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Intentionally Building the Mature Soul Paradigm on 11-11-11 @ 11:11 am


Hold the intention on 11-11-11 @ 11:11 am - From Stephen Cocconi and the Michael TeachingIn case it hasn’t dawned on you or if it had it wasn’t of high priority, tomorrow Friday, is 11-11-11.

Beset with ideas of the end of the Mayan Calendar in December, 2012, the numerological significance of auspicious dates falling near that time is difficult to ignore.

However, 11-11-11 will open a Nexus point (an worm hole which alter probability and destinies). But unlike most of the previously Nexus which took place during the history of humanity; this one will be initiated not by the TAO, but by human beings! It will activate a “thought stream” of concentrated intentionality aiming directly upon dense fear locking the status quo in place; the way that an ice pick splits a block of ice. Divide and conquer is Young Soul way of saying it, instead hold the metaphor of a more Mature Soul conceptual format, “taking it one piece at a time.”

The point of the ice pick is the focused intention: LOVE WILL PREVAIL. The block of ice is the frozen, cold, hardened and seemingly impregnable concentration of thought forms which comprise the Young Soul Paradigm. Melting occurs more quickly when you can begin dissolving smaller pieces.

Tomorrow at 11-11-11 @ 11:11 am.

if you remember nothing else,

recite the mantra:



No matter where you are, taking just 11 seconds to hold in your mind and let roll off your lips the words” “Love Will Prevail” declares your part in the bidirectional thought stream that is reshaping collective consciousness.

How to Use the Energy as part of the Planetary Contribution to Personal Recalibration:
  1. Hold in your mind and/or say aloud the phrase: “Love Will Prevail!”.
  2. Next phrase, “Love Will Prevail – upon me.”
  3. Next, “My Will is Love Prevailing”.
  4. My well being is in Harmony with the well being of the race and the Earth itself.
  5. Now add these 3 personal intentions to your request.[1]
  • “May I be directed to use my most beloved talents in the best possible way.”
  • “Attract unto me all the necessary people, resources, and opportunities that I might best be of service to all concerned.”
  • “Whatever I encounter reset my emotional bravery, spiritual vibration, intellectual brilliance, and physical vitality and focus these to the maximum levels possible for optimal performance of my part in transformation.”

Send it all off with the loving sound of HOME…, HOME…, HOME…!

The conduit will be forming between 11:11 am and 11:11 pm Friday. No matter when you plug-in during that period, your energy will bolster the channel. Say “LOVE WILL PREVAIL” anytime and as often as you can think to declare it. And, if you extend this practice for the next 11 days, the next 11 weeks and it into the next 11 months, if you were to notice no other effects, the shift in your perspective and emotional buoyancy will be profound. What and who you attract into your life will align more closely with Love and the Power of Intention. During the extended period, add your specific personal requests into the thought conduit. But help build the conduit and your connection to it FIRST, and then add the content of what you want into that conduit.[2]

The new motto is: Selflessness serves the Self!
a contradiction for the Young Soul mind,
but a profound truth for the Mature Soul mind.

It is no accident that Europe’s Remembrance Day and America’s Veteran’s Day have traditionally been commemorated on this date and will once again coincide with this event. You are all veterans and survivors of the wars waged between love and fear, hate and compassion, bravery and cowardice. Remembering that truth does not disempower it honors what has been, and recalls the sacred, the profound, and opens the door for healing wounds left festering and unresolved through sublime forgiveness.

Send this to your friends! The more people who affirm the intention “Love Will Prevail!”, the greater the strength and endurance it will have in affecting and dissolving anything that is not like itself. Besides, sharing this is always wonderful and affirms bonds with love.

KISS: Keep in Sincere Spirit: “LOVE WILL PREVAIL!”

Carpe Deus Vis Viva = Seize God’s Living Force

[1]  More than 3 concentrated intentions will muddy your request with Ego driven, Young Soul materialistic greed that resembles a child asking Santa Claus for goodies.

[2] Open the door beyond the limits of your own expectations. Learning faith happens in a spirit of allowing the Universe to do its job and then trust that you are being directed to do yours.  Tough for some folks!


Stephen Cocconi © 2011-2012

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