Concordance with Self

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Apr 272011
by Stephen J. Cocconi ©  2004- 2011
“What do you turn on, when you turn on?”- Timothy Leary

Eighteen years after the Harmonic Convergence, the Harmonic Concordance is here to beckon a more personal review of how the new paradigm is to be manifest, through you, individually. The portal that bridges the Physical Plane to the Causal Plane (the place where the soul can manifest desire and return power to the personality) is more widely open than at many points of the past or in the future for some decades to come. With the portal open, individual scripts are up for review and rewriting. For some, this process has been consciously and deliberately undertaken. For others, the process goes on beneath the surface or in vague contemplations pervading the backdrop of their lives. In either case, the Essence is submitting to its I AM Self, requests for personal power and healing as to make the philosophical and behavioral alterations necessary for putting oneself in alignment with the precepts of their chosen paradigm. This process will look different for each person. Continue reading »

“When the legend sells better than the truth, print the legend.”

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Mar 302011

It is an interesting phenomenon to observe the genesis of a new species of words.  That’s right, words; words that singularly capture an idea or construct that would otherwise be a phrase or murky “feeling.”  As if crawling out of the intellectual primordial ooze, a whole phylum of novel and derived utterances emerged into the discourse of language during my generation. Continue reading »

A World Wide Human Vision-Mission Statement

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Mar 242011

We will die; individually, at the end of our life span; as a species, at the intersection of whatever set of circumstances befall us, whether they be long term decline or short term cataclysm. For me, the fact that all things expire is the single indisputable truth of all existence – a statistic, that to the best of historic and scientific knowledge, and religious article of faith, registers a full 100% compliance to the reality of this statement.  In light of this inevitable truth comes the less certain question: When will our demise occur? Continue reading »

A Spiritual Being, On a Human Path…not the other way around!

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Mar 242011

After years of living and seeing what people do in the name of God or the Spiritual Life, I’ve come to a simple conclusion: We are already Spirit!   Whether that is defined merely as the atoms that comprise our bodies, or a more metaphysical belief that we are “children of God.”  Our journey here on Earth as living beings is the only certainty that we can know.  The why of existence, whether projected from religious doctrine or scientific speculation, is still no more than glorified or generalized opinion. Continue reading »

The Dirty Dozen of Isolation

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Mar 232011

by Stephen J Cocconi 2009©

To my Men friends and clients:

I have been one of those men who you could say: walked the “road less traveled.” It has seldom been glamorous, yet often perilous both socially and financially. While it has been a most rewarding journey, it has sometimes been lonely and often frightening.

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Pet Consciousness, Our Connections, and Familiars

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Mar 222011

As to animals. A couple of items tickled me to comment, since I love pets and feel so connected to animals. (If I were to have continued down one life path, I would have been a biologist or zoologist…love that stuff!) In regards to relationships with animals, pets particularly, this is how I’ve come to understand it.
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On Beliefs and Narratives

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Mar 222011

My determination and use of any or all belief system(s) is best expressed by author Joan Didion: “we tell ourselves stories so that we can live.” My own conclusion about the human mind is that in absence of other stories or narratives: archetypes, myths, histories, belief systems, or theories; our minds would otherwise take whatever available material and manufacture one for itself.  If for no other reason, to give the Intellectual Center something to do. The mind has a rapacious hunger for input. I suspect, we would be driven mad without stories and beliefs.
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