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Overleaves Influences of 2012

The Overleaves Spread of The Michael Tarot Divination CardsAs has been the case over the 4 preceding decades, we provide our Channels with a reading of the predominant qualities present and affecting the Physical Plane. The “Overleaves Forecast” for a year offers you a context in which to construe the happenings around you. Yet more empowering is to take these energies into your Being and employ them in purposeful and intentional ways; propelling you in the direction of your choice rather than being a spectator commenting on the world revolving around you.

  • Role: King (What you will be calling on in yourself.)
  • Casting: Warrior (The landscape as you will be called to act.)
  • Goal: Growth – (The thematic construct one can best assess the energy of the year.)
  • Attitude: Spiritualist – (Positive is belief in expanded possibilities – Negative is rigid belief and defense of dogma and ideologies)
  • Mode: Passion (through June) Caution (to the remainder of the year)
  • Chief Features – Impatience/Martyrdom – (Will slide back and forth and show you the places where you feel out of control.)
  • Centering – Emotional – Instinctual 
  • Frequency – 55 (The rate of change that things will appear to be happening.)
  • M/F Energy Ratio 45/55 – (Whether events or changes seem overt and directed or whether they are appear to be “happening” behind the scenes.)
  • Realm: Technology and machines seeking to dominate the Earthly Organic 

To learn more, join me this January, at one of the several dates and locations mentioned below for the 2012 Forecast and Overleaves.  CD’s of the talks will be available for order online.

2012 has arrived. Wasn’t it inevitable?

Paradigm Shifts require Attention to your IntentionMy intent for me and you is that we keep our attention on the intention that Love Will Prevail! The Paradigm Shift is upon us and we are in process no matter how it makes itself evident. Paddle in the direction you want to go but ride the currents when they take over. Of most importance to remember: this is your life! No one and no thing…not Essence, not God, not Society, not Ego can change that. You are who you are! Accept it! Make a declaration of your sovereign right to guide your life. Act from that place and you will find power within yourself that living from a belief system only blockades.

Prophets or Profits?

When José Argüelles published the Mayan Factor, he brought forward the notion that a calendar dating back some 4000+ years would come to an end in 2012 and not reset itself for some 25 years. In spiritual communities, this interim period opened the flood gates of speculation from a New Age version of the Apocalypse or a Rapture; to a portal in time and space from which many unknowns might occur: we blink out of existence, we have a transformation, we are visited by aliens, we have a collapse of historic institutions followed by a world wide revolution. And of course, we will all start being nice to each other.

Notwithstanding the truth or accuracy of such claims nor whether current global social, climate, financial, and resource dilemma’s are culminating because of the confluence of cosmic forces; nonetheless…they are here!

For 25 years, in preparation or observance of this prophesy, I’ve listened to Michael and found great wisdom, foresight, and profound description of the structure of our human design and enterprise here, on the Physical Plane. Now, when I hear them speak to the almost sinister ways that distortions of predictions (or prophesy), once meant as instructional signposts, have become re-interpreted because of the contamination of fear and greed, I take notice.  In other words, it is not fear itself, but what we focus upon as a result of fear.

Fear, aside from the usual allusion to supposedly false evidence appearing real, might be better thought of as Focused Energy Attention Required. But do not to believe that, of itself, the thing pointed at is the object you should be afraid of, but rather that Essence’s strong reaction is a directing you saying, “listen within” and view the trigger which has just been activated. It might be a historic racial or personal terror and prejudice being re-stimulated. Or, it might be the million- year-old evolutionary sensory defense system telling you to pay attention and take action on your own behalf or those you love.

Fearing fear is to get caught up in a spiral of hyper-accelerated denials or rationalizations or pretenses to ignore, or to fix or to defeat fear. Upon this mantle are built billion dollar industries ranging from self-help, weight-loss, plastic surgery, insurance, home-protection, and products of every sort to make you appear reinvented, successful, arrived, enlightened or restored. Thus fear, instead of motivating us to look to the prophet within, is used by greed to generate profit for others.

In 2012, do not spend a dime on any product, cause, course, or direction which seeks to assuage fear. Instead, apply yourselves and your energies to those points of focus, within, from which fear might actually be reminding you of core principles you deeply value…and perhaps need attention! From there, use courage to face fear and act in the face of it, not in abeyance of it.

The world continues to change, just as it has every day of our lives and every successive day that our lives continue. This is the single true prophesy upon which to base your faith. How you profit by it remains squarely upon how you choose respond to fear. Fear itself is not so much destructive or counterproductive as your reaction to it might be.

Until then, Felix Sit Annus Novus!

Stephen Cocconi – Citizen of Earth
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