Mar 242011

After years of living and seeing what people do in the name of God or the Spiritual Life, I’ve come to a simple conclusion: We are already Spirit!   Whether that is defined merely as the atoms that comprise our bodies, or a more metaphysical belief that we are “children of God.”  Our journey here on Earth as living beings is the only certainty that we can know.  The why of existence, whether projected from religious doctrine or scientific speculation, is still no more than glorified or generalized opinion. Nonetheless, I feel a responsibility to make my premise available and public.  I have come to believe that there are no new ideas.  What makes this set of ideas original or unique is the interpretation that I, or anyone for that matter, puts upon them.  Some call that inspiration; others call it imagination; others still, revelation.

All of what I intend for you to learn is to help you meet the goal imbedded in the aforementioned credo.  It is obvious to me that we are here to be fully human.  Even if we are simply matter in form, that form is human.  If we are the direct expression of a Supreme Creator, an intelligence more efficient and elegant than any we can possibly imagine, then we are, as is everything in the Universe, made of God stuff.  Hence, we are God.  And if so, then Western religion must be wrong to project that there is a Heaven and Hell beyond and this is merely some testing ground, this is both or neither.  Why would God subject itself to that?  God has created us to be us, animals to be animals, and rocks to be rocks, etc.  No more, no less.  For what purpose?  Now that is the grand question of our curiosity.  Why are we here?

In all my years of learning and searching for that answer, I have come only to a general categorical answer: God wants to have an experience of itself!  And if we are God, then  mustn’t we want to have an experience of ourselves, too?  I don’t pretend to know the ULTIMATE answer.  Mine is a working definition, the best prototype model that fits all of the data I have collected. I cannot wait to know the final or absolute answer, I have living to do.  So, I have come to view what I am doing as what God is doing: allowing reality to be what it is and see what happens.  Just as I am hypothesizing and experimenting with my life and observing the results, I’ve come to believe that God is doing the same process with all of Creation.

God, therefore, is not only the engine of Creation, but also the Great Scientist and Experimenter with its Creation.  And each one of us possesses the independent variable called Free Will.  If Free Will is the vehicle, then there must be a fuel for our journey, a constant energy source which allows life itself to continue.  To me, that energy source, that verve, that joie de vivre, that Prana, or moxie, is what I simply call Spirit.

It is no mistake that within our lexicon of language we think of Spirit as the force within a living thing that makes it thrive.  No coincidence exists that Spirit is also a reference to the basic substance of the Creative Force itself.  One only has to remember that Christianity has as one part of its Trinity, the Holy Spirit.  Hence, I make the equation that GOD=Spirit=Liveliness.  None of these definitions constrain the expression of Spirit to be thought of as only corporeal or temporal form.  It is further interesting that for centuries the same phrase was spoken equally as Holy Ghost.

There you have it.  My derived beliefs about the nature of God and Spirit.  I do not claim them as right or true.  I offer them here as the foundational premise of why this work has been constructed and how I mean it to be construed.  Yet, one very crucial point must be made.  Developing one’s Psychic or Extrapolated Sensory Perception (ESP) can still be seen as a real phenomenon outside the purview of any metaphysical or spiritual realm or definition.  I have come to believe that the conditions described and outlined in this book are aspects of our physical evolutionary potential.  Just because scientists prefer to coerce the study of these phenomenon into artificial, strict, linear and statistical confines, does not in any way mitigate their historic reality – whether or not a given Psychic “fails” the repeated trials suitable for only rats and pigeons.

Even the Existentialist, for whom the idea or necessity of an Eternal or After Life, makes either little sense, or bears little proof, can, and does, employ the concept of Spirit as driving life force.  In that case, benefit from attuning to the Psyche by learning Psychic Hygiene and gaining greater access to, and flow from, your own Spirit by learning to Channel.

The summation of my analysis distills to this: the enhancement of your human experience and the further exploration of the Self can, and does, offer the best opportunity for manifesting the most authentic you possible.  In doing so, making your bid to manifest your dreams by being the best you can be is a natural extension of Channeling your Higher SELF to your level self (Ego).

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