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 Hi Steve!

In Carol Heideman’s book “Searching for Light” she talks about us Michael students having an agreement to do light work at this time on Earth to bring us to a higher vibration/ level. I believe this is true. But she also talks about not everyone moving on to this higher vibration – and that’s all right, that’s their path to walk. OK – but what actually HAPPENS to them?

I’m married to someone whom I think will not move on with the rest of us. Does he die? Does he remain as he is and I change and we just don’t synch anymore? Do we suddenly live in different parallels? And if so, how does that look to me? Or to him?

Honestly, I think some of these questions are keeping me from moving forward as quickly as I could with this work. Could the Michaels clear some of this up for me? Do my questions make sense?

Thanks, Alex.

Response from Michael and Stephen

Dear Alex

Yes, your questions make sense and are understandably very important given the people you (we) love who are not on the same path. How much I appreciate the potency of your question. I too have wondered privately about this very topic. Call it the New Age version of “Left Behind.”

One thing comes to mind immediately is this: What is your picture of “moving to a higher vibration?” In some ways, this are the fears of “not doing it right”or “I’ll lose something I love” playing on your Personality. Your elucidation of the question makes the Mikey’s just jump for joy with all the windows you open for exploration.

Raising your Vibration“On one point this is clear…folks will not physically die nor even go away; they will however start to loose a sense of connecting with you on an intellectual scale. Emotionally, you will be a beacon of greater love and that will act as an attractant to those who have and will love you. But similar interests and the ability of they to comprehend your motives, desires, and frame of reference will seem strained if not outright conflicted.”

All the best,


p.s. By the way, though I have never voiced it before, I actually believe that Carol Heideman was touching into Michael’s Consortium even before they made it clear to me the difference. But, that is just my observation.

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