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Opportunity from Turmoil

{MC}Many of you may be surprised by the energy of February and take this as great news! When things are shaken up and apart, as they have been under this reemergence of American regressionism, there are many threads cut loose in this shredding which you can stitch together into a new pattern or create a new fabric of your life.{/MC}

Things have settled down a bit in February after a tumultuous January. Let’s begin with the Higher Moving Centered Energy (HMC) which has ushered in a time of reorganization, and even chaos, on many levels of human institutions (Exalted). Yet affecting individual  psyches with an underlying feeling of the destabilization (Ordinal). With that being said, what is happening for a great number is surprising since forward motion seems to be carrying you in rather surprisingly pleasant ways.

Personal and Ordinal – The optimism that Greed festoons spurs hope of an unleashing of potential. This is particularly true for business people, who have otherwise felt constrained by rules they deemed cumbersome, unnecessary, and even harmful. Even those who feel cast adrift by the rejection of their values have taken off the PC kit gloves, and are emboldening themselves to action. These motions emanated from the Rebel sub-personality that says “fuck it” to the values or means they identify as “the problem.” Rebellious energy does not sit still, although it is not particularly creative of anything but a ruckus. Yet any challenges asserted have the potent effect of preventing a foe from carte-blanche achievement of its agenda. It is against, not for. So, even as Submission energy  tugs at your formulating your actions, it will remain vague and fragmented for much of 2017. It is gelling. But you can still use this Rebel motivation to act in ways outside the familiar and comfortable.

Over the next couple of months employ a trial-and-error approach, mocking-up ways that keeps you in motion. You may not see a path as yet, but with step progress is bringing clarity. Along the way, there is a magic of sorts realigning but drawing together people and situations around you for reasons that may not be clear for some time. Let them form. These will be experiments in shaping new avenues and opportunities. Some relationships will advance, some will fall back into standard ways of being, some may fall out of your life entirely. Yet each one will bring a gain, not a loss.

Worldly and Exalted: The tumultuous destroyer of form, of which Mr. Trump’s is merely a personified figurehead, is unleashed! It will run its course during 2017 dismantling institutions and reversing moral codes by deregulation and decriminalization, asserting traditional values but achieved by regression to a Baby Soul traditional patriarchal model following the domineering leader. Everywhere, not just in America, the ramifications are being felt. Add to this destruction of forms that the HMC can preside and facilitate, examples of the negative poles of the Priest and Sage energies accenting the entire process with a white wash of ideological justifications and attempts to shut down opposition through threat and intimidation. So for now the die is cast. But how you respond to it is not.

A majority of you reading this are Mature and Old Souls and still feel some discombobulation as to what to do next. To employ a Priestly analogy, there has been a division between the light side and the dark side of the Force. But the problematic division is not between Left and Right, nor progressive vs traditionalist, but knowledge vs belief, based on the fear that what they believe may be untrue. Anyone, of any political position, can be stuck in belief (i.e. dogma, doctrine, opinions, positions, or articles of faith) and refuse to see the light. Negative Pole Power is oppression and silencing of others that may carry information that disrupts the comfort of your own world view. Be rigid in seeking facts, but flexible that your interpretation of what those facts mean. Everything is in flux. They can and will change.

Truth can be verified with accumulated facts and systematically sound logic, but not declared by an authority! Indeed, this is the challenge that each person must face first within themselves. What do I want to believe? Vs. What has proven to be true? As a simple rule derived from the negative poles of both Priests and Sages: if you declare your beliefs as the truth, you have just outed yourself as running away from the truth! Pursuit of the truth is always an ongoing process of inclusion of additional data, critical evaluation, discerned categorization and sometimes rejection of misplaced or misrepresented ideas (like false news put forward that seems positively biased to confirm your beliefs). This process, adhered to devotedly, is the most effective way to refine which truth is situationally relevant, or lead to its discovery.

Habit shake-up. Many people like talking about change, but really aren’t sure what changes to make or how to go about it. Since everything has been untethered from now until May, you might as well let things alter around you and adapt accordingly, rather than push the river with some prescribed discipline. Besides, trying to submit to, or force, a change will only activate the Chief Feature of Stubbornness. Instead, see if you can call up your own curiosity (positive pole of Inspirations) and then consider any change in your routines a game or experiment. Just notice! Especially with those habits that you take for granted! Do not initiate some systematic approach to anything! This feminine energy episode will resist any attempt at directed change due to the non-specific and seemingly free-radical patterns present. You’ll feel like you are trying to run on ice. You will not be able to gain traction. No need to buy skates or learn hockey, just loosen your stiffened stance and let go as you slip and slide. Eventually, you will learn to guide. Don’t see things as too grave or fatalistic either. If you do it will feel like falling into the ice and you’ll be frozen.

Stop fearing falling down! Don’t fear fear itself! Falling is always inevitable! It is how, or if, you get back up! When it seems like you’ve taken a dive, just get back up. Become like a martial artist, or skydiver for that matter. Learn ways to roll with a fall — and channel the energy; instead of absorbing it as a blow or shock. Obviously, the phrasing here is a metaphor to assist your mind in adopting a realistic metaphysical attitude! As the Italians say: Capeesh? i.e. do you understand?

What is going on now is in motion; like a title wave that cannot be stopped. The Consciousness Quake of 2016 jolted an evolutionary tsunami into existence. Until that wave levels out, and the devastation is fully accounted for, the best thing you can do in response to that wave, is learn how to roll with it, or how to ride on it. Either way, you can avoid being emotionally drowned by it, or psychologically crushed by it.

The Tsunami from the Divergence Quake of 2017

If this analogy seems too abstract then realize that the amount of anger, hatred, hopelessness, shock, fear, shame, and numbness that was cut loose in that quake had overwhelmed your emotional circuitry. It has caused many of you older Souls who are empathic-types especially, to absorb it and fall into despair. For younger souls, they were more likely revved up by its toxic charge and wanted to spew it outward onto those perceived as the perpetrators. If you do the same as them, it just continues the cycle of violence and destruction. Instead, try visualizing a cosmic recycle bin. Dump in every belief that has proven to be a fantasy or fallacy you held onto. The energy will reused elsewhere. Don’t accept any of the crap being thrown at you as fake news, false promises, accusations, or threats. Stand up and counted. Just show up. For now that is enough!

Get real and get clear instead! This last sentence means that all the beliefs, ideas, and places where your own need to feel superior has made you smug in your viewpoints; admit you were mistaken. Drop it. Only the self-righteous Priest needs to be right! And you do not need call up any weakness-driven spin to be positive about it. Just be and pay attention. Retreat will do no one any use, but allowing yourself to exert in measured doses in your own groove will help you pick up steam. Don’t worry, once this wave is done scouring off your distorted ideas, what remains are those tiny, but invincible kernels of personal truths. Those gems are your principles and values. Don’t disregard them nor sell them off cheaply.

One Universal Truth of the Realist attitude to recall is that there is an interaction between your choices and the disposition of the TAO itself. There is a tendency in this teaching, and certainly in traditional religions, to think of TAO as a noun, like God; and that you are at effect of it. That completely omits the original Chinese definition, which we too ascribe to the TAO, as a verb – meaning the Way or the Flow. With a bit of translation we simply mean that the TAO is an interactive universal force upon which you can influence with intention, and are not merely subjected to its Edicts. To believe the latter is a victim’s stance, and would undercut your power as a co-creator of reality.

For those of you who embrace the “law of attraction” you have already tacitly accepted the premise that you are a creator. So to pretend otherwise is a reflection of one of the greatest fears embedded in a New Ager’s heart: “What if I’m wrong?” then, “What’s going to happen to me?” Our answer to you is: It doesn’t matter! Pick yourself up and invent anew.

All humor aside, though it is both a healing balm and a marking dye which makes visible the locations of hidden wounds when a joke offends us; employ Buddha’s mantra of realism and power “it is what it is!” But how you choose to act, or react, to it, is a secondary decision. Do something differently. You may seek to understand what bothers you about the situation, charge it head on, or just invent alternatives for yourself. IT IS ENTIRELY WITHIN YOUR PERSONAL POWER TO DO SO! But, on the other side of the spectrum is the choice to abdicate responsibility i.e. your ability to respond to issues. Thus one retreats to the station of a bystander. But it is difficult to stand still in the face of so much energy. It requires concocting rationalizations and justifying conclusions; which allow events to happen to you, as you are passively swallowed into the undertow of the dominant wave. That too is free will! But it is a choice made under the pressures exerted by the negative poles of the Priest, Submission, Power, Stubbornness and an exhausted Saturn posture, emaciated of hope; just conforming obediently. These combined Overleaves deliver a wallop! So don’t be too hard on yourself during the adjustment period. Remember, roll with the wave or ride the wave. In trying out different approaches, know you will slip and slide and even fall, but eventually you will be gliding. And by-the-way, whenever one of your personal Overleaves is present in a year, expect its influence upon you to be doubly as strong; in either pole!

This assessment has realistic assessments of what is possible on the downside state of 2017. Quit pretending or upleveling things to be positive. Not all things are! It is a waste of energy. Surrender and embrace this state as the lowest floor you are willing to lay helpless upon. Use whatever means of this Higher Moving ENERGY available to you to stand up. Maybe you’ll slip and slide for a while, but it could be interesting. Once you have neutralized the attachment of fearing the worse, you are free to notice what threads of opportunity are floating around you, just waiting to be sewn. Go for it! But during this time of reformation and reorganization, don’t hitch your horse to any one cart. Sometimes just walking down the road or even sitting beside it can be the most advantageous way to have opportunity show up. Just stay alert!

Evolution never goes in reverse. There is nowhere to go but forward. But the choices one makes can be rooted in the past. So called new creations can actually be built upon archaic foundations. Intend to build on new foundations. They too are also forming. Find them. Better still help develop them. Use the +desire of Greed to try new things, take new avenues to approach, and make new associations. Don’t be stingy or clutch what you possess. You have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain. Don’t get too attached to a fixed plan of action. Remember about rolling with the wave? If you aren’t afraid to jump in, get yelled at by authority types, and just show up where you sense you need to be; the entire Spring promises to be rich in experience; exhilarating and empowering beyond anything you might have imagined! Just take one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time. You are developing a new personal Yoga. Everything is being newly assembled or realigned this year. It is all in beta testing. All will be ready for roll out in 2018, when the wave has receded and the process of rebuilding begins.

But next month, the Shakespearean utterance “beware the ides of March” will be ring true a warning tone just as it did for Caesar. Stay tuned.

For reference see Commentary and Overleaves for 2017

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