Jan 102012

Leary of intensity? Leary of so-called logic?


My heart is increasingly weighed upon by the realization that polarization in almost every venue of human interaction is dominated by unacknowledged “fear of other” which herds us into “sides”, makes being “right” a blood lust, makes being open to compromise an act of “weakness” or listening to the other person a traitorous act of disloyalty; and which brings more punishment from your own so-called “side” than would come from the so-called “enemy”. To be intolerant of extremism is the only appropriate use of such an extreme position. But I don’t for a moment pretend nor postulate some ideological or intellectual “superior” stance when attempting to justify it. The simple truth is, I get afraid of rage that has boiled into hatred because no one has the simple courage to say. “what you do scares me.” And actually listen to the other “here is what you do that scares me.” It is that admission alone which unifies us as foibled, vulnerable human beings. And in that…We Are All One! Is anyone else tired of the rancor masquerading as thought?

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