Analogy of Global Warming

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Mar 212011

Stephen on his soap box.Deniers of the idea of  Global Climate change citing the greater number of cold weather events ought to be given this analogy.

A refrigerator requires electricity (heat) to run the motor. That motor produce exhaust. To prove this to yourself stand behind your refrigerator. The cold generated by the heat is a compensation effect. Our Earth is encountering this phenomenon.

So the next time you encounter an “unbeliever” just tell them to go stand behind a refrigerator. And when they complain about the heat, just remind them that the hotter it gets, it will get colder soon enough!

Four Realms of Incarnation

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Mar 152011

Channeled by Stephen Cocconi

Introductory Note: Owing to a great many students requesting elaboration on this topic for the last couple of years, I was motivated to really quiz Michael about such things as Angels, Faeries, the Realm of pure rationale. What I received will be posted over the course of the next month.

By the way, the Fourth Realm is what they call Terrestrials (Earthers).

Stay Tuned!

Types of Abuse, Intimidation, and Coercion

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Mar 012011

by Stephen Cocconi – Channeling Michael – 1996-2012

Abuse is a vague word. It is vague because there are so many ways in which it can be perpetrated. At its foundation is an experience of pain and suffering that someone is unconsciously transferred; enlisting someone else (almost always less powerful) in the torment as to diffuse it inside themselves. Continue reading »

Anger & Alienation – The Politics of Hate and Hopelessness

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Oct 272010

To begin with this is not an article merely of diagnosis or prediction, but one of lament. I offer no grand, nor spiritually uplifting fix for changes to our nation, save one: participate by voting! Continue reading »

Now what? Mature Souls fall backwards to Baby Soul beliefs.

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Aug 312010

The admonition of “me first” began when we were infants and in a larger social context, Infant Soul societies. But when the natural inclination for self-preservation is augmented with runaway greed the prognosis for society is not good. In fact, the belief that “economic growth” is capable of being continuous points us to an not-so-healthy analogy: cancer!
Continue reading »

2010 Overleaves and Overview

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Jan 272010

Recoiling from Reality with Risky Reverie

Themes & Key words: Energy, reverie, obstruction, conflict, uncertainty, ingenuity, elimination, caution, presence, diffusion, force, and anxiety.

Introduction: 2010 initiates a new 10 year numerological cycle: The days of global future pacing need be done with because it is propelled by fear! Instead of actual data gathering from spontaneous experiences, thinking and action based upon prediction is substitution of guesswork for contemplation. Authentic, rather than reactive, creation originates with ones own deliberate intention and is guided by ones intuition. To be a pioneer means taking the risk to build without knowing the outcome. Take your energy back! Invent the future for yourself and make your contribution to the collective creation of the human family as a Citizen of Earth. Continue reading »