May 142012

Live Comedy – The Stevie Zone: Coming to my web site this week!

OK, OK! When it comes to getting techie tasks done, my pace becomes a slow chew like a snail, rather than the mega-bites gorging across the net. Hardly, in alignment with the kind of lightning turnaround everyone demands, or at least expects, in this day and age. But, this medium, (if you’ll pardon the pun) is supposed to be of service to us, not me to it!

So when it comes to publishing the video of my 1-hour stand-up comedy showperformed at 7 Oaks Michael Gathering in April 2012, it is no exception. Some folks have been yammering to watch it and I want to share it! But my learning curve for video editing reminds me of the reasons why I would rather hire a technologist, instead of being one! What a capitol idea! If I just had the capital? Oy!

At this point, I hope to get them chunked into about 15 segments that make watching the over 2.5gb file a bit easier to download in smaller pieces. Though the new portable camera I got did record, the video was somewhat blurry and the sound only passable. Oh joy, just one more thing to fix! You will get to see and hear me alright, but it isn’t a George Lucas production.

I’ll be sending around the link to the videos within the next week or so. I wish you all as much fun watching it as I had performing it in the first place.

As Mitt Romney, The King, might say…“Thank you! Thank you very much.” If you watch the video, this joke will become all the more clear to you.


By the way…The first privately printed version of the Michael Tarot Divination Cards™ will be shipping in mid-August, 2012. Advanced orders will be accepted soon. See below.

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Until then,


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