Apr 272011
by Stephen J. Cocconi ©  2004- 2011
“What do you turn on, when you turn on?”- Timothy Leary

Eighteen years after the Harmonic Convergence, the Harmonic Concordance is here to beckon a more personal review of how the new paradigm is to be manifest, through you, individually. The portal that bridges the Physical Plane to the Causal Plane (the place where the soul can manifest desire and return power to the personality) is more widely open than at many points of the past or in the future for some decades to come. With the portal open, individual scripts are up for review and rewriting. For some, this process has been consciously and deliberately undertaken. For others, the process goes on beneath the surface or in vague contemplations pervading the backdrop of their lives. In either case, the Essence is submitting to its I AM Self, requests for personal power and healing as to make the philosophical and behavioral alterations necessary for putting oneself in alignment with the precepts of their chosen paradigm. This process will look different for each person.

The existing paradigm succinctly stated is: humans are motivated by pain. Inherently driven by selfish, baser animal instincts and motives riddled with lust, greed, pride, and hate; Man is separated from God due to his own failings. Hence, to save Mankind from itself, it should be controlled by superior individuals forming dominating hierarchical institutions to dictate to the ignorant sinner, both beliefs and conduct. While at the same time, those hierarchies co-opt both Divine power to punish the wicked or the weak, and simultaneously, are absolved from any moral accountability. This model of reality and learned responses is based upon the foundation that humans are inferior supplicants to God, and that inherent inferiority means any lack in one’s experiences is ultimately due to ones own failing. Hence shame and self-loathing is the righteous and pious path. It is a path toward obedience, subservience, self-diminishment, and a belief of unworthiness. It is not difficult to see how one can believe that an obsessive drive to control the “baser instincts” will be rewarded by God with life success. And, to the contrary, your experience of pain and life suffering is seen as punishment for failed attempts to sequester some moral depravity. Hence, the use of fear, shame, coercion, and a dominating hierarchy is at the foundation of all institutions. The nuclear family, religious doctrine, economic practices, and every form of government practiced to this point in human history, are conceptually founded to indoctrinate and control the weakness and evil inherent in all of you.

At the Harmonic Convergence, there was a leap of faith required. A willingness to declare openness to a paradigm that had features only vaguely fleshed out in human experience or logos. Based upon the premises that humans can never be separated from God because you are created of the “stuff” of God’s creation, the Universe; then a self-determined act of choice, an exertion of free will, is therefore an act of God manifest through you as unique expression or vehicle of God. This paradigm is not rooted in punishment or reward by an external God, but rather from the inner strength and peace granted to you from following the guidance of the God within. Living from inner dictates can feel more difficult because some of them lead you through the path of pain and conversely deceive you with pleasure. The expansion of the new paradigm can only occur when motivated by a love of God through the Self. This new paradigm is predicated upon the view that human begins are motivated by healthy needs directed toward spiritual fulfillment. Aspiration to seek satisfaction of one’s hopes is understood as a quest to know God and such choices are always non-conforming. Choices based from Self awareness can only be compassionate and with the ultimate benefit inlaid. The knowledge that one is God, and then all others are equally God, part of an inter-connected matrix of both life and Spirit itself; is often so vastly overwhelming to the Ego, that such notions are rejected outright.

As fear of this awesome state of personal power and ability to respond subsides, then guilt of ones actions, shame of ones own perceived failings, gives way to a calm state of resolute clarity. It is that state which allows each person to see the amazing reflection of God therein. This description of the new paradigm is obviously in stark contrast to the current paradigm; where human beings full of recriminations, self-loathing, and shame, see only those things mirrored back when they look at others.

Institutions that arise from this new paradigm are naturally aligned and order themselves in adherence to the forces of love which are elector-magnetic and forces of compassion which are gravity. Families, instead of based upon strict role of husband and wife will radiate the powerful combination of honored masculine and cherished feminine. Children, instead of property to be constrained, indoctrinated, and minimized, will be seen for the clearest and unencumbered essence of the Transparent Self that they are. Parents will be able to remember their purity in the faces of their babies, while finding joy in guiding that child through an education of all the wondrous ideas, inventions, and manifestations that their fellow humans have evolved over the generations. In such a world, real democracy emerges because everyone wants to participate. When the fear of being unworthy in the sight of God is, removed, people participate. The only fear experienced is that of not fully expressing oneself clearly. The creation of this paradigm is but a loose configuration of threads awaiting the participation of many weavers. Many weavers, many threads, one tapestry.

To further manifest the new paradigm is to first believe it is possible to comprehend human beings outside the “box” of current philosophical and spiritual precepts. Having split these two paths at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, the heavenly forces at hand now stir the pot of souls on the individual level. The process of evolving towards a new paradigm comes down to individual choices and endeavors.

For others adhering to the old paradigm, this will be a time of greater fear and more strident calls for a patriarchal God or the hierarchies that supposedly represent HIS power on Earth, to rescue them and make them safe. These folks, feeling their confidence crumble in historic dogmas and institutions, will do what most people do when faced with the unknown; cling even more fervently to what is known. Hoping against fear that God will rescue them from that uncertain future, which of course is filled with evil and human depravity, people of the old paradigm will support the very institutions that will bring those eventualities about. Folks of the old paradigm will further allow themselves to be enslaved by a Big Brother for whom they willing sacrifice their own individuality to obey and then resent it. In other words, what seems to be dominating the world news these days.

The Harmonic Concordance is not an overnight sensation, but it is the beginning of a process of clarification and empowerment that you can walk for the rest of your days. And, yours is the generation that either makes or breaks the bonds of the human animal to Earth itself. Continued human life on Earth depends on the active and willing participation of people to live from who they truly are! Only when the driving forces of hate and resentment are actually less potent, en-mass, and supplanted by love and commitment as the pervading motivations of human action, can Earth no longer be diminished in its capacity not just to support human life but to allow all life to flourish again.

Your mission, if you decide to take advantage of it, is to be deliberate in the reformulation of your blueprint, transmitting your request for your newly desired way of living and clear emotions with as much thoughtfulness as you can.

How to Approach Change: Knowing the Self or Knowing your positions?

We, Michael, view ourselves as information providers, not morality dictators. Indeed, there are far too many Preachers and far too few real Teachers, in your world today. The difference that we observe and hence abide is that the former tells you what to think; while the latter helps you learn how to think. The latter course is a far more disciplined and conscious activity than former. Consider yourself a student at this time; learning through experience, rejecting the old way of being taught how to conform.

A Preacher can easily say and demand “do as I say!” While the true Teacher bears the greater burden, “you can only learn from what I do.” Therefore, to be a teacher is to do the things that one espouses. Often very challenging when there is no dogma, congregation, or icon of God to defend you.only ones Self.

Be careful not to be the Preacher full of should’s at this time. Some of the very aspects that you have been vilified for or vilify in yourself may be the exact aspects you are to develop. Consider this concept carefully. Those habits or traits which some of you might see as a “problem, flaw, sin, or dysfunction” might be so only because you resist learning them, rather than any burdens you carry from them. During this open portal, allow yourself to focus upon the aspects that are true in this time of your life. Not as you goal set them to be, not as you despise them to go away, not as you would be perfect if.but those characteristics which, even though you may have fought them continually appear throughout the fabric of your lives.

Living in the moment does not mean abandoning the Future.

Among the strongest rationalizations for constant planning, probing, and forecasting the future is the fear that we will be victims of Chaos unless we control it. Underlying this motivation is a fundamental belief you have as Humans: Unless you exert control, you will be damned to uncertainly and hence pain! However, chaos is to be expected for some time to come. The only sane motivation is to take action and have faith.

While many might not accept this assertion or merely acknowledge it intellectually, the question remains: how will you respond? Will you choose strategies that are tried and comfortable or those that are bold because they face the unknown rather then seek to control it? Reaction, as opposed to observation, is the expression of the unconscious mind. Your reactive behaviors arise from a vast reservoir of unconscious beliefs and emotions. They are sign posts of who you have been, an index to what you have learned but buried inside of yourselves. Using your emotions to guide you to truth is the way we suggest. You can always validate yourself. Here is how it goes.

Discovering what keeps you static and what makes you dynamic.

Basically, this whole process boils down to how good you want to feel! Begin the process by establishing a baseline for you life right now. Take the time to query your inner being with these questions:

  1. How much do I experience love for my own Self? (For some it may be “how much do I like and take real care of my needs.”
  2. What things do I habitually do that help or block my needs getting met?
  3. If there was one thing or person I really had to decide to make peace with, what or whom would it be?
  4. If there was one grudge or painful memory that I could let go of which would cause me to feel lighter in my life, what would it be.
  5. How much time do I spend being in strategy about something, instead of just being with something?
  6. “What emotion is driving this thought?” And, why do I like it or dislike it?
  7. What is the real value or enjoyment I experience in my own life? (Don’t hide behind what you’ve done, or your children, or any outside thing that you use as an example to validate your life, just consider how much you like it.)

Some of the answers to these questions can be had by using the Zing-Clunk Meter.  It is a scale from 1 – 10 where 1 is empty or for some miserable, while 10 is a feeling of joy, satisfaction or conviction. When you use this tool it is important to notice the first number that comes into your awareness. That number will be the truth of your heart! For those who don’t like the number, (and that will be the majority of folk) your mind will jump upon this message like a tiger pounces on prey. Tearing it apart, denying it, and rationalizing your process, minimizing or ostracizing yourself for the result are only secondary reactions. These reactions are seldom useful or constructive.but they are instructive. Go beyond them to core of the emotion until you can reduce it no further.

With these ratings and answers in mind, the next phase is to listen to your inner answers of why? Once the WHY arrives, do as you did with the emotion. Reduce it down to its basic statement. Some of you will find that the focus is on external life issues, while for some others intra-personal issues will dominate. Either way, just notice if by voicing them out loud (or in your own mind, or writing them down) gives you any inner acknowledgment or sigh of relief. If the phrase you use doesn’t release the tension, keep verbalizing until that sensation of peace or even resigned calm indicates it was the right statement. Why do this? Because your being will stop pushing you when its hidden truth “Gets Gotten.” And that only happens when your own truth or memory of an experience gets vented!

Learned moral “trespasses” are not at issue here, but knowing your conscience is. Getting your inner dialogues confused with religious dogma is one of the most common ways people get confused. Remember, the Star of David was Solomon! He was the embodiment of both Wisdom and Vanity. Wisdom is to accept what is real now, not what you intend it to be or what you punish yourself for. Coming to terms with your truths, NOW, and how you either accept them (feminine) or desire to change them (masculine) will facilitate your clear transmission during the time of this portal. The clearer you are, the stronger and more direct the support you can be assured of receiving.

Harmonizing your Masculine and Feminine Strategies. (I.e. those you focus to gain strength or power and those you allow opening to giving and receiving love).

To put this whole period into perspective, we can sum it up by saying that forces to balance the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), both of which are in some proportion in every person, are at peak intensity. Assess your strategies according to the criteria whether they possess masculine attributes: engaging, willful, decisive, controlled and orderly, or, those that are more feminine disengaged, patient, free-flowing, surrendering, and serendipitous tendencies. Neither set is more or less advantageous than the other in an absolute sense. The importance here is to determine to whom your Ego and I AM self have delegated aspects of your life: your inner masculine or your inner feminine. Part of evolution is trying different combination’s. Growth entails the changing of combination’s. Some areas of life might seem to be more advantageous when handled in one way over another, but for the individual, there can never be a “one size fits all” answer.

Concordance is defined as: a harmonious agreement. The first place that must happen is within each of you. A sign of concordance in the outer world would be many a macho man breaking down to cry. While on the other side, many a fem-fetal’ woman taking power over her own life instead of waiting for a man to give her permission to do so. These examples are extremes of how the energy will pressure some individuals. However, it is illustrative of the process of opposites being brought into some balance. Whatever terms you like to use to describe the next evolutionary jump: the New Age, Age of Aquarius, the Second Coming, the Ascension, the Rapture, or Mature Soul era; the sum total of humankind will have to be more integrated between the masculine and feminine. If not, the end of Human domination on this planet is near. At the risk of sounding somewhat dramatic, let us employ a metaphor from nuclear physics. There are two ways to derive atomic power: fission and fusion. Fission is to create friction between atoms and the result is cataclysmic explosion. Fusion, on the other hand, is the process of merging atoms to create controlled power. Stars, like your Sun are fusion energy, and they produce the stuff of life! Fusion is the possible outcome of the new paradigm. Every human being is an atom in the Sun called Humanity, or in the explosion called devastation.

Since September 2003, the metaphysical drives present have been those that emphasize consolidation through reduction. Shedding some old objects and relationships has cleared away many of the distractions that hindered you from reckoning with you own Self-Karmic inventory. All of you are encountering situations in which historic patterns are being pumped to the surface. The motivation for this shaking of your psyche is to awaken you to what attitudes and beliefs have been comfortable, safe and familiar. Some of which have, and will continue to benefit you greatly, while others have not and will not in the future. The purpose here is to determine which of the two categories your strategies fall into: the former or the latter? From there, notice which of those strategies are decidedly active, versus those which strategies are passive? The resulting blueprint redesign will be based upon your assessment whether each problem or challenge in your life has the right strategy matched to it. Does handling some life issues give you zeal if not joy, then at least satisfaction or stimulation? Or do they provide you some place to retreat to from fear or temporary relief from deciding? Do you experience a true sense of inner strength when in that strategy? Or do your strategies create some advantage over someone else? These are inquiries to the Self. Only you can answer these questions. Yet everyone, regardless of Soul Age, is wrestling with issues pertaining to their lives, whether they are conscious of them or not.

Soul Ages and Concordance

As Old and Mature Souls, there will be a more instinctive desire to seek balance or homeostasis between your masculine and feminine. While for Baby and Young Souls, this time period becomes even more incendiary as they battle with strict, dogmatic concepts about gender identity and hierarchy, and tend to favor staying in an exaggerated role play. Soul Age alone does not ensure success or failure in change. Older souls are just as responsible for taking action upon their requests for inner revision as younger souls are in struggling with challenging fears of bucking the status quo. Within all of you, the challenge will be to evaluate every noticeably difficult area of your life, places where you hold fear or shame, and identify which category of strategy you have adopted to cope with it. Be aware, you don’t have to throw out everything you do now. The idea is not to wholesale throw out methods and perspectives that are already in balance, but rather identify those that have not brought you desired results for a long time. All of you will know exactly which ones those are! The simplest way to find out is just notice how much you want to talk yourself out of changing one.

Some examples of what we are saying go like this. An Old King, tired of working with people less competent than she is, has for sometime adopted the feminine strategy.let go. Don’t effort so hard. In this situation, that strategy has failed miserably. Instead, she had to engage others and challenge the status quo of her work place, a more masculine approach. The result, while not in perfect adherence to her best case scenario, contained not only changes in the environment that she correctly identified were needed and was resolute to, but more importantly, she experienced a greater measure of peace and self-respect from changing her approach altogether. Another example, includes efforts by a Mature Artisan to get her Baby Soul Mother to respond warm and lovingly. However, this high male energy Artisan used verbal abuse and intimidating demands, attempting to communicate her need. It was only when she allowed herself to be emotionally open and unshielded (a feminine strategy) was her Mother able to warm to her and provide comfort. An Old Sage, often troubled with issues of self-worth and therefore income, had adopted the feminine attitude toward a male strategy. Basically, she confused the idea of focus with worry, thinking that they were both “caring.” Turning this inner turmoil to constant external action, she tried, often in vain, to create employment or money making opportunities. It took a reversal of perspectives for external reality to change. Internally, she gave up worrying about what or how other people perceived her, becoming more unattached toward outcome and more self-reassuring. Externally, she gave up trying to “make” connections happen. The reversal of masculine and feminine qualities in attitude and behavior resulted in more actual income and less stress. While this sounds good in general, this was a unique combination for this being. In fact, for some individuals, regardless of physical gender, they may have the reverse situation to contend with.

No matter what strategies might need to be altered in you, the time, for Old Souls particularly, to have daring (masculine), and simply move through Shame and Self-deprecation (feminine), is at hand. Overall, becoming more involved, rather than retiring is the clarion call for Mature and Old Souls. For some, this will mean being more for oneself and less conforming. While for others, the sum total changes might mean being selfless, more forgiving, and more public. Ironic as it might sound, it will be a daring act for those who are emotionally reserved to express themselves without censorship, as it will be for those who are emotionally flamboyant to monitor where emotion loses focus into hysteria.

In conclusion, this astrological event beckons you to create equilibrium between the opposites of masculine and feminine, heart and mind, exertion and rest, spirit and will. At this time, the forces of evolution are straining towards this outcome.

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