Apr 242017

Michael Night Preface

What happened below is a testament to love and devotion. I was honored to have been the one who was showered with it. As a gratitude for all who made it possible, please enjoy a completely free listen to the Evening with Michael Channeling session recording that took place before festivities began on 4-21-17.

Encountering Angels in My World

My occupation regularly puts me in contact with what many would routinely call angels. As a Channel, I get to be the vehicle where advice is shared for those who ask. I confess, I don’t always notice, let alone listen, to what was given. So sometimes the messages comes in other ways.

Spirit Bear of the CaminoA call form the Void arrived last year. Everything pointed to a walkabout or even a walk-away. Instead, it said; the Camino. I didn’t know how I’d do it, for my means at this time in my life are as sparse as my weight is ample. Yet all of my circuits dedicated to this task: a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostella in Spain. I leave in September. As I booked my tickets for my departure my brain picked up the irony that I would be leaving on Labor Day. Besides my companion Sarah, who will travel with me on her own journey, my belief was that I would do this on-my-own, as I perceived I’d done so many things this life. It was up to me, and me alone.
The Shadow of Stephen CocconiI turned 60 on Wednesday April 19. Instead of a “happy birthday” I found myself in dire need of resuscitation: of joie de vie, purpose, and a break from the despair of a race I had worked so long to lighten; and yet had darkened themselves, hurt the planet, and embrace stupidity as if it were a new virtue. What I got instead, was completely unexpected and way better. It was a transfusion of loving support that almost put the patient into seizures of delirium. As I write this, it is that state suspends my being at this moment.
Little did I realize that behind the scenes, a clarion call went out; and angels from near and far would answer. But this time, they are not the winged variety with heavenly advice but from two-legged’s, who came with love and hope and sustenance. It is they to whom I dedicate this letter.

The Stubbornness of Despair 

I almost ruined it. Tamara, Sarah and Kathy were on the edges of their seats praying I’d agree to leave my mountain refuge and be there for the event. An event that had been a year in the planning! Sarah coaxed me to her and on the 19th I awoke in her arms.Their phase 1 was complete. The guys of my men’s group completed phase 2 that night. Phase 3 was in sight and happened two days later, last Friday night, immediately following my “Evening with Michael” presentation. I knew Tamara had gotten a cake. And I’d get a “happy birthday to you” song chirped at me. But the events that followed were way beyond prediction or expectation. And even, as someone chided me as I stood in the midst of the conspirators, that “Michael, too, had kept the secret.”
Steve standing speechlessI stood dumbstruck, looking around, in the midst of faces; some I hadn’t seen in years! Tamara dressed in her most shamanic garb heaped praise after praise upon me. I couldn’t, and still can’t say much, except to recall events. For those who know me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the crowds laughter at seeing me stand there in disbelief and someone with a mocking blurt, “a Sage, speechless?!” Sarah presented me with over 60 cards from those who wanted to send wishes, and told me that there were many more who wanted to remain anonymous. Then, Kathy locked eyes with me saying how much I was loved and how many people wanted to share with me, as they felt I had shared with them.(still a mind blower – I was just doing my job.) The part that I missed was when she said, “… that we wanted to pay for your trip.” At that moment, Sarah took over and unveiled the coup-de-grace Tamara had set in motion. A 4ft x 2ft. display check for all your donations. 
In my mind, as I review the scene, I can only imagine the slack-jaw look on my face as it dawned upon me what I was looking at. They began to laugh and applaud. Next champagne, then toasts, then mingling, then cake; it is all somewhat a blur. But I feel it is an important way of conveying my profound thanks to share this story with you all.
thank you greatly - I'm all butterflies
 Special acknowledgement goes to my dear friend Tamara Wallach of Healing Roots Center – the Mastermind and instigator. You can still donate, but now I share it with the Healing Roots Center to keep supporting her endeavors. Next, her devoted partners in the event: Sarah Sutton (my sweetie) and Kathy Bridges. Then to those gifters in attendance: Charlie Thomas, Dan Wallach, Ardis Bow, Edi Nelson, Cate Didion, Brad and Lori Gilbert, Michael & Louise Skoyles, Kristen Wakefield, Russ Leiser, Thomas Mahood, Jeff Herbert, Tim and Aine Dowling, Annalue White, Betty Samsa, Jill Row and Bohdi Young.
Then those virtual angels Holly Coleman, Cheri Larson, Victor Anderson, Greg and Traci West, Jeff and Brenda Lamont, Mary Kasse, Carole Holcomb Mike North, Suzanne Samson, Jan Russell, Willian Getman, Thayer Drew, Carole Arone, Jeannette Price, Bjorn Peterson, Melanie Sparks, Alexandra Hahn, Nikki Spenser, Cheri Jaques, Ed Hamerstrom, Phyllis Magal, Deborah Braver, Mary Derrick, Phil Faucher, Kerrin Willets, Dan Neiderloh, Judy Sterling, Gordon Brown, Lisa Abend, Karen Pierce Gonzalez, James Mann, Tere Bohacek, Sharlene Hart, Maia Nikitovich, Lynn Corvelli, Judith Goldberg, Caris Turpen, Suzanne von Rosenberg, Ma Vet Tomaso, Barbara Franklin, Kelly Carne, Len Fisher, Kathleen Chambers, Margo Engels, Pranjeli Lele, Hector Oros, Judy Taylor, Regina, and posthumously Jan Webb. And to any of you I missed, or those who acted anonymously, drink in my gratitude even if I may never know who you were and can thank you personally.
Well angels, I guess you want me to fly again…or at least to Spain anyway. 🙂 So, I will be posting a blog when I begin called Growing Along the Camino. Until then, thank you for making the beginning of my journey so unforgettable.
Love to you all. Steve
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