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The admonition of “me first” began when we were infants and in a larger social context, Infant Soul societies. But when the natural inclination for self-preservation is augmented with runaway greed the prognosis for society is not good. In fact, the belief that “economic growth” is capable of being continuous points us to an not-so-healthy analogy: cancer!

The world economy is in a contraction and actually needs to be in one. Unfortunately, those who gorged the most during the feast of profiteering and plundering will be the last to be put on the diet which has us all on rationing of funds. But not to worry, the rest of us will be slimmer of wallets, and for those facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, slimmer assets all the way around.

As economic worries occur, fear rises to the surface. Fear that has and was nurtured from a very young age and culture which advocates self-worth = net worth, is plunging many people into a nose dive and a crash of self esteem. Depression, with no irony intended, is the psychological state that leads to the economic condition.

Mature Souls, by and large, have a sense that they cannot and do not live ex-parte. Baby Souls, convinced of an Us vs. Them mentality is breeding the American Taliban (a new book) aka  The Tea Party and Religious Wrong. But as anger morphs into hate, and from the “other side” a reaction of fear motivates rejection, we see a “slide” in Soul Age mentality. Shrinking resources and a sense of lost status has a way of taking a person down Maslow’s low-archy. Even intelligent persons react when they see their life work eroded not be shared fate, but by calculated extraction from those whose power and wealth is greater than their own.

This regression into a earlier Soul Age mentality is not, however, without purpose. Like a cell that must polarize before mitosis completes and the emergence of two cells results, so too will this extreme bring about the bifurcation that Michael has long spoken about. Religionists, will get there wish but never know that the Rapture they so greatly believe in and with their pointed bellicosity thrusting the sword of division into the heart of humanity, will actually come about.

How? Youngish souls wanting to have all the exploitation of nature that a pristine world offers, will hitch their wagon to the New Earth formed on the other side of the Universe. A mirror to this planet, the transition for them will be seamless.  On this Earth, the reduction of population will begin about 2050 and keep declining for the remainder of the century. Eventually, clearer heads will prevail after a this 21st century evacuation and extinction event occurs. Older Souls will ride the storm and find themselves, often quite unwillingly, in positions of leadership, if not defacto authority. Ah, you all thought you were going to get a rest. 🙂

An Overleaf Quality

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