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Fully Emerging from the 5th and 6th Internal Monads

For those of you who enjoy listening to live channeling, this presentation was recorded on April 4th, 2014.  The first 50 minutes is uninterrupted output from Michael’s Consortium, the 2nd half is relevant follow-up Question and Answer. Enjoy!  

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On Page 238 of Messages from Michael presented an idea that was, for many some Michael Students, either confusing or somewhat disconcerting. That idea seemed to offer a paradox, if not for most people in outright contradiction to what they perceived the purpose and function of the Overleaves. That statement came under the heading of the Balances Human. But what does Michael mean by the balanced human and how does that contrast to the idea that each of us as an essence take on various Overleaves in a given life that front-end purposes construct, if not define, our personality which would include obviously all our predilections, natural tendencies, and perspectives as individuals. Will be up to that question has to do with what the point of Overleaves are. So here I want to make very clear… that the Overleaves presented in the Michael Motivation Cards, these building block characteristics are not just about human nature, and also the structure of all human institutions, are in fact mechanisms that provide temporary demarcations to act as useful parameters from which we can distinguish various types of energies and perspectives from one another.

Those of you new to this material should understand that it is that in the nomenclature of this Teaching, the phrasing referenced is stated as the Role and Overleaves. The Roles then, stand as somewhat of a paramount footing as the seven foundational or primary ways or aggregations of what I am going to call the fundamental qualities of the Tao itself. The Artisan role is that of God the Creator. The Sage Role is that of God the Teacher, Communicator and Voice of wisdom. The Warrior Role is the action, organizer, implementer, and deliverer of justice, and yes sometimes even rath. The King Role stands for God the Almighty. That manifestation as the Sovereign or the place of power that resides at the core of all of us. The Server Role, that element that if this were in biology, would be phrased as that aspect of any single organism having the equal dictates not just for self-preservation but as the server contributing to the preservation of the species as a whole, doing whatever it takes, including sacrificing itself on occasion and its needs or wants for the betterment and or continuation of the entire collective. The server energy in that sense is God the healing, forgiving, and the sacrificing. The priest which is that aspect of the Tao which is the revelation of potentially transcendent and ultimately designed to remind us that we are part of a greater unity than just our own skin. And lastly that aspect of God which is about the knowledge not just of good and evil but of all things and if I were to speculate and of course I am doing so now, it is the aspect of all animal organic life that accumulates understanding through the biological evolution and complexity that is stored in the DNA molecule. But also on a higher level is that aspect of human consciousness that drives us to know to experiment to learn to discover and to in some part of our consciousness In to what we might call God the all knowing. After that after those seven then the Overleaves becomes subordinate qualities as he is being represented by the categories that you see in the way that the cards have been segmented; that each of the seven options of goal attitude mode chief feature centering and body types act as interchangeable and more specific subroutines of these greater seven qualities.

The Balance Man implies that a person has come to terms and is fundamentally capable of not merely just understanding those seven fundamental aspects of the Tao but no longer needs to be deliberately constrained by nor artificially or unconsciously focused by Chosen Overleaves in a lifetime. More simply said that when he human being becomes aware that all the states that the Overleaves represent all the choices all the options all the points of view all the characteristics and all the strategies that are embedded Innately in those motivations and can more importantly implement them in their behavior in their thoughts and experience the emotional vibration behind each one of them… Will; then that person is balanced between all of those energies and therefore is no longer constrained by any of them. The reader might then begin to speculate that such a state is in some way some high spiritual achievement only capable of being attained by avatars of great spiritual or religious understanding or achievements. The Jesus is the Buddhas the louts whose the Confucians the Zoroaster’s the guy these name but a few, but in actuality this would be mistaken. These people as examples did not achieve these understandings and the state of balance because they were great. Now. It is because they achieved this understanding and this central comprehension that they were the central power in their own universe, indeed what I have called their own soul averse, which made them such a notable an outstanding example to all others that they were elevated to the level of greatness never by their own intense for PR or branding, but by those who admiringly, and namely, elevated them to a stage which we label greatness. Indeed there are many human beings on the planet and by many I mean while they might not be recognizable because they are not in the public eye or they do not concern themselves with publicity or achievements all over attention seeking, actually are balanced human beings and are not in any way defined by, limited by, nor expressly concerned about their overleaf tendencies and how they appear to others. Instead they live their life in that amazing and balanced understanding that their contribution to all things first is predicated upon a reasonable and realistic preservation of their own capacity for doing good in the world and correspondingly though their desire to do good in the world is not based simply in some highly idealistic, moralistic, or’s or self-aggrandizing need to be saintly; instead it is driven because their own knowledge of who they are and to live that choice would integrity requires them to act in such a way to share of themselves with such vulnerable and unchecked determination in order to meet their own internal needs to feel whole, complete, Faisal, and to ask and to put into action and experience that we are all one. Therefore the contribution of such gifts bears little bears little conditional requirement of being rewarded, acknowledged, celebrated, or requiring obedience to because ultimately what they are striving for is a continued states of congruence between who they are internally in the world that they wish to express or the self that they wish to express in the world as driven by their internal motives.

These people sometimes get the correct mantle as “the every day heroes.” Those who care only minimally about how they are perceived by the outside world and are more motivated internally by their sense of what is true, what is humane, what is right, and what is necessary with in their capacity to do it.

That’s as you read them I don’t Michael motivation cards understand that every motivation presented in this material is ultimately designed or a gas increasing the literacy of human beings to understand first primarily yes there Chosen Overleaves and how they themselves manifest them but beyond that to begin to exercise the power within their sovereign self there solo verse to act beyond the limits perceived or otherwise that the overleaf suggests and to give fully of themselves not just to all of life but to experience all of their own lives.

In no way do I suggest that every human being who utilizes the Applied Michael Approach or is held to be made aware of the motivational building blocks that are represented in the Overleaves and the other fundamental concepts represented in the cards themselves, is required or in any way even designed to strive for this balance. However every human being affected by these cards increasing their self-awareness which would mean their ability not only to name their motivations when they’re acting upon them but to choose between the options of motivations more so than the states of capacity, Overwhelm, and the notion we call victimhood, commonly yes people in a familiar if not sometimes torturous equilibrium in their own psyche. In a way what I’m talking about is Buckminster Fuller’s processional effect if every human being who reads this material is able to make one two or three small steps expanding outward there awareness moving beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones taking the risk to experiencing things that they cannot control but have the courage to engage even feeling naked and unprepared, then the ripple effect of those individuals upon others will begin to expand outward changing multiples of otherwise predictable patterns and perhaps 1,2, 3, a dozen, or a 1000 of those patterns may have new consequences that instead of turning the Sage ship of state to use a popular metaphor in political science instead think of it as altering the juggernaut of our history. And hopefully in altering the direction of that juggernaut it is toward horizon that allows us to continue our infinite sale and not barrel us forward in a finite, and off the cliff of an oblivion that we will live created by destroying our plans ability to sustain our race.

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