Reflections and Teachings in Animal Archetypes

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Jan 302012

In the book Job KJV 12:7 to 12:13 it states:

7) But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: 8) Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. 9) Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? 10) In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. 12) With the ancient is wisdom; and in length in days understanding. 13) With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.


For thousands of years, Man has sought understanding and power. Their most immediate point of reference has been Nature. And its most visible mirrors have been the lives and behavior of animals.

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The Politics of Creation and Intention

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Jan 232012

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012    


Beliefs are the foundation of all political interactions: whether it be considered a struggle or an alliance. Agreeing on “canons of faith” lay the common ground where people of “like mind” come together. Politics, by its very design, mean that competition, balance, and negotiating between various interests seeking their goals is a co-creation of a group: a blending, a synthesis, and delay or advance. Intentions, plus the power to move them to the head of the agenda, don’t always mean they will succeed, but it does tend to dominate.

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Jan 162012
by Stephen Cocconi ©2012

A Hummingbird telling a rival to wait its turn.I live in the Sierra Foothills at a place I call Hummingbird House, because of the small contingent of “hummers” that visit our feeders. They daily perform a passion play for me where the actors may improvise their parts, but the theme of the story is always the same. It is a theme of cooperation through contest: confrontation for the sake of demonstrating the urgency of one’s need.

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Strong Emotions create Polarization

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Jan 102012

Leary of intensity? Leary of so-called logic?


My heart is increasingly weighed upon by the realization that polarization in almost every venue of human interaction is dominated by unacknowledged “fear of other” which herds us into “sides”, makes being “right” a blood lust, makes being open to compromise an act of “weakness” or listening to the other person a traitorous act of disloyalty; and which brings more punishment from your own so-called “side” than would come from the so-called “enemy”. To be intolerant of extremism is the only appropriate use of such an extreme position. But I don’t for a moment pretend nor postulate some ideological or intellectual “superior” stance when attempting to justify it. The simple truth is, I get afraid of rage that has boiled into hatred because no one has the simple courage to say. “what you do scares me.” And actually listen to the other “here is what you do that scares me.” It is that admission alone which unifies us as foibled, vulnerable human beings. And in that…We Are All One! Is anyone else tired of the rancor masquerading as thought?

After the Fanfare…what now?

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Jan 102012

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

It seems that there is an element of “wait and see” in the air. If Mitt Romney becomes the defacto Republican candidate to face President Obama, then who will win that contest? Then what happens after that? And what about the Economy? Will it rebound or what if it sinks further into a slump? Have the protest movements here and abroad actually had any real or meaningful effect on policies or freedoms? Then there is the Earth…will it revolt with more radically jolting fits like earthquakes? And of course there is the European Union and the Euro? What will happen there? What about my retirement? And to cap it all off, what happens when we hit December 23, 2012? Obliteration? Transformation? Or will it all have been simply a build up which was preceded by a collective mental masturbation? Continue reading »

Happy New Year!

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Jan 022012

Overleaves Influences of 2012

The Overleaves Spread of The Michael Tarot Divination CardsAs has been the case over the 4 preceding decades, we provide our Channels with a reading of the predominant qualities present and affecting the Physical Plane. The “Overleaves Forecast” for a year offers you a context in which to construe the happenings around you. Yet more empowering is to take these energies into your Being and employ them in purposeful and intentional ways; propelling you in the direction of your choice rather than being a spectator commenting on the world revolving around you.

  • Role: King (What you will be calling on in yourself.)
  • Casting: Warrior (The landscape as you will be called to act.)
  • Goal: Growth – (The thematic construct one can best assess the energy of the year.)
  • Attitude: Spiritualist – (Positive is belief in expanded possibilities – Negative is rigid belief and defense of dogma and ideologies)
  • Mode: Passion (through June) Caution (to the remainder of the year)
  • Chief Features – Impatience/Martyrdom – (Will slide back and forth and show you the places where you feel out of control.)
  • Centering – Emotional – Instinctual 
  • Frequency – 55 (The rate of change that things will appear to be happening.)
  • M/F Energy Ratio 45/55 – (Whether events or changes seem overt and directed or whether they are appear to be “happening” behind the scenes.)
  • Realm: Technology and machines seeking to dominate the Earthly Organic 

To learn more, join me this January, at one of the several dates and locations mentioned below for the 2012 Forecast and Overleaves.  CD’s of the talks will be available for order online.

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Message from the Mental Plane

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Dec 132011
Message from the Mental Plane…
“Nothing is wasted for the TAO. Much, however, of what is experienced by human personalities can be classified as folly and waste. Faith is the only comfort that a personality can take when facing the reality of limitation. Yet, the mistake that often occurs is to believe that in such conditions one must abdicate will or creativity and give over to hopelessness. More is available to anyone who moves beyond such fears. Their is amazing liberation in complete letting go. Rendering from infinite possibility what would be classified as miracles.” Continue reading »

Love Will Prevail…More on 11-11-11

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Nov 162011
From the November 15th Newsletter

Spiritual pronouncements and metaphysical interpretations can vary as much as flowers or as bugs. Case in point, the analogy I just used. It was a choice on my part (and for all of us) how to frame a set of circumstances and then form a perspective about them. Continue reading »