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Young King Donald TrumpHe has rankled so many, and trounced a few, too. Donald Trump’s style could be compared to a tank rolling over anything, and anybody, in his way. The Republican Party apparatchiks hate him. His rivals for their party’s presidential nomination are dumbfounded and quickly been sidelined by him: especially Prince Jeb-the-Inheritor. Yet, for all their protestations, (thank you Megan Kelly for being his scapegoat) he has rallied around him an almost rabid group of Tea Party “patriots” and an assortment of reductionistic- sycophants, who grasp with credulity the notion that Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians are to blame for their economic travails. Not willing to notice that it is the class and color emblematic of Mr. Trump himself, that is the source of their suffering. Or perhaps the “out-source” of their woes.

In Michael-ease, his powerful presence and almost invincible armor, originates from the fact that he is a wealthy, Young Soul King. But when you add in his other Overleaves, as if to venerate the toupee he wears like a crown, they are: Goal of Dominance, Attitude of Cynic, Mode of Power, and the Chief Features of Arrogance and Impatience…and all in the negative poles! Holy Toledo! A combination having such gravitational power, that none of the other Republican candidates can outshine or out-declare his magisterial presence. In a fashion his specter seeks to evoke a reminiscence of King Arthur,Trump-youre-fired Richard the Lionhearted, and Alexander the Great. The spectacle he grandstands brings minions out of the woodwork. They pedestalize him and see him as their Savior. One whose rhetoric sounds the clarion call to vanquish the evil they have suffered and smite the devil Liberals, like President Obama. Those who need saviors believe they are the powerless victims of a menacing force and want someone to be punished for it. Can you say “you’re fired?”

When an Overleaves package like Donald Trump steps forward, and gives voice with the same vitriol locked in the hearts of those people who have been on the downside, or fear of falling there; they actually feel gotten by his finger pointing and blaming. They believe he is speaking for them. He grabs hold of any issue to fan the flames of their worries, by vilifying groups that have less power, and are more helpless, than any of his supporters. They revel in his venting of their unexpressed hatred and bathe in it; feeling righteous they seek vindication for their own unowned shame at failing. They see a Hero. They project onto Mr. Trump positive labels in order to justify, and make pious, all of their vengeful resentments. Honorable, or courageous, brilliant, and bold truth-teller, are terms his supporters dress him in. His slogan, “Make America Great Again”, sounds so, well, simply but grandiosely – American. Like a football cheer. It is a Baby Soul mentality that wants this king on the throne. Though a Young Soul himself, the only part of his Young Soul contingent that finds him attractive, are those who lust for having the same kind of power and wealth he possesses.

His supporters appear at least willingly dismissive, if not outright contemptuous, of facts. They prefer his image and slogans – something “the Donald” has cultivated assiduouslyIf reality were to call upon them, they’d see that this Emperor has no clothes. That is if, his supporters were to look past their grand projections of him. For instance, of his sexual resume, he is an adulterer (on Ivana), and a philander – a man obsessed with younger women. Have you seen the current Mrs. Trump? Quite a First Lady, if he’s elected. And a foreigner no less! Maybe they will make some anchor babies? His business record is no monument to Capitalistic prowess, either. After inheriting $200M to start his career, (decent seed money) on 4 separate occasions his companies used bankruptcy to escape financial obligations. Not because he was broke mind you, but because it was the most expedient way to break contractual promises, and leave someone else holding the bag. Is that his concept of the Art of the Deal, to break his word? Is this his version of good business, or actually just cutthroat profiteering? Is this the kind of behavior you want a leader spearheading policy, interacting with Congress, or negotiating treaties with other countries? The rest of the world might not be willing to play along. Now addressing the “Support Our Troops” crowd and Oath Keeper militiamen, isn’t it ironic how many have overlooked his status as a draft dodger? OK, a college deferment. One who criticized an actual Vietnam veteran and prisoner of war, John McCain; and claimed that McCain (a Warrior), was not a real hero because he was captured. That does not bode well as honorable praise for those who serve(d) in the military, and actually went to war! Add to the hubris of this Teflon man, the satirical way that he seldom denies any of these accusations. And the only response that people sheepishly assert to his blatant narcissistic indulgences is “well, at least he is honest about it.”

Donald Trump’s and Hilary Clinton…a Conspiracy of Souls

So what is it about him, and this scenario, which seems so peculiar? Well as mentioned above, Overleaf energies each possess a specific wavelength of attraction. His ensemble is a blaring cacophony! So is he the perfect candidate to go the White House? The answer, according to Michael is: it is irrelevant.

While Mr. Trump has enticed support from a few constituencies, he is generating a huge anti-Trump backlash in many other demographics (mostly late Young, Mature and Old – but not all) that are likely to vote for any Democratic candidate. But even with Bernie Sanders in the race, Michael has relayed that the United States, as a spiritual collective desires, and is poised for, a woman leader. Thus, what better way to galvanize support for the Democrats than to play the part of a political shill?

Michael has indicated that the Mr. Trump owes many karmic debts to Hilary Clinton. By acting like ahilary-donald
lightning rod, and staging an internal coup in the Republican Party – throwing it into disarray; he is effectively allowing her to reposition herself left-of-center to meet a Bernie Sanders’ challenge. But more strategically, even rank-n-file Republicans will tend to conclude that a well-connected Hilary seems a far safer bet; than a wild-haired, shoot-his-mouth-off, self-proclaimed eponym. And who can blame Trump? With his Overleaves – it is, in part anyway, genuinely who he is!

At the level of Essences, one might actually call this a massive spiritual conspiracy. One that, if it works, will usher in a showdown on several fronts, which are in desperate need of resolution and healing. From there, many competing public attitudes will be brought to the table for venting; a process effecting public policy, and bringing about bold changes in political direction. It is worthwhile to note that extreme personalities serve to ramp-up the juice, and motivate political participation; getting people out to vote: either for them, or in reaction to them.

In the final analysis, it has been President Obama who set the stage serving as a catalyst to force many of the suppressed feelings Americans have held about race, class, wealth, and their beliefs about justice and injustice; out of hiding. Questions will be raised as to who will be held to account, who deserves benefit that has gone unacknowledged, and who should bear the brunt of past failures. Floating on the heated surface of this boiling ocean of roiling emotion; are these fundamental issues: either ready for transformation, or implosion. Regardless of the outcome, those are the circumstances we will face, and choices we will collectively have to confront.

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