Dec 132011
Message from the Mental Plane…
“Nothing is wasted for the TAO. Much, however, of what is experienced by human personalities can be classified as folly and waste. Faith is the only comfort that a personality can take when facing the reality of limitation. Yet, the mistake that often occurs is to believe that in such conditions one must abdicate will or creativity and give over to hopelessness. More is available to anyone who moves beyond such fears. Their is amazing liberation in complete letting go. Rendering from infinite possibility what would be classified as miracles.”
Upon receiving this information my thoughts turn to hope for our progress. The worlds we create individually and collectively may vary, but the overall direction continues forward and toward expansion of consciousness. The lessons we learn may come at some cost, but they will be inculcated and advancement of our journey will result.

Let me also thank whomever sent me a copy of the highly acclaimed book: “Diet for a Small Planet.” It represents an almanac, warning, and sustainable solutions which, if we choose, can lessen the severity of our transitions, and remind us of living in harmony with rather than master over Nature.

by Stephen Cocconi © 2011-2012

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