Jan 302012
Can you believe it?


Seldom does anyone question the hard “truths” of science…except when a new theory comes along to replace them. Much of our technological based economic and institutional bent encourages us to ‘have faith’ in the almighty scientist and the all powerful gadgetry which supposedly makes our lives easier. Easier maybe, fewer steps, but simpler? Have you ever read a manual translated from Chinese or Spanish to English? For all the facts they claim, there seems an awful lot they want us to believe about it!


Don’t get me wrong, I love our advances in knowledge, but I grow more leery of technology as a source of anything but addiction, malaise or intrusion. Depending upon machines or computers or premixed or genetically modified is taking its toll on what we once knew as daily knowledge and had to perform with our own bodies or prepare with our own wits.


In conversing with Michael, their attitude was this:

“Anytime one gives up (abdicates) a power to convenience and behind that to decide for themselves, a small implosion occurs. Occasionally, someone is able to build upon the new with no sense of lack of what was. Yet, moreover, ideas, skills, and purposes are lost or forgotten. Remembering is the key to all evolution. Forgetting is the lock on your sense of entrapment.”


I may not be an Artisan or Moving Centered, nor a technophobe since I see the usefulness of some of these tools. But doing tasks and operations myself ties into other parts of tangible reality and grounds me. It reminds me that abstraction can be fun and stimulating, but when it has lost connection to the foundation object or task upon which it was created; then I forget, take for granted, and become its servant, instead of the other way around.


Besides, if you really want to observe your monkey mind, as the reactive-habituated aspect of one’s personality is often referred, then do as I have done here in the mountains of CA. No TV, no newspapers, internet only a few hours a day, limited telephone, no video games, DVD movies 4 nights a week (with no commercials) and notice how you much you discover yourself being antsy? Then notice the reduction of your stresses and tensions. It is very interesting!

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