Dec 182014

Role: ScholarWelocme 2015 with an Evening with Michael

Cast: King
Goal: Dominance
Attitude: Skeptic
Chief Feature: Stubbornness slide to Greed (personal excess, indulgence, overdoing it
Mode: Observation – Caution thru April – Then late August slide to Aggression
Centering: Intellectual – (Instinctive Part)
Body Type: Saturnine
Frequency: 48
Male-Female Energy Ratio: 18-82

Scope – Ordinal, Microcosmic, Compact, Precise, Ordinary, Exact

Techno Realm – Mathematical precision – cold, emotionless execution produces the mechanical algorithms of the universe.

Directions – Forward and Outward

Key Words of 2015: Microcosmic, expertise, theory (proof or disproof), machine measures and standards, Improve and complete.

Key Ideas and Themes

  • Germination is now – Rebirth is 2016 – Artisan year!
  • Mature Soul Orientation – paradigm shift happens first through the negative poles.
  • Senses to Pay Attention to: Visual (Intellectual Center) but most importantly – SMELL! (Instinctive Center) – Your nose can tell you things you might not otherwise see.
  • Be Mindful of your Mind – Find a way to suspend erratic thought and learn to concentrate on thoughts that deepen your focus.
  • Millennial Generation begins its ascent into power. – Instead of them seeking a balanced life (offset contrasting objectives); their motto is to have an integrated life. Try contrasting the two ideas and notice what differences each brings to mind.
  • Where do you live from “automatic”? No awareness, no presence – checked out? Find these and you will reclaim much power over your choices.
  • Action is based on mental concentration rather than physical exertion. The effort is relaxing into mindfulness and dropping resistance. Stimulation junkies will have a difficult time disengaging from all the various electronic engagement and distraction technologies i.e. Cell phone, texting, IPad’s, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Beginning NEW projects will seem difficult on EVERY front. It is much better to focus on the refinement and completion of those undertakings that have gone unfinished and still sit on the back burner – from finishing those that are deeply personal like planning for death or mundane tasks like cleaning out the attic or closet or storage shed. You may not like what you find or the condition something has been left in, but acknowledge it, get rid of that which is done, and move on. You already got the learning; you just forgot to get it out of your energy field.


Get Neutral about what your mind reveals to you.Where to begin? Hmm, oh, that’s right – nowhere. This is not really a year about beginnings; it is more about deepening involvement for fortification of what is already in place. Or, for completion of projects or processes that have been long in the works. The thematic qualities of this year are: quality, understanding, excellence – QUE!

Following a double Exalted Year of Priest/Sage cast, which had at its center a battle between moral foundations of differing Soul Ages; on the scale most important to our readers, Mature and Old soul values were set back in those contests. What happened was overall exhaustion, and subsequent collapse of participation in traditional arenas of power and saw the emphasis on trends like: a poor American election turn out – ISIS rise of control and the increased militarization of the Middle East, corporate enterprises’ success manipulating mass-media to sour citizens on civil authority continuing to erode public confidence in its credibility – and of course, the rise police activism against minorities, especially, Blacks. The best use of your energy during the period of 2015 is to regroup, recharge, and realign yourself with those tasks, habits, people or causes which support your values, and in-turn support them with money and time! Strip away what is unnecessary and find your “core values” and core strengths. Remember, these are the talents, attributes or qualities that have lain hidden within you, or you have been hiding from them because somehow they scare you.

Scholar - King Cast Year of 2015 Overview from Michael's ConsortiumThis Scholar/King Cast year presents you with the favored opportunity to factually assess your strengths, and assert your excellence – confidently. Seek to become, and then hold yourself as a: subject matter expert (SME) – in your field of study, work, or as the master of your own life. Honest factual assessment, in contrast to truthful pronouncement: must be exempt from interpretive evaluation and personalization that so-called truth is laden with, but replete with the empirical accuracy that a +[1]Scholar, and + Skeptic, and the +Intellectual Center would require. +Observing measurable quantities, citations of proven axioms like (1+1=2), and reference to verifiable historic events, is the foundation of factual assessment: and NOT your opinion of them! Use facts: not aspiration, not ideals, not speculation, not theory, to finish chipping away at the rough block of stone that has been your unfinished Self. Emerge as the masterpiece hidden inside the raw material which had, as yet, not been revealed to the world (Forward and Outward.) However, know that Scholar in a King Cast inflated by Dominance in the negative poles can come off as a pompous and intimidating know-it-all.

[1] The + (plus sign) indicates the “positive or Illuminated pole” of the Overleaf characteristic. The – (minus sign) indicates the “negative or Shadow pole.”

Revealed is the key word: stripped away the excess, going from the disorganized mass of un-integrated cells still in a cocoon: to an emergent butterfly, or moth, or spider or fire ant, or termite, or whatever model person your Essence designed you to be; and not the fantasy of what you should be. Say yes to you! Remove what is not needed, essential, or is already part of the original design, intended to be activated, or perhaps reactivated.  You don’t have to “create” anything (Artisan 2016). The only “work” that is required of you is to learn the art of resistance release (aka Flow – Assimilation). Allow that which has been part of the cocoon keeping you hidden, safe, and unconscious; to slough off. In other words, physical effort is not as favorable as using ones concentrated and concerted Will (Intellect + Stubbornness) to drop away falsehood and expose one’s authentic Self: compact, solid, and confident; and emerging from the immature pupa state of “maybe” into the adult state of “definitely.” (inculcation)

Scholar Energy– Science and scientists will be like rock stars!  The Geeks shall inherit the Earth…for some time anyway – and they shall have revenge of the Nerds. Theoretical exploration will abound in every known subject. So to however will be the philosophical commentary about what humans as a species are doing with your knowledge. Hacking will expose much that has been hidden in corporate, military, and historical archives. The Net Neutrality issue will be at the Center of the Scholar year.

Assimilation Year = Zen qualities – Assimilation is also about neutrality and flow.

Zen-neutrality-insanityThe harder you push the more you will build resistance. The right use of will (+Stubbornness) is through the Intellectual Center, only! In other word, you must employ your mind to remind yourself that emotions that rise to the surface are being released and not to counter them with effort, to either stifle or hide them. Reduce, release, and let emotions flow until you have emptied them. Developing your mind to disengage and allow, engenders a higher order Observational neutral stance called “metaness.” There, one can both experience and witness events, while simultaneously allowing your own process to happen without intervention; which means without interference either.  Use the intellect – not to override emotion – but to categorize the situations from which it arose, and then implement strategies that are compatible with your values. Direct yourself toward mastery and excellence. Continue to develop your knowledge and confidence in becoming an expert in your field – i.e. +Dominance. Employ the Assimilative strategy of relaxation to open yourself as if passing waste matter from your body – excrete out those mental habits and experiences that have been digested, but replayed automatically. Scholars, take a long time to recognize that some of the energy they are absorbing are actually emotions, originating from the situation and persons in it, not just the ideas. In a year of such “dry” assessment, they are liable to simply vilify emotions as bad or wrong, while at the same time failing to grasp the reasons they are present in the first place. This blindness will tend to extend to their own distortion of logic: or what we call emogic, that is warping their own viewpoints as well. If you over-think the process with old thoughts and emotions, instead of just letting some things go, it is possible to congest the system and have that sluggish stubborn feeling of constipation. Clear the pipes!

Assimilation Axis = Body Processes like, Digestion, Elimination, Excretion and Disease

Pay attention to all that goes on inside you.Awareness of your body, particularly your constitutional health and function, is favored.  Baby Boomers will be getting new or necessary technological supports for their bodies like: hearing aids, glasses or eye surgery, joint replacements, organ transplants; and in many cases – cosmetic surgery. Such augmentations or repairs, signal in a mundane and unnoticed sort of way, the rise of the Cyborgs (machine augmented human body). On the downside of these types of technology: like wireless heart monitors or blood pressure sensors, is the increase of wireless tracking. (-Observation. i.e. surveillance)

  • Disease awareness has raised the specter of the possibility of humans “reacting badly” to their presence – like the actions of many Africans tearing down aid stations and stealing infected materials. Don’t forget or dismiss the American public’s hysteria in response to the Ebola cases in this country. Strains of antibiotic resistant “super bugs” like that of Mersa and Staph and viruses that have been brought out of the “jungles” like the Ebola outbreak in 2014, continue to make inroads into population centers. In addition, as bodies get less nutrition but with more intake of sugar laden foods– as in the Western cultures; there are immune systems failures and both weight and auto immune diseases become prevalent. Infant mortality continues to rise, even in countries like: the US, India, and Russia, where pre- and post- natal technology is available and should be alleviating such problems. Though the overall human birth rate increases, Earth itself is trying to shake off its most destructive parasite: humans.

King Cast: Mastery and Excellence – Become an envoy for making peace or a beachhead against false statements. Learn Metaness (neutrality, centeredness and focused Observation of others in the presence of intense emotion). Declare your rights to stand for your principles and assert them. Warning: this may not be popular with those people “who know you” and have a sense of familiarity and predictability with your passive identity.

Dominance – become a Subject Matter Expert – Establish your niche or work up the food chain in the once that you are already a part of. Beware of those doing the same since a contest is liable to ensue.

  • Hiding behind titles: The downside of being a in a Dominance year, has to do with the substitution of titles for personal accountability. When someone is venerated with honorifics, or given badges of superior status or authority i.e. Senator, CEO, General etc.; a person may increasingly get exempted from culpability, by others in authority. Such is the case with the recent polices shootings and also with the release of the report about CIA Torture.
  • Some feeling Dominance energy will slide over to subservience. They are a Self resigned to subjugation. Yet they believing that it will gain them favor somehow. Traditionalist types in every culture will flock to conservative and retrenched beliefs as a way of staying safe. Many Baby Souls, some who were recently open to change, will flock backward to fundamentalism, compliance to authority, and perception that others of their own ilk, make easier targets to blame, rather than looking to the top of the authority chain as the oppressors of their fears. This will happen in Russian and the US culture’s particularly.
  • Dominance hierarchies are the structural language with speaks to the issue of inequality. Written reports (Scholar) already abundant outlining the vast disparity between citizens, and internationally between countries; continue to flood the intellectual market place, with the same effect as turning up heat under a pressure cooker. Causes and solutions will be made so obvious and so clear, that the upper classes will have nothing left to do but stop pretending and buy private security forces to defend them against citizen revolts.
  • The Narrative about the “Self Made Man” will be attacked and defended. Stories about individual prowess, (earning a place in whatever hierarchy but particularly in business or celebrity) will come rightfully under attack as the “behind the scenes” advantages and tactics are “outed”. Claiming some superior stance – religious, physical, national, intellectual, are in for a rude awakening as people chisel at their glamour shots with the fine tooth comb of facts.

 The Techno Realm

  • Downside of Technology – Negative pole of the Techno realm – Rise of the machine mentality and the expectation put upon the worker to live up to that robotics level of output. Many workers will be subject to tightened performance matrix in their jobs. Yet, NO CEO will ever have to live up to the same type of stringent rules workers will be expected to!
  • Labor is increasingly displaced by technology or is dominated by it. Extremely repetitive tasks and specialization reducing the skills Borg_2needed in a job, reduces a person to a cog in the process and affords managers greedily seeking “efficiency” to devalue individual workers as “easily replicable” and subsequently, claim that those minimal skill sets rate lower wages and benefits. It is a cycle of devaluation and dehumanization that will only get worse with technological advancement into robotics and automation.
  • Rise and encouragement of Machine Thinking – Companies and agencies adopting so-called “efficiency methods” have adopted automation to decrease human interaction and delaying gratification of need such that people leave the experience more frustrated and eventually stop trying. This massive social engineering show itself in many sectors but the most important one is the Health Care System. Having to suffer phone trees, use online forms, substitute speaking to a person with a “chat bot” and directed to “self-help files” saves much $$ for the owners of these services, while costing the “user” (no longer customer – let alone citizen) their time waiting on hold or having to follow trivial directions from one web page to another. Greater prompting to “use to web site” means fewer employees are needed to handle customers. Fragmenting the relationship and availability of people-to-people contact even further; thus increasing resentment, alienation, and isolation. And, cleverly diffusing criticism by offering “premium support”. An idea for many which accompanies the fowl smell of greed, as you are being asked to pay more for the product you have just paid for.
  • Everyone is visible and can be tracked. Video cameras mounted everywhere, GPS use, transaction tracking via credit or debit card use, and key word monitoring of phone calls by NSA – all add up to Big Brother; but to a precision that George Orwell could not have imagined.

The Human-Machine Analogy: the fixed and variable functions

  1. Hardware – Essences chooses the gene pool and accepts the DNA found in that family, race, and geographic circumstances for manufacturing the body. (fixed)
  2. Operating System – Embedded Overleaves activate native temperament. Orientation of expression is determined by early parental bonding and initial cultural imprinting: primarily language and custom – prompting World View (Soul Age) to emerge and interpret the situation in which they are immersed. (In other words, the Soul Age expression of family of society. (baseline neural matrix – mostly fixed)
  3. Programs – How you think: Patterns and Context built from the result of experience and the formation of opinions and perceived “correct” or “right” and to somehow achieve a desired reinforcement or reward. One’s mood (up or down) is generally an outgrowth of having one of these programs running at a given time. These are thought contexts and patterns of evaluation discerned from one’s: education, social class, physical prowess and opportunity. How one interpreted the emotional charge of events will also skew one’s analytical process. (These fairly variable to change. The more in line your programs are with your principles and your Overleaves, the less variable they are to change).
  4. Content or Data – What you think about. The events, stimulus or content you evaluate as choices. Data is run through your programmed habits, contexts, (beliefs) biases, and preferences, and continually reshapes your mental processes by calculation and comparison of data. When a person is stuck in a mental habit all variable from moment to moment – a change of mood will shift attention to different ideas sets, or alter the way one evaluates the same information. A change of perspective does not alter the data input, but it can alter the conclusion or output.)
  • Understanding your construction from this point of view can help you sort what aspects of your Personality are fixed within you and deserve either acceptance or exploration; but also which ones you can change and those you might develop.

Be Skeptical of anything that cannot be factually proven to yoyuSkeptic – It will serve you to put your assumptions, and sometimes people, to the test. The +Skeptic’s version of trust is base solely on factual evidence: reliable, verifiable, and replicable. First and seventh chakras are open for review, update and crystallization.  Ask questions!  Combine elements of all the Overleaves and “interview” others. As for communication styles, employ the Interrogator questioning others rigorously on their thoughts; emotionally however, employ the Relator, empathizing that you too have dilemmas you face. When you are caught up in fear, notice you are liable to employ (and in some cases – justified) the Aloof/Reserved: i.e. “poker faced neutral” don’t react outright to what another has done. Mass Media will invite you to be suspicious of people’s motives. Yet, it will also inundate you with alleged “evidence” of the deservedness, honor, and reliability of those people with power; those who own the media interests transmitting their skewed messages. (-Skeptic, -Dominance, -Observation = spectator.) Aiming at those speak out  against them, groups like Fox News and the NRA, will lead the charge in vilifying any and all who challenge their position…especially if that person or agency presents a sound or factual argument. They will use (-Scholar = Ideology) counter facts with hyperbole asserting ideological loyalties, and personal attacks to counter the clamor. It will get loud and raucous, even more than it has been.

Stubbornness – will try to make you not move – fight it!  Slide to Arrogance and ramp up on your sense of pride, especially as it pertains to your appearance and feelings of well being. As the directions for this indicate – forward and outward.

  • Saboteur Sub Personality is Stubbornness acting out of fear of loss due to change. “Hell no, I won’t go” then “throw’s a shoe in the works” and will try to you’re your formation of increased confidence and assertiveness toward the goal of Dominance. This Sub believes itself to be in control, only if things stay the same.
  • Self Destruct Sub Personality: Be careful that you DO NOT condemn too readily what you uncover within your historical archives: about yourself or the world. You may find that the sentence issued for previous failures is death! In practical terms, we are speaking of that aspect that destroys in order to punish. This can look like you fighting battles (inside projected out). But in the extreme, actually appear as suicide induced from being cornered from your past. Be accountable not volatile.

Greed: Immediacy and instant gratification are expressions of the down side of experiencing “present time”. I need it now! That is what the mind does with that kind of addictive conditioning. It throws off the ability to delay reinforcement and plan for the future. This mindset will be up for evaluation during the Spring and Summer of 2014. Look to where you can confront your “monkey mind” ever yammering inside your head. Most of the time, it will be simply running a program designed to get you calmed down by anesthetizing any fear of lack running down in your Instinctive Center. As we have said in several places in this article: practicing mindfulness, reviewing assumptions you accept automatically, and doing a scholarly analysis of what you actually have – and what you supposedly need; will free up much energy and assist the excavation of character you’ve buried deep below your consciousness. But it takes time! You are not broken, you do not need a “new one.”

observationObservation slides to Caution (Now until May)- Stop, look and listen – gather information – find ways to validate or refute it (Skeptic).  In August it slides to Aggression. This Mode suggests three primary energy’s: the Witness Sub Personality, the Data Gathering, and Accurate Measurement. With the Skeptic and Intellectual Center also in the mix, this is a really good year for research and planning.Govenrment and corporate surveilance - watching-you-UncleSam

  1. Surveillance state to a new level. Increased use of Smart Phone Apps will lead to you being tracked and profiled.
  2. Corporate data collection is on the rise and so is hacking. Even if your identity is not stolen, it is being put through algorithms that define it for their purposes.
  3. The Virtual Reality is the place where much will transpire. World is abuzz! Groups like Anonymous, hackers and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. Cyber espionage and extortion from China, India, and Russia will be particularly active during 2015.
  4. There is a new Narcissism that may arise from this energy. People are fascinated with their own image. (-Observation) Viewing their own likeness nurtures a perception of importance, but also that one is “living”. The fascination/obsession with the selfie and home made videos is not new. However it belies a fear of being unnoticed or worse, seen for who you might actually be. This era we coin the notion of an evolution of YouTube to MeTube.

Corporations and the Assimilative Axis: The Animal Dominance Model vs. the Conscious Awareness Model. The Corporation is nothing more than an organizational structure (Scholar). It is legal framework (King) where many people may invest in an enterprise without the direct culpability of managers or shareholders if that business entity fails in the marketplace. As a structure, they, or something like them but by another name, would have inevitably arisen in human society, since their formation is geared to handle large numbers of transactions, quantities, and customers. Most modern large corporations are built upon the Animal Dominance – Law of the Jungle – Competitive Model. At first, they may improve a business ecosystem, but when they become as large, vertically integrated, and immune to oversight and regulation – they are predatory. When that happens they may even become parasitic upon a society: dictating to the masses instead of responding to consumer demand. They spread their financial reaching into parallel activities, and seek to weaken or eliminate any governance or competition. At some point they collude with a few competitors to control it all. Viewed through the mindset of this Model, people are commodities to be bought and sold, managed and utilized (customer experience), cajoled, bribed, and programmed to maintain customer loyalty (or your subordination to their product.) Isn’t it ironic when you hear business marketers, hail as mark of success, that you have been Branded. Make no mistake; financial corporations like those on Wall St. (listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren excoriate Citibank and “The Wall Street Giveaway”) have effectively purchased your representatives at all levels of governance. Only the granular action of individual involvement – (+Dominance & +Observation & +Ordinal) can take rein in monolithic structures and harness them under citizen oversight. (Read about a

Yet there are other corporate enterprises, formed under what we are calling the Conscious Awareness Model, which tilts its’ orientation toward the emerging Mature Soul Paradigm. In such an organization these would be organized under democratic and social oriented principles, where the shareholders and the stakeholders (employees, public, and consumers) are an integrated group. A couple of examples are Alvarado Street Bread and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream; still privately owned – just horizontally structured for mutual benefit instead of serving the interests of a few. (Speaking of Ben and Jerry see their social consciousness in action to begin a movement to Amend the Constitution to Overturn Citizen’s United and institute political election reform.)

The mindset beneath Conscious Business Model views its social responsibility to contribute to whatever nation state it is a part of, and more recently – to the health of the Earth itself. Under the Dominance Model, its focus is primarily on gaining wealth for a few shareholders and managers, viewing the Earth, customers, employees, and society itself as breasts for it to feed upon. The difference in approach has to do with these underlying principles. Under the Animal Dominance mindset, thoughts are not focused on the greater consequences or benefit to the whole; they are based in an animal cunning: conniving, calculating, and predatory. That hunter-orientation seeks trophies; and in doing so, values strategic cleverness in like: subterfuge, deception, and exaggeration. While the Conscious Awareness Model does not eschew nor exclude these motives (for on occasion they could be useful); they recognize them as part of the economic playground, but not the only mechanism to achieve survival. These organizations understand that the whole of society must be considered and not just the needs of the few. They hold money and market power as tool to be managed and improve the lives of many. Whereas the Animal mindset seeks to dominate its territory until it is deposed; yet it is proactive and ruthless to prevent that happening. Money and wealth accumulation are the territorial imperatives they seek. (More on this subject will be explored during 2015 on and presented in the upcoming book: On Motivation: An exploration of Motives and Emotions through use of the Michael Motivation Cards™.) Stay tuned!

Energy Exchange on the Assimilative Axis – Money as God – Money itself is a neutral medium of exchange. It is a tool which unifies and makes Money as God - How we have learned to believe it is everythingequivalent those things which are not. This is what we might call a singularity of purpose which would reside on the Assimilative Axis. Since its use essentially controls all other material resources, it essentially “slides” to impose itself over the elements of other three Axes. Money and Expression = freedom or limitation of speech. Money and Action = freedom of movement and opportunity. Money and Inspiration = (who deserves) freedom from fear.) Yet, it is what people do with money that has made the subject so contentious. The physical wealth and resources it can acquire (and deny others) can and does enable one to fantasize about being superior and carry out exercises of control and power.(-Dominance-Dictatorship). For the most part, it can and does turn people into demigods.  Money has acquired the same status of worship as any deity but more over, enables immediate manifestation as if it were the “Almighty” instead of just the “almighty dollar”. We have said before that the TAO essentially emanates directly through the Assimilative Axis: God in other words. Money is the abstraction, causes one to grant permission to glom onto the qualities of any other Axis, as mentioned above. Money in itself is just paper and ink; or in the case of coins, metal. Yet, it is psychological agreement of the masses, that gives it any credibility. In other words, it is a Maya you all give weight to because you swap an illusion “in full faith and credit” for tangible goods and peoples’ time and service.  It is worshipped – people pray for it, lust after it, feel graced when they receive it; and damned when they lose it or are short of it. When something is worshipped people wholesale give their power over to, and thus can be enslaved by, it. Under the Young Soul Paradigm, which is still largely governed by Animal/Dominance instinctual drives; people are trained to love the “things” money can buy, and use other people as a means of that acquisition.  On that note, currency markets and fluctuations will display the great variability and speculative nature of money itself. The only things that will actually be altered are people’s expectations and fears. For the savvy better, this could be the marketplace to gamble making your fortunes on. (Greed slide for the first 5 months of 2015.)

Many people have endowed money with another so-called virtue: freedom. In actuality, money brings on a level of security one believes they can manage; that is all! Security – they interpret – means freedom from fear. That is not freedom that is control! In fact, it plays upon the mind to have to “protect what you have” and in some ways making you less free and more fearful. It is a simple enough for large world shaping powers (companies, governments or wealthy citizens) to convince you that the “choices” you make are actually free ones. But in modern day realities, your tangible options have long since been shaped by the degree to which persons can participate in an economic system, rather than be subjugated by it. The freedom most people are subconsciously arguing for, and seek, is what Plato called “license to act.” And generally, that license is a “get out of jail free card” of exemption from consequences of ones actions. Both originate in the Dominance Model. The significance of these distinctions, employing them in your assessments this year, are to grasp where you hold onto dogmatic beliefs about the structure of “the world” and notice how they limit, confine, terrify, or liberate “your world.” Doing so will make the Skeptic very happy, but it may make your head hurt as you delve into some Intellectual and Scholarly investigation. This process will be slowed or feel haphazard with internal machinations greatly steeped toward Feminine energy.

High Feminine Energy suggests a difficulty having linear or focused activities. One will have to pay close attention to natural ebbs and flows in body rhythms as part of gaining more self-knowledge and using it to “optimize” your effectiveness for the years that follow. In social expressions of Feminine energy, the profile of many women will rise as the concerns and accusations over sexism surge and fear of the female body polarize. Allegations against Bill Cosby and more critical scrutiny of domestic violence of wives of professional athletes’ raise the visibility of women’s issues in the popular media. Abortion rights will be the most single galvanizing political issue for women in the US. Expect to hear more activism about the proliferating female slave trade and note the “Mother instinct” clamoring against child labor appearing in headlines around the world. A new Feminism is emerging and with it a new backlash from men who perceive themselves as victims of “women getting the upper hand.” Yet, some older soul men will be pushed to comprehend and gain more appreciation for “getting in touch with their feminine side”. As a political and cultural force, there will be a clamor more women candidates to take center stage: like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in the US. Yet expect to see Kate Middleton step out from being more than a Princess Mom, and begin to comment in social affairs. And men, really pay attention when you verbalize “women do this” or “isn’t that just like a woman too…”. You might want to take a breath and realize, that a person acting from their feminine side, which is not so much emotional, but emotionally honest and expressing them, can do the same thing! Many guys hide their emoting, by choosing the convenient Masculine rationalization and insist they are “being rational.” (-Intellectual) Arguments shoved under that strategy will smell of bull shit (take a sniff). Catch it and call it! Facts, facts!

The Ordinal approach offers two major and divergent ways of coping with the presence of increased scrutiny upon you. On the fear side, the strategy is invisibility and in the side of self determination: compactness. Shedding is a feature of Assimilation that dissolves away that which is no longer beneficial. In an attempt to hide that which you perceived as indispensable to your identity; the instinctive response of fitting into your surroundings by camouflage becomes a go-to defense against being seen. This “It is best to be one of the herd” contraction and urgency for invisibility from the predatory stemming from the intimidating energies of -Dominance, may work for a short while – but will completely rob you of the opportunities to concentrate on your own emergent capacities for being. And paraphrasing a popular slogan to – “be who you were meant to be.”

Intellectual Center – Along with the Scholar – GAIN FACTS and CHALLENGE the FACTS of others. Let truth emerge from resulting consequences and directions those interpretation imply. Skeptics will otherwise tear arguments apart. Beware of the tendency to use, and to be subjected to, ad-hominem arguments; where someone attacks your character personally, or you do the same to them. Stick with the facts and short circuit such energy. Engaging raw emotion will the facts of your statements and cause communication barriers to arise; and impasse to be heightened. Remember: drop resistance! That means battle the tendency of -Stubbornness to be obstinate. Take a breath and ask the question: “tell me more.” It might not be easy, but it will be valuable.

Intelligence-Instincts Intellectual-Instinctive: Take a look at your habits and conditioning. When a person believes something that is measurable vis-a-vie events or statistics, like the number of black people killed by police; and whites don’t recognize a problem, it is because their conditioned response is to believe that black people are already criminals and violent and so killing them is their fault, or even more so they somehow brought it on themselves.

  • Increased Understanding of the Animal motivations of Human beings – Science proclaims people are rational in their actions – and if they do not appear so, they must be mentally ill somehow, because they are irrational. Religions claim people are moral in their acts, and if not they are at least misguided, and in the extreme evil in the sight of God. Both perspectives have serious limitations but each offers part of the puzzle of human nature. Yet, as introduced by the 4-Part Machine Analogy above, it is important to realize that as a Spirit, you incarnated into life agreeing to be bound by the fixed limitations of your biology. Not in appearance mind you; because exercise, make-up, wardrobe, and surgery can alter that. Even so far as to change sexual identity and expression in the case of sex reassignment surgery. Yet, all of these are adjustments of plumage and mating behavior that was wired into them at time of birth. Within that wiring, your Overleaves exert some unique primal influence which reveals as temperament. Discovering how you are wired from birth, gaining access to it, reviewing it and noticing where you have distorted it will be extremely helpful in allowing that pupa to reform within you, and emerge anew in 2016.
  • A new look at “ism’s”, again. – Conservatism, liberalism, sexism, racism, Exceptionalism, environmentalism, radicalism, are terms bearing Taking a look at your "ism's" - those you believe and those you rejectthe suffix “ism” which means to immerse: like baptism. But the above examples are those that people have been immersed psychologically and emotionally into as belief systems. In the –Scholar, theory is a series of beliefs that have created a worldview. It also implies that it is adopted (i.e. assimilated and inculcated into what we have called a state of “unconscious competence.”  2015 will bring all of these into both the public sphere and provide everyone and impetuous to take a deeper look intellectually and instinctively (at their animal part) as to where they are hinged: sometimes by choice, in other circumstance by wiring. The more one is able to do this assessment with the detachment (neutrality) of a Scholar, the more one will rise above the limits imposed by need to “adhere” or be loyal to a doctrinal “ism.” At any given moment, an attitude originating from one of these particular viewpoints, may accurately name a set of circumstances, but if one is wed to a dogma, (-Stubbornness) they will reject the interpretation even if it zero’s in on reality better than one’s own ism. Ism’s, recalling what we mentioned before about the difference between fact and truth, seek to define a truth, where as using each viewpoint as merely a way of perceiving reality, can assist you in harvesting much more useful information. And, if you can comprehend the viewpoint (i.e. positive intention) of another’s ism, you will be exercising your Meta-Muscle (not to be confused with Metamucil – which opens you at the other end.) and thus be more centered and effective when interviewing others. (Remember the comments on Communication Styles).
  • In the Job Market – For those who find themselves in Dominant industries: energy, computers, finance – all Assimilative by nature; and can increase there visibility as being competent and confident, will rapidly rise in their respective situations. The top 1%, already deeply immersed in these beliefs, will continue to drive up their compensation to levels of astronomical size and distortion. On the other end of the scale, people perceived as average will have to fight like crazy to keep, let alone get good jobs. Minimum Wage battles will be prominent in the media as many workers “rage against the machine.” In countries like China and India, the increase of disposable income will manifest itself as increased consumption but also there per-capita waste: garbage and effluence. These practices continue to put the planet under greater pressure and magnify the needed effort to reverse the destructive trends. But for both of these emerging Young Soul cultures, they will demand their right to waste.

Roles in 2015

  • Scholars – Incorporate all of what you learned in 2014. Allow it to rise to the surface and that information will be helpful in your 2015 manifesting. Overall, Scholars will like the opportunity to dig in and really hone a skill or acquire gather information to become and expert. Those in the Intellectual Center should be careful of analysis paralysis, and over thinking something. Those in the Emotional Center will notice their feelings very clearly, especially when it is time to have a release. Without those realized aspects of Self front and center, your forward development into expertise will seem sluggish, because (-Stubbornness) will have you fall back on patterns established innately from your family or social structure. This is the negative pole working from a programmed script. It will leave your feeling dead inside. If so, beware of becoming as cold and officious as one of the Borg!
  • Artisan will thrive if they have an ongoing project – otherwise will tend to feel a bit disoriented and need external structure to rein them in or help them focus. Choices therefore will seem stressful in fear of making the wrong one. That is why it will be very useful to stick with something you know and hone it to a more refined and competent skill. There is an excellent possibility that high feminine energy Artisans might be able to go deeper into instinctual knowledge and motivations that will seem as if they channeled them.
  • Warriors – Might like the idea of Dominance and Intellectual Center, but will grind under the high Feminine Energy. It will make it more difficult for them to corral and organize people for tasks they deem worthy. For those Warriors who already feel defeated, are sloppy, or submissive types under the yoke, languishing in this energy will have little effect upon them, except as same-old, same-old.
  • Sages will have plenty to talk about. If they like to gossip or prognosticate they will be in heaven but unless they are Scholar Cast, or have a Scholar ET; the both sides of Skeptic will shoot down any of their statements if not factual based or are overly embellished. Greed and Skeptic will tame them and make Sages express in a more measured and Scholarly tone. This heralds an interesting time for the Sage institution of Media, particularly visual media like television and the Internet. Graphics can replace words and imply things that someone’s statement might not. Keep an eye on visual images that are slipped in behind ads and told you should be like.
  • Priests – unless they are clear on a cause or an ongoing release of pain from their past, this year can feel tortuous because of all doings and potential for blaming that will go on. Stalled by deadlock or dogmatic proclamations, Baby and Young Priest might burn in their own juices while Mature Priests can take the bull by the horn and do good work. How? Rely on producing results from what you love and value. Not your ideals, but your principles. Just pitch in and help.
  • Servers will be fighting back! They will realize they need to make a difference and stop being at the bottom of the food chain (-Dominance). Empowered to exert themselves in areas where they have long been taken for granted (workers rights, increase in wages, strikes against Gov’ts and businesses), 2015 may not be a successful “year of the average Joe” +(Ordinal), but it will be one that people won’t likely forget. The response from hegemons of society you can expect equivalent opposition in oppressive crackdowns from those holding advantage. (Walmart will look real ugly and so will Apple).
  • Kings will thrive in this energy – looking to establish there own sense expertise and rise above the field.(+Dom and Stub) What they must remember that any Arrogance about themselves will work only sometimes be interpreted as +Pride instead of hubris or superiority. This is the only Role we actually see that could launch a successful new venture especially if they are marketing their own expertise, rather than say a product.

Soul Age Perceptions of 2015

Infant Souls in the few parts of the world will be forced to do daring, dangerous, or self destructive things. As rain forests, animal life, and fresh water sources disappear due to climate change or encroachment due to development, resource extraction, or increases in population pressures; the remaining Infant Societies are being filled by Baby and Young Souls members replacing the remaining Infants who are leaving this Earth. As you can imagine, those Essences – having been incarnated as human souls — are still bound to live out their existence as such. Years ago, Michael spoke to me about the formation of an Earth 2, which is at the same level of undisturbed and abundant richness as this world was approximately 10,000 years ago. Thus, when populations of Baby Souls, and a portion of the Young, eventually begin to leave this world at about 2100 AD, when the population will top out at about 9.5 billion, the resource base of this planet will be severely depleted. At that juncture, the Mature Soul paradigm will have backed-into forced adoption with the negative pole concepts of an Us v. Them mentality. It will prevail for some time as people squabble for the planets last habitable places.

Baby Souls down to the small town level in America and much of Eastern Europe are blaming their problems on counterparts at the same socio-economic power level as themselves; (i.e. we poor God fearing Conservatives and those horrible godless Liberals). It is easier for a Baby Souls to complain and scapegoat than to question the beliefs they’ve depended upon to determine reality. Many of those beliefs will be shaken in 2015. In the US, President Obama will continue to suffer the worst slurs of an American leader, ever. Racism is a core Baby Soul mental construct which provides them a simplistic justification to feel “better than”. Thus entitled, in the name of God by the way, they have license to express hatred and justify attacks on they call sinners. Yet, there legal privileges you call rights and freedoms, are actually being threatened from above. Not Heaven mind you, but the fear mongering fomented by the ruling 1%. That propaganda fanning flames of fears will continue to be effective tool upon those who desperately cling to their desired dogma’s falling upon frightened and willing ears. But many late Young and Mature Soul American Blacks will confront and shake the social order with protests and unrest. The backlash produces a clarion call back to days of Jim Crow laws. Under the new Republican majority in Congress, there will be actual support in for such a thing. And since the SCOTUS have upheld decimation of voting rights laws; sadly, this does not bode well for American cultural advancement.

Young Souls for the most part will be consumed with an “I’m going to preserve what I got” orientation. Where possible, however, because of the influence of Dominance, they may also entrench themselves in conquests for territory like: Russia with Ukraine, Boca Haram in Africa, Israel in the Middle East, and ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula. And, as has come into view since the 2007 Crash, look to the of Wall St. crowd to gobble up every financial reserve using their precisely engineered: small boom – small bust profit-taking cycles in the market, which have become their forte. The effect of which leaves the average investor holding the loss; while the 1% and their minions absorb the gains – and continue to soak up wealth lost by the working class. Look to the recently elected Republican Majority, to reverse gains made at baseline support programs which benefit the poor and working class: like the Affordable Care Act. Abortion Rights destruction will be the bone thrown to Baby Soul Conservatives by Young Soul profiteers. Yet, it will be met with more protests from: women’s groups, the working poor, and racial minorities alike. President Obama will emerge as a more combative and effective leader since his lame-duck status leaves him nothing to lose. And, as a Mature Soul who has effectively played a Young Soul game, he will sound off more openly about the divisions and deceptions of both money and party politics.

Yet, Mature Souls are reeling. In cultures all over the planet, people perceive the rise of dictators and rigged economic systems that are otherwise rendering them as slaves to jobs and forced purchase of “commodities” like Internet and cell phones. Without these technological “necessities”, a person cannot readily participate in the automated-online processes of cyber citizenship. If you “feel like a number” you are sensing the movement to fully take your name identity and transform you into an object-identifier like a phone number, account number, or social security number. De-personalization is the political technocrats dream. In the name of “equality” you are rendered an indistinguishable unit. This year is likely to make everyone viscerally relate to, horribly to be sure, that famous threat famous of the Borg – “you will be assimilated.” On the up side, there will be an upswing of involvement as small groups are formed to compensate for losses they perceive are happening elsewhere. Some groups will be “in your face” and won’t allow others to be detached from or withdraw from the recognition of current events. If you think the world has overwhelmed you with statistics so far, the Mature Soul Scholarly and academic community will produce avalanches of facts confronting many fronts of self deception. But because of –Stubbornness, denial will be rampant, and active and over tactics to suppress information will be exerted. Russia will have the beginnings of another revolution on its hands as Mr. Putin’s actions are examined and his own people begin to look inward to their own leadership.

Old Souls – How many of you are looking for a place to bury your heads? Of course, no ostrich would do such a thing! They’d be looking out for predators and practicing their running or sharpening their beaks. But Old Souls, feeling tired of lessons and annoyed by familiar tactics, are bored with the idea of having to get up for a fight. “Maybe,” you ponder, “if I just adopt the Ordinal-assimilative strategy of invisibility they’ll just pass over me unnoticed?” Or, perhaps you can get far enough away that these things won’t affect you? In some cases, at least for some period of time, these strategies will actually work. Yet, you will be constantly avoiding so much going on around you, that you become a nervous wreck; anticipating instances where you have to turn away or opt-out. That will feel equally exhausting and probably more internally haunting than just turning to face the social situations head-on. You see, TAO isn’t going to let all of your celestial talent ride like flotsam and jetsam on the rough seas of growing economic and social inequality. After all, it was all of you Old Souls, when you were Baby and Young Souls who became the: Atlantians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Huns, Visigoths, Chinese, Moors, Incas, Mongols, Aztecs, Zulu, Vikings, Turks, then later the Spanish, French, Austrians, Dutch, British, Germans then Nazis, Russians then Soviets, and now of course, Americans and New Chinese. Empires one and all! Who do you think laid down all those historic patterns of oppression, conquest, and exploitation? Now those themes are up again in full view with a King Cast year with a Dominance Goal. Collective Karma is calling Old Souls. It may be time to show up and shout out. Neutrality is not yours! But becoming clear of who you are, what you stand for, and how you can contribute to the race; IS! And it is your task, if you choose to accept it. Believe it or not, honing your awareness on these subjects will feel more calming than trying to avoid them and be flooded by the fear of being seen. By the way, the “holding space” idea only holds so much water. What is needed are mediators, moderators, bridge builders, educators, and on occasion – perhaps a leader.

Nexus Points:

  • January 7th – Convergent
  • March 30 – April 4 – Divergent  
  • June 22-29 – Huge shift with Erasures – Will require of you a need to choose sides. Own the King/Dominance energy
  • July 19 – Mild – Only some will be subject – those who have parallels close around completions.
  • August 30 – Convergent – Court decisions will be rendered that trigger the Mode to Slide over to Aggression for the last part of 2015.

Success Matrix in 2014 – Consciousness of the process, knowledge of the programs, and awareness of the factors which construct your imprinting, is the first step to dismantle them. However, probing for the emotional gravity which hinges things into place must be dissolved or dissipated if mental reprogramming is to be effective and lasting.

Measures for Anonymity, Invisibility, and Survivability

  1. Use cash whenever possible.
  2. Forget retail “loyalty” cards.
  3. Get off Social Media and use the telephone.
  4. Don’t “like” things on Facebook. You are being profiled for ads and content.
  5. Whenever possible, turn off the GPS feature on your Smart Phone.
  6. Get all of your assets as close to cash as you can.
  7. Get your personal affairs in order. Reduce possessions and obligations wherever possible. Make a plan for your death i.e. funeral ceremony, burial or cremation, Will or Trusts.
  8. Opt-out of as many pay-as-you-go payment plans as you see fit. Only pay your mortgage incrementally. Credit cards are not just debt, they are self karmic.
  9. Make sure all necessary mechanical objects or items which support you directly: car, telephone, computer, clothing, living space, bed (sleep is an assimilation experience), and tools you may use for your occupation are in tip-top shape.
As always, we hope that has been of use to you!

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