Channeling Michael Course


Stephen Cocconi Channeling Portrait

Learning about when you channel takes place on three fronts:

  • First discerning the subtle cues that attend each of your own states of Being.
  • Second, consciously engaging and distinguishing Guides from your own aspects of Self.
  • Third, achieving the ability to invoke the channeled state and connect with the guide or entity of your choosing when and where you desire.

Achieving this Goal we use methods of Psychic Hygiene© and Energy Management©.

  • Michael Channeling with Stephen CocconiCreation of your intra-personal workspace: the Sanctuary.
  • Learning the 4 “S” Rule: Silence, Stillness, Single-mindedness, and Surrender
  • Chakra and Subtle Bodies: sensing, grounding, balancing, and clearing.

Course Outline and Calendar:

  1.  Overview of Channeling: What you might expect? Stating your reasons for attending the course. Creating the Sanctuary and meeting the Essence. Setting the permission to channel.
  2. Dealing with the Personality: (and honoring it.) Getting to “META” or Observer state. Meditation to Meet Michael. Overview of the Michael Teaching. Affirmation of Channeling.
  3. Channeling Michael: Recognizing the aspects of Michael in your Body. Translating cues into words.
  4. 1/31 NO CLASS – Tutus House: Overview for 2007 –  6-8pm  FREE
  5. Channeling Practice: Sharing insights with others and confronting Chief feature. Recognizing Karmas, Agreements, Past lives, and other multidimensional aspects.
  6. Tuning the Apparatus: Learning to use your body as Geiger Counter and Emotional Meter. Evaluating the sensations and learning to interact with clients and their temperaments.
  7. Planes of Existence and Levels of Essence: Aspects of your own Evolutionary Soul
  8. Recognizing Other Guides: Meeting the other Channeled Entities and connecting with personal guides around you.
  9. Channeling for Clients and using other tools: Tarot, Astrology, Enneagram, Dowsing, Muscle Testing, and other methods used for accessing the channeling state.
  10. Checking it with the Body: Looking for Disease and Injured aspects of the physical body. Asking about supports: supplements, oils, stones, medicines, healers
  11.  Closing: Practice Channeling: Clarifying your Purpose for Channeling Michael or any other Entity. Ending ritual. Acknowledgements.

When: Begins Wednesdays, February 20, 2010 at 6:30 – 8:30 pm. – 10 sessions over 11 weeks
Where: Online TBA methods of interaction.
Price: $15 per class (cash appreciated) or $125 if paid in advance.
Registration: Call Stephen Cocconi 209-768-4956 or email:
Prerequisite: None. Reading Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman is helpful

What would you like in a Channeling Course? Leave your thoughts below.
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