People I Acknowledge


When all is said and done, the adage that states someone is “self-made” is largely a falsehood.  In my case, especially so.

These people have loved me and shared their friendship, expertise, resources, and faith in me.  I have been irrevocably influenced and shaped by each of them.  So the least I can do is publicly share my gratitude and appreciation by listing them on this page.

Sarah Sutton

In addition to having the greatest faith in me, Sarah is my greatest cheerleader and fan. But more particularly, this lady does me the honor of being my significant other.

An accomplished Landscape Architect, Sarah is also an herbalist and artist. Her upcoming book Kiss Your Grass Goodbye, is an on-the-ground overview of how to replace water consuming front lawns with beautiful, environmentally friendly, and even edible gardens that will enhance both the pleasure in your home and its curb appeal. Check out her blog at

Victor Anderson

If you are enjoying this site, and perhaps if you having an experience of awe the same way I do, then the credit goes to Victor. A long time web developer, musician, and artist, he applied his special magic to this incredible web site. Enabling all of us to have a live forum. To contact Victor for Web Design or WordPress consultation go to To check out the musical web site and hear his dulcet tones, go to his band site:

Tamara Samsa

My sister of spirit. This woman has housed me, given me hope and praise and been my friend when I needed one most. A confidant, playmate, business strategist, inspiration, and football nemesis (she rooted for the Steelers in the ’11 Super Bowl – nobody’s perfect!). A Server of incredible civic participation, her love of animals has led her to champion the cause of compassionate Hospice for pets and their owners.  Here site is

Ardis Bow

My friend Ardis “the artist” Bow is responsible for much of the custom art and logos for my Michael Teaching site. The speaking-to-ear heart logo used in the upper corner of the web page is the most recent. An artist and graphic designer of exceptional talent, her work is unique, earthy, bold, colorful, and reverent. Stylistically realistic yet augmented with light and hues that attract the eye and calm the spirit. See her work at

Holly Coleman

Simply, the best Michael Channel I know. Holly is my conduit to Michael. Her clarity, levity, and insightful rendering of Michael and other guides, continues to astound and sustain me. Having long been a partner in professional channeling presentations, she offers everyone who seeks her counsel and wisdom wrapped in compassion; augmented with an infusion of spirit that can both refresh and uplift. Holly’s work has expanded to be a spokesperson for Mother Earth. Visit her at

Kathy Bridges

A Warrior loyal to the end! A devoted friend whose generosity has been overwhelming. In my life, I have met few who possess or demonstrate the integrity she does. Although, her self-deprecating style and impeccable standards will often gain me a dismissive but affectionate rebuff when I speak that compliment aloud. Sorry Kathy, you are being acknowledged! 🙂 Visit Kathy’s blog at

Cheri Larson

My cousin and most extraordinary creative entrepreneur I know. Cheri coaxed and coached me into making videos for this site. Without her, you would be only reading static text. (Hmmm? Given my looks, that might not be a compliment to her as I intend it?) 😉 Amongst her many ventures, she created a multilevel marketing business selling her custom jewelry. Now onto yet another venture, her focus has turned to sustainable living products. Take a look see at

David Harper

Mr. Favoritz himself! I’ve known David since we were 10 years of age, making him by far the oldest friend I have. Even then, his love of music launched him into a successful career as a drummer playing with such acts as: Righteous Brothers, Mariah Carey, and Dobie Gray. Like everyone on this list David’s contribution includes a series of over 50 musical augments, meditation theme music, and top notch recording of some of my better pieces. His Favoritz Band graced my 50th birthday party to the delight of all, especially me. Rock n’ roll! Now in Nashville, TN, he is a songwriter and recording engineer. Check out his songs at

Fred Keyser

The man who has kept me clear with strong and compassionate support. His seminal work Loving Communication laid the groundwork for my own version of Precision Listening and NoFault Communication. Perhaps the most humane man I’ve ever known. Nothing about human beings stalls his determination to find the niche that spirit sent him here to fill. Take a look at his book: Making It Safe to Love with Heidi Fox

Michaelene McElroy

My muse. Reminding me for years that “words are important” her own stories move me to a place of hope and a bring a recognition of shared humanity as few I’ve ever read. Capable of piercing my veils and lifting fog from my thoughts, I can only marvel at what I have learned from her. As I move down the road of life, I am glad to know that on a parallel path, although sometimes out of sight, she walks and her voice echoes somewhere in me, “you have something to say Cocconi, no one will say it like you do.” Find out about the Divine Ms. M at

Posthumously – Robert P. McAdam

Bobby was my comrade in comedic adventures. My coach in honing my delivery, my co-writer of material that made us laugh, straight or stoned. He was a friend like no other in my life.  Bob “got me” in ways that I sometimes still marvel when I reflect upon them – and I am grateful. Like Vincent Van Gogh, his life was ended by his own actions. As Don McLean said of the artist in the song Vincent – Starry, Starry Night, “this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.” No web site exists for Bob. But his memory and spirit live on within me every day of my existence. Thanks Bro, I miss you still.

In Absentia – Daniel, my son

He has never known me. My love child that I lost.  For 19 years, the thought of him has been with me daily. Does a life need truth? Or is ignorance bliss? My anonymity presides pondering these questions. Does he need me? Would he want me? Would making myself known to him cause him more harm than happiness? Could it shatter his identity, his faith in the parents who fraudulently blocked me from his life? Am I just an interloper? I wrestle with these unrelenting shadows of doubt. Is it my selfishness that wants contact? Or is it my allegiance to his right to know the truth? Both, neither, I cannot decide.  Daniel and his generation are the focus of my upcoming book, We All Play God. Just as his mother and I did by being so driven to co-create that child, now a young man.  Sorrow in my missing his childhood is far greater than any shame or guilt I have at entering into such a blissful congress.  But they are there. My foolishness and desire to have a child without sole responsibility overrode any sense of reason.  May this acknowledgment of you Daniel, at least, for what it might be worth, let you know that I have always loved and wanted you. I was apparently not destined nor worthy to have you.  The fault is mine. I fought and lost. To the victors, the spoils.

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