Oct 112011

Plutonian Body Type like Steve Jobs as defined in the Michael TeachingIf you wanted a perfect example of the effect a Priest might have on the world of technology then Steve Jobs was it.

To the surprise of many, he was not really the “technical” genius behind any of his creations, but rather the visionary that directed what he wanted to go. He did that like few of his (our – we Baby Boomers) generation.

But what sets his death apart for many is that his presence was iconic among those who considered themselves free thinkers, innovators and rebels. The Apple and the MAC gave a generation permission to explore; way before Microsoft and Intel sought to own everything and everyone. He persevered and innovated at the same time. Almost an oxymoron for most folks.

At 56, having completed his Life Task, he will remind many generations to come that letting of any limits on personality (it is said that he could be a tyrant) can achieve just about anything.

Take a re-listen to video clip from an ad campaign Apple ran scrambling grammar with “Think Different”. http://www.themichaelteaching.com/downloads/video-shorts/.

But there are other Steve Jobs all around us now. As yet, up and coming. Most with no notoriety, but no less innovators, inspirational, and game changing. Indeed, there is a bit of him in all of us .

From one Steve to another, farewell Steve. And thanks for a Jobs well done!

Carpe  Honorem,

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