May 292012

Remembering my Father

Memorials means paying tribute to the memory of the dead; particularly on this date the dead American soldier or veteran. My father who would have been 93 this year, was a veteran of 2 wars: WWII and Korea. The devastation it wrought in his life and the impact it had upon my mother, sister and me, shaped all of us. 

I find myself thinking about one of the founding premises of the New Age metaphysical thought, and one found in the Michael Teaching as well, is: “you create your own reality.” As a useful presumption for self exploration it might be, seldom does such a notion lessen the power of the emotions experienced by those involved. While my dad, who was in Martyrdom, might have presaged some of the script in which he portrayed a POW in a German camp; where through starvation he went from a healthy 175lbs to a frail 112lbs; it seems utterly ridiculous that he could have known how it might have impacted him. Such a condition would eliminate the need to do such actions in the first place. So why is it, that time and time again, especially to the most hardcore and zealotous of our believers jump at the chance to minimize individual trial and tragedy with a one sweep of the hand dismissal using the phrase “you created it?”
Surely, compassion alone would require of us the humility to remind ourselves of one of the most moderating of all admonitions ever stated: “there but for the grace of God go I”?  Today, I am reminded of what my father suffered and how many countless fathers and sons, and now with the advent of warfare equality – mothers and daughters, may have planned to enter into warfare but never really foreseen the cost.
And to those self same pontificators, I pose a simple question: who planned it? Essence or Personality? And if Personality actually dictated terms to Essence, would most of us ever come back and reincarnate? What underlies all beliefs is the need to exert some form of control; whether it is in behavior or an attitude – a way of helping the mind frame something and thus cope with the fear of the unknown.
My father and every person who has ever known suffering knows that even with the best of intentions, experiences are seldom as we want them to be. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, often something completely unexpected: this triality of possibility provides us the playground of uncertainty in which we get to evolve!
My gratitude, compassion, and vexation goes to all those whom, in their best intentions, or driven by survival itself, found themselves in the throws of warfare where ever it was fought. And my vexation, still belies our collective human folly thinking that either freedom or peace results from violence. Conquest, the domains of both the Baby and Young Soul’s are the bane of the Mature and Old; still these latter soul ages do participate and fight when necessary yet they are seldom the aggressors.
When I think of my father and the consequences of his actions and how they have formed who I am, I can recognize sort of a brilliance and purposefulness to the design. Yet, its dissonance in the score of my life and the lives of countless millions in the history of our race, cannot be underplayed. As generations progress, unresolved pain is passed to succeeding offspring and it lives in their unconscious seeking completion. It is a tune that plays over and over again until one day, a generation arises that says enough of the pain, enough of the violence and enough of the all the Chief Features which collude in a witches brew of malignant motives.
It may not happen in my life time, this life as Stephen Cocconi; but I choose to believe it is well within the capacity of the human spirit to sooth the raging beast within. Not to kill it, but to tame it and treat it with the love and safety it requires, and yes even deserves, in order to thrive.
After all, isn’t the most commonly offered justification for war by those who fought it was the ideal “we want a better world for our children?” I hope we can co-create that future so that their memorial impels us to create the ideals they died for.
Honoring all those personalities, men and women, who gave, lost, or suffered lives, our parents, our siblings, and some our children: TAO Bless them all!
Carpe Benedictio,
2 Other notes: 
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