Nov 032011

What’s on your mind? What do you want to know?

Ask Michael, Stephen and the Consortium a QuestionSo many items confront our waking thoughts. Health, politics, environment, tragedy, weather, sports, job, money, love, spirituality, human beings (just turning 7 billion and rising) and countless other concerns large and small, concrete and abstract, near and distant. One can hardly seem to get enough time to think about just a few of them.

So I am opening up the forum to you all my dear readers and clients. Is there some life question gone unanswered but still nagging you at the periphery? Is their a topic or topic(s) that you’d like to hear Michael’s Consortium comment upon?

Ideas abound but sometimes it is helpful to just respond to a request for input.

Take a moment to email me below and present a question or a topic heading which Michael and I can publish for you over the next few weeks. Open your minds! All it takes is tapping into your curiosity.

Write a comment below or email me an outline of what you want in an answer or a scenario for Michael to comment on. We’ll take care of the rest.

Carpe  Postulatio,

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  One Response to “Submit a Topic or Question”

  1. Hi There !!

    In using the law of attraction and creation, how can we work with timing in manifesting our wants for due dates in this plane? Understanding the personality doesn’t beat the negative drum and blow the whole manifestation.

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