Where is Michael Now?

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Jan 052010

Michael Assisted Channeling?

Some of you know the Michael Teachings. For those who don’t let me say that the central premise is related to how and why we as people and spirits evolve. Michael too evolves! Michael themselves have channeled that all things evolve, thus isn’t it completely consistent within their own maxims that after 30 years, they could be moving to the Mental plane?

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Citizen Of Earth

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Dec 172009

I am grateful, either because of luck or divine choice, to have been born in the United States of America!  Growing up in California with its redwoods, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada made me appreciate nature, being outdoors and cutting edge thinking. Specifically being on the peninsula south of San Francisco, I was witness to and bathed in one of the most altering movements of our time. The theme songs were rock ‘n’ roll; the activities expansive thinking that rejected traditions without accounting for their cost or pretense. It was a time of civil rights, rejection of war, experimentation with drugs and sex, but more importantly asking the question: WHY?
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Prosyletyzing and Other Emotional Energy Drains

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Oct 162009

Proselytizing is the need to save others so one doesn't have to feel bad by themselves.Proselytizing, I can’t stand it. The abstraction of my soul and how God interacts with it is my business! Religion might have the positive intention, and perhaps might provide the benefit of a person gaining a primary understanding of  spirituality; but it is something that should be sought out by the individual, not sold or marketed to them.

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2009 – Forecast and Predictions

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Feb 022009

2009 – Server / Sage Year

by Stephen Cocconi & Holly Coleman

The Mature Soul Cycle has finally come to the US with the election of Barack Obama. This turn of the page of Soul Age paradigm signals many new opportunities in store for the United States and for the world. Continue reading »

The Initiated Man – The New Warriors

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Jul 122008

by Stephen Cocconi © 2008-11

What is it to be a “real” man?

Loving Bear and his animals of powerWhat I have discovered is that the definition of “real” means,whole, to my reckoning. The second aspect of that determination is that the person acts a “mature adult.” That entails three simple things: courage to face life, accountability for your actions; and the willingness to say “I don’t know.”  For many of us, men and women alike, the last statement is truly frightening when it comes to who we are inside.

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2008 Overleaves & Forecast

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Jan 302008

2008 Overleaves & Forecast

by Stephen Cocconi with collaboration from Holly Coleman

Stephen’s Introduction

Before I turn the dais over to Michael I thought it important to issue a bit of Stephen Cocconi with a serious and personal messagean editorial comment. This year’s energy is both contentious and distorted. Being self employed and a man who is wealthy in people and love but not in material possessions, I want to say it is not easy, nor desirable for me to have received the contractive and somewhat dire economic information. that I have channeled. Trust me, I am one of the last people to wish to have a rough financial period. In fact, I hope that what I have received from Michael this year is “off the mark”. Continue reading »

2006 Forecast

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Jan 272006

State of the Planet 2006

by Stephen Cocconi with collaboration from Holly Coleman


I heard it said recently that living ones life from prophesy is a poor way to experience the present. Expectation and interpretation, instead of experience and openness can rule one’s life. So this year, there will be no predictions about popes, politicians, celebrities, the weather, or anything about human life. However, here are some thoughts you may choose to consider. Continue reading »