Apr 092012

My muse, or True Play as Michael would characterize it, has always been the pursuit of levity! If I ain’t laughing, I’m sinking! It is what recharges my batteries and accesses joy for me like nothing else. There is no way of telling whether my incursions into comedy will every produce enjoyment or entertainment for you. But I can tell you this, it has never put a lid on my Sub-Personalities grabbing for the spotlight by showing up and trying to elicit a few laughs from anyone who will listen.

So, I’m surrendering! There are too many of them and I’m finally giving in. They will get their day on stage even if it is just me, and the other me’s in attendance. Unless told otherwise, like the other conference attendees running for the hills or locking me outside the convention center, my gang of subs will finally have their show.

On Saturday night, albeit probably relegated to a broom closet, we will present the program called: The Stevie Zone: Finding the Light by Changing the Bulb. Special Guest Star: Michael, with a supporting cast of hundreds of my inner selves. :-p! All I can tell you is yes, it IS all-about-MEs! Whether or not people find humor in what I do depends on them, but putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper has been a gas for me! The batteries, I am happy to report, are getting a much needed charge!

Consider this either an invitation or a warning. Now my conscience is clear and my Self Deprecation placated; leaving me with no further sense of karmic obligation or duty to you. For the truly bold, this performance will be filmed and you will be able to ignore it on my web site by sometime in late May 2012, when I return from my travels.

Carpe Risus 🙂 (Seize a laugh!)


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