Video Shorts


Inspirational and Educational Videos presented by the Michael Teaching

Greetings! I present these videos of people expressing significant perspectives upon which our lives, livelihood, and experience of life, are predicated. I asked you to use these to compare and contrast your own beliefs, values, and understanding of the universe and place within it.

This is what we have done to ourselves.

A Metaphor for Truth outpacing Lies

Monkey see, monkey do? – Conformity and Religious Delirium

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Click to watch the Wombat Tell it like it is!

Video from KarmaTube

This is the teacher I aspire to be and the message I want to share and the creator of the safety and the witness who has the honor of being present for such brave vulnerability.

Now this is what I call a BIG UNIVERSE!

Apple – “Crazies” from Acme Fish on Vimeo. Truly inspired People!

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It keeps people alive!

There is no Secret that mandatory Positive Thinking is intimidation and denial.

Stories like these remind me that as long as we put out what we have to offer even an occasional rejection might be followed by the big opportunity.

No matter what you believe about E.T.’s the rest of what this fellow says not only makes sense, but is factually assembled and thoughtfully challenging.

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