grounds for using each other to keep the progression of Ego desires moving forward. In which case, it would be called prostitution.

Events and Topics to Watch                                                               

As 2014 unfolds the general mood is distracted but relatively calm. Once again, with the exception of those persons and peoples who are struggling with ongoing catastrophic circumstance: war, famine, homelessness, chronic unemployment leading to severe hardship, like homelessness, the world is pretty much “business as usual.” This is the way in which the Pragmatist Attitude and Relaxation Goal are manifesting until late Spring: comfortable and familiar. The most noticeable qualities to January-April, 2014 are the extreme weather patterns worldwide and the resurgence of near pandemic levels of the flu. Both lend themselves as a vehicle for the final influences of the Self Destruction CF to carry out its mandate: people dying off from exhaustion.

The Winter Olympics in Russia promise to reveal to the world the ruthlessness of a Young Priest now in Power. Vladimir Putin (Warrior ET) will have his hands full with so called terrorists, bombers, protestors, the size of his security forces, and the shambles of a city decimated by the building of the games site. Some countries may even leave the games mid-game under protest. The Russian empires of the last 1,000 years, have always been a region where Souls incarnate to experience oppression or conquests. Emperors, then Czars, then Soviet Premieres, and now “elected” President have all been dictators. The Winter Games are likely to reveal a post Soviet Russia as out of control, still under the crushing weight of internal economic strife, political corruption, and violent resistance, but something else: that climate change has kept Sochi with very little snow!


In medicine, the victory of the Mature Priest Barack Obama to institute the Affordable Care Act will continue to drain the luster away from those arch Conservatives who condemned it and fought to prevent it. There is simply too much money that health care organizations will make for complaints to be taken seriously. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry is jumping-for-joy at the promise of millions of new subscribers getting on any number of high profit drugs like: the Statin drugs for high cholesterol, prescription digestive aids(among the top 5 sellers), and of course the ubiquitous, family of anti-depressants. More often than not none of them don’t “cure” anyone of anything; they merely shore up the ability of a person to endure the intense imbalances (neg poles of Perseverance and Relaxation) present in so many venues of life present today. Increased sales of these pharmaceuticals will continue to pad the profits of the large manufacturers and keep those companies amongst the most sought after shares on the stock market.

The combination of the Higher Moving Center in the Intellectual part favors what might be termed “listening to the body.” Almost any type of body centered awareness activity is beneficial this year; especially if it involves paying attention to your body’s “messages.” Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais Work, Wisdom of the Body, Natural Body Movement, Brain Gym, for the brave Rolfing; or any concentrated form of meditative exercise will enhance you connection to Buddhaic energy and a deeper centeredness. This is particularly advised since NOT paying attention to your body is liable to let the negative pole of Greed, a voracious appetite, fill the yearning with any number of consumables in an attempt to feel passified. Another way this energy can express a double-edge is an increase in your sexual cravings. Yet, for those who do not channel that energy with knowledge of the perceived “emptiness” that is trying to be filled, are liable to experience frustration (neg pole Impatience.) To work with the compulsion is to give voice to the feelings and then describe the images or memories that are sometimes stored in body. Providing this outlet with words can cause one to experience a desensitization or dissipation of energy once it is spoken. Chief Feature and the grip of MAYA employ a fear based tactic “shhhh, don’t speak it or you are liable to create it.” In fact, to acknowledge something that is already there is to take it out from behind the curtain, and to see the wizard of fear for what it is: a fraud! The only way one creates with words is when they actively put energy behind them. Ironically, many of the messages that were implanted into your physiology (by imprinting), and before that your DNA memories, were left over from unspoken traumas, shames, or areas of weakness one tries to avoid. Give them their due, acknowledge them, take care to rectify situations that exacerbate them, and what can actually take place is physical healing or at the minimum, a decrease in your pain or resistance in that area. That is the healing wrought when a compassionate and forgiving Priestly absolution is administered.

Politics and Religion

In characterizing this year as being Ordinal (personal) and emphasis on Energy (as in Truth, Love, and Energy trio of the TAO), everyone will face challenges to their personal resources, possessions, and the expenditure of your time and money. No matter what your economic status! It will take two forms: how to rid yourself of energy drains, and how you invent new ways to acquire resources or use them more efficiently. As the Perseverance Mode would suggest once again, this is not a “quick fix” process, but the beginning of a sustained, long term restructuring. This warning is particularly poignant for those under economic pressure. All the major economic systems: American, Asian, and European, will have their weaknesses exposed causing more variability or “market mood swings.” Everyone will be affected to some degree, and in a wide variety of ways: some enriching, some devastating; as much as the housing bubble collapse of 2007.

By summer time of 2014, the volume of the income inequality debate will be loud and hot for the 99%. For the 1%, their jitters will stimulate erratic imbalances of world currencies. Use the Winter and Spring of 2014 to shift your from the Attitude from Pragmatism to Realism, and get a clear handle on what you actually need and want. Old energy which drags you down, material or relational or habitual; should be eliminated, liquidated, or used to spread goodwill (using the positive pole of Priest) representing a complete restructuring of ones personal “energy portfolio.” Become lean, but sustained and satisfied, while developing new habits (Perseverance Mode) of energy management. You can initiate a personally beneficial and efficient use of your resources. If you can, you will be poised to maximize your success for years to come. If however, you believe that Greed permits “immediate gratification” or acquisition to appease any self-indulgence, you will be corrupting your ability to cope with fluctuations of market worth, as measured in money! This last sentence refers to: the overuse of credit, impulse buying, and holding the belief that if you just think “prosperously” that money somehow will just fall into your lap. Perseverance demands repeated, simple, and direct action; not just wishful thinking.

To be fair, no one person has access to all knowledge, or to all facts, both of which should be a significant ingredients of what comprise “personal truth”. But one’s own recipe for truth often boils down a potent reduction of emotional forces which either enhance or dull the flavor of those verities. One may, or may not, be willing to look at, let alone acknowledge their distastefulness. But when a person (you or someone you witness) needs to cling onto ideas that have been shown to be bankrupt or outright fabrications, in contrast to those which are merely unproven or unpopular, it sets the stage for the internal dissonance, which results in confusion at least, and fanatical defense of falsehoods at worst. Whether the extremists be the Taliban, Tea Party, Westboro Baptist Church, Al-Qaida, Israeli settlers, Wall Street moguls, the NRA and yes, even absolutist New Age types who believe there is a “Secret” out there to magical wealth and power; reality has its own standards…devoid of any one’s description of it. Denial and truth are incompatible. In a Pragmatist-Perseverance year, you either do what is right in front of you, or hide behind your dogmatic platitudes of why “things just are they way they are.” In the latter case, your frustration will only grow more intense until the Intolerence (neg pole of Impatience) slide Perseverance into the negative pole of it companion Action Mode Aggression, which is Belligerence.

On the worldly arena, one of the characters of a Priestly institution will continue to draw of firestorm of criticism from those who benefit from inequality. Pope Francis, a Mature Sage with Server casting, has thrown the gauntlet by invoking Catholic principles from the bully Pulpit of the Papacy, as the glove for his slap. To say that this has raised the ire of Right Wing in the U.S. is an understatement! His position authority, and the reverence he is acquiring for putting all the ‘worldly trappings’ up for scrutiny again, makes those who assail his position look foolish at best, and villainous at worst. One such detractor Priest is Sarah Palin; whose mouth is generally more active than her brain, is one who is likely to see her career spiral downward the more she tries to condemn the Pope. This is not because he is so popular amongst rank-and-file American Protestants, but that his arguments against the unfairness and hypocrisy of Capitalism are so stingingly crisp and precise, that any attack against them merely puts the antagonist in the position of arguing for the very practices and attitudes which the average person is chafing under. However, one contribution that he and others will have forced is that the Pragmatic elements of the American Republican Party will adopt, in tone at least, a bit more sympathetic stance to the plight of those who find themselves: poor, jobless, or homeless. Convenient scapegoats as they have been up to this point, blaming them still decries desperation and public relations nightmares than any return to principled concern for the citizenry. We are not suggesting that you will see a resurrection of the Occupy Movement. That exasperation cry for justice has faded back into the harried gasping for air of trying to just keep up with price inflation. No, instead, those at the bottom are beginning to see themselves less as victims and the wealthy more as outright adversaries. And, if is one thing that the continued negative pole of Impatience, which is Frustration foments, it eventually will become outrage! Many at the bottom have persevered in the negative pole of monotony, for so long, that their patience has worn thin. The 2014 American midterm elections will highlight a fundamental challenge to the cultural mindset of who has value and who does not.

Nexus Junctions

There will be only a couple of “significant” Nexus points in 2014 which, when they occur, will feel like a ‘pivot’ or ‘steep turn’ to your perception. The first will occur between May 10-14. The type of Nexus will be a Convergent type that will coalesce the flavor of 4 parallel tracks into this one. More detail as it approaches. The second will happen in September (to be specified later) and represent a Divergent type. At that divergence point, the healing, forgiveness, and acceptance of your deeper Self can come to fruition and one will experience a departure of many of the nagging inner doubts that have particularly plagued Old Souls. As mentioned early in this article, your personal assessment of your own worth is at stake here. What you decide and whether you claim it will engage you in 2015 more than this year. However, if the indecision that happens in both the negative poles of Growth and of Relaxation occur, the soul is liable to struggle for a great deal longer. So come to peace with a sense of who you are and what you already contribute to life. The joy will follow in kind.


The personal focus of this year in no way suggests that you should lose sight of how to live the principles that you perceive as core to your very essence. Instead it directs you to take steps to clarify, hone, communicate, and develop the new habits and mechanisms; not so much to present a “new you”, but to present to the world a more effective, empowered, and authentic “true you.”

As always, we hope that has been of use to you.

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