Mar 212011

GODS-FAVORITE-WORD - interpret as you will.Ah, the wonderful sense of reverie that accompanies the rapture of self righteousness. This is the interior milieu of the fanatic. In America, the primary brand is the Fundamentalist Christian.

Addressing the Baby Soul need to forestall the inward terror felt at the overwhelming power of Nature and the unknown elements of living authentically, vulnerability is assuaged with the protection of an omnipotent God.

Give them a gander at the Biblical passage that they so venerate:   “There is no respect of persons with God.” New Testament Acts, 10:34. Said by Peter at Caesarea; similar wording is found in Romans 2:11.

God makes no judgment until Judgment Day. Perhaps Christians might best remember one of the oldest admonitions purportedly told by God, “thou shalt not judge.” But more to the here and now, I believe the correct interpretation is: don’t invoke God when you are about to condemn someone.

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