Sep 302011

There is no question that I have a strange occupation. Not to me of course, but to most whom I meet. Depending on the person or the crowd with which I mingle, telling them that I am a channel is a bit like introducing a skunk as a household pet. Unimaginable! It is one method for ending conversations, not my intent, I assure you.

People open to Spiritualism find me somewhat fascinating, or a curiosity at least. But I recommend to people that they check it out for themselves. For 1-hour you get information from a point-of-view you will never find here on the Physical Plane aka Michael. I tell them, “you might just hear more than you ever dreamed, and it might provide understanding or help you in decision making in ways you would not have guessed.” Besides, it is what I do!

Think me a nutcase, a wise-man, a con-man, whatever. I am not afraid to verbalize any of them, though I agree with none of them! I am what and who I am, and that’s it! This occupation has at least taught me some detachment from the denigrating designations as well as the complimentary ones. As Michael once paraphrased some aphorism: “Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and they reek of whatever got swallowed.” And it is about them, not you.

Vulgar? Perhaps in your opinion? 🙂 But succinct, terse, attention getting and visceral; certainly. And visceral reactions alert us to when something is real or solid, a fact or truth. Michael and I concur that soft selling truth does no one any good, but neither of us use them for shock value, as a tool of shame, or a bludgeon of guilt. Religions exist for that purpose and use those methods.

But if you like the Michael Teaching for itself and wish to connect with a larger cadre of Michael Students let me recommend The Michael Students Web site. Once there, membership is free but required to participate. Also use my name in the referral section as the secret password. 😉 BTW, we are talking about Old Souls for the most part. So don’t worry about getting marketed to death.  And it seems like a miracle that many of us get out of bed in the morning.  These are the same folks who brought you the Michael Student Gathering Retreat on the East Coast. It happens next Spring in April, 2012. I hope you can make it.

So for all the folks in Northern CA who may get a chance to see me in the next few weeks, I hope you will connect with Michael and me. It is my job and my love and my service. Please let me share all three with you.

Carpe Agape!

Stephen Cocconi 2011

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