Nov 162011
From the November 15th Newsletter

Spiritual pronouncements and metaphysical interpretations can vary as much as flowers or as bugs. Case in point, the analogy I just used. It was a choice on my part (and for all of us) how to frame a set of circumstances and then form a perspective about them.

On 11-11-11, myself and many of my channeling/psychic colleagues have foretold of great enlightenment, transcendence, and perhaps deliverance from fear and the transformation of humans and the Earth. Each person, connected to their own conduit to Source, and endowed with the unique qualities of their ability to speak or write, have given many variations of what and how things will occur. As I’ve spoken to the Michael’s Consortium about the ones I have read, and this is what they had to say to me.

“Years ago Stephen, we informed you that the Physical Plane is ‘for Spiritual Beings, on a Human Path’ not the other way around. This place is a deliberate destination designed specifically with the qualities present and for the purpose of being human, in a body. Well intended desire to ameliorate needless suffering is not the same as the pretentious and simplistic attempt to eliminate pain. In addition to it being one of the fundamental dualities that are built into the structure of this Plane, it serves as a potent and effective means of learning but also of setting appropriate limits. For example, if a person were to place their hand into a hot fire for the purpose of placing a log, the pain reminds them to be careful and when to withdraw it. Otherwise, a severe burn might render your hand inoperable. Pain can be a warning device. It is the interpretation of pain that reflects one’s emotional maturity (or lack thereof) about pain and its usefulness. Without the contrast of pain, there can be no appreciation of pleasure. One is the counterbalance to the other”

“Love, therefore, does know pain. For it deepens the understanding of what it is and what it is not. On other Planes of existence, the exploration of love has various counterweights; including sadness on the Astral Plane and absence on the Casual Plane. The absolute notion of perfection that is held by many is usually a reflection of the denial of or wish to escape pain; rather than actually perceiving the fullness of life pain can offer. Ironically and paradoxically, the more one tries to avoid pain, the more one suffers”

“More than any other time, when we speak to you of this Nexus; the message is not to affirm or deny pain for it needs neither…it just is! On the contrary, it is to find the sweet understanding which the teachings of pain can bring and bless them as much as you bless pleasure. Transcending resistance to life allows one to be in Essence, and by extension present. Any strategy to pretend, avoid, deny, outwit, or transfer pain, locks pain into the orbit of your being: like a moon orbiting the planet of you. That moon is not evil, nor bad, it merely reflects. And neither are the EGO and its Chief Features which struggles valiantly to help the poor, fearful, animal self from fearing death. That is Ego’s job, stop blaming if for doing so!”

“Letting ‘love prevail upon you’ is to remember and know that when anything is accepted then your judgments about it can dissolve. Whatever is left after the judgments are gone is the grist for the mill you are meant to work with. Or using another metaphor, what remains are the true road signs of YOUR life. The task ahead is not to eliminate, nor transcend, nor rid oneself of the Ego or ignore its judgments, but to take the wheel of life back from Ego and have your-SELF start driving. Self and the Ego switch places. You become the pilot and let Ego be the passenger and the co-pilot. It is just trying to read the map! Give it a break! And yourself too. Because sometimes there is no map for terrain never encountered before. And that doesn’t translate into you were bad for mistakenly taking a wrong turn. It means you are going toward a new horizon. Anyway, there is no map for ground you are about to create. So tell the Ego to help you navigate the journey and to keep a watch for things you can’t immediately see while you are driving. As we also mentioned sometime back, ‘make your Ego your amigo!’ “

“Find again what you always did naturally, or what you have always loved about life, or those qualities that brought you joy; and seek them out anew! Remember one antidote for ending suffering (which is the repetitive rejection or replay of pain) is to find the humor in it. And from the standpoint of Essence, there is much to be amused about.”

“Lastly, the third affirmation, “my will is love prevailing” is the act of choosing to find the humor in anything, even pain. BUT, do not confuse humor with sarcasm or ridicule of yourself…that is the negative pole of Cynicism and Self Deprecation at work. Invoke your will and realize that your inner child’s is merely attempting to run from a Bogey Man. Doing so can envelope one in a compassionate lightness of appreciation. From that space, you realize how everyone is doing the best they can and sometimes their strategies are hilarious. When you work your Will on this intention, you drop out of mind and into heart. Love is the balm that heals all wounds.”

After hearing (and then writing) all this, it seemed to me that there is a three-fold quality of the message: even if it were only meant for me. 1) I have to let in more love wherever it comes from. 2) I may choose, or not, to default to compassion, as a dear cousin of mine says it; and see other’s pain as well as my own. 3) To keep a sense of humor while being very clear it is not the same thing as belittlement.

So that’s what I’ going for. And in the Spirit of that intention, just a reminder: “what a long strange trip it’ been.” Keep on Truckin’.


Love Will Prevail!

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