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3 Warrior

3 Warrior
What this card means... Challenging, dynamic, terse, and willing to be confront life. The Warrior Self holds the perspective of life that it is a battlefield.



Warrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemWarrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemWarrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemWarrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemWarrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemWarrior Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait System

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Persuasion

(Deliberate, Energetic, Determined, Focused, Grounded, Loves Challenges, Maternal, Nurturing, Organized, Principled, Productive, Protective, Proud, Resourceful, Skillful, Survivor)

  1. Teddy Roosevelt knew that a warrior’s credible persuasion means “walk softly and carry a big stick”. The message of this card is effectiveness and potency. It is being asked of you now.
  2. A warrior puts their heart on the line. With a straight forward quality in their posture, the warrior’s countenance persuades any bystander to be wary. With your sword sheathed your opponent leery of escalation, respects that which is unseen. Be the knight in this chess game and make a decisive move. Checkmate.
  3. Persuasion is the ability to convince someone to come over to your side. Make sure you know the actual position you are advocating.
  4. The situation suggests that “discretion is the better part of valor.”Allowing things to go on lets the other person expend energy while you simply play along. Victory is had because of stillness.
  5. If this card has appeared for you today, it is a signal to call forth your inner defender. Standing for what is right and true is demanded of you even if victory is not. Know that battle may not be violent but it will probably be intense. Your principles are being called out. If you aware of what they really are, are they worth fighting for?
Quotations Illustrating the Overleaf in this pole
  • “The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle.” – Motto of Navy Seals
  • “Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” – Frances de Sales
  • “Act like a man of thought – Think like a man of action.” – Thomas Mann
  • “Master the divine techniques of the Art of Peace and no enemy will dare to challenge you.” – Ueshiba
  • “The Ultimate Warrior leaves no openings – Except in his mind.” – Seishinkan ITP

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Coercion

(Blunt, Brutal, Bullying, Coercive, Devious, Evasive, Explosive, Hot-tempered, Intimidating, Narrow-minded, Pushy, Seeks Conflict, Stressed, Suspicious, Unforgiving, Violent)

  1. Coercion makes enemies. A warrior wanting to fight has only glory in mind or pain in the heart. Has pain become the weapon or motivator? Someone wants to fight.
  2. Being a good soldier can mean overlooking your own responsibility by saying “I was just following orders.” Are you not owning up to something that is within your control?
Quotations Illustrating the Overleaf in this pole
  • “The challenge for the true Warrior is to be vigilant Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal , which is literally translated as “Who will guard the guards themselves?”
  • “Children play at being soldiers. That is sensible. But why should soldiers play at being children?” Kraus
  • “Fear is the true opiate of combat.” Unknown
  • “Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire.” (“Long live death, long live war, long live the cursed mercenary.”) – Mercenary marching cadence and toast.
  • “War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.” – Unknown
  • “Kill ’em all and let God decide.” Unofficial motto of the Green Baret

Warrior Role Overleaf Energy in The Michael Teaching

As a force to be reckoned with, none is more purposeful and direct than the Warrior. Ever vigilant, the Warrior will submit himself to endeavors that he/she feels strongly about. This character is prone to controlling situations and taking the reigns of organization, or at least if pushed to annoyance, impose order. A Warriors natural mode is to great perseverance and endure. Comfortable in their bodies, sensual, and often quite sexual, they run energy through the third chakra in order to declare their intent: I WILL! In those moments when the Warrior feels persecuted or must make a personal sacrifice honor is snatched from the jaws of defeat with the belief that they lay down their life as a martyr for their cause.


Life Metaphor and Implied Motto

Life is a battlefield. A contest. A challenge to be met and defeated.


Cultural Archetype- Exalted Arcana

Warrior Archetype as defined in the Michael TeachingThe Warrior is a doer. Talk is important only when delivering a message or trying to negotiate some sort of truce or deliver a threat. Warriors tend to be solid and deliberate, though not necessarily violent, boorish, but generally somewhat assertive. The mark of a warrior is his word as expressed in deeds. In someways this quality calls up notions closely related to “the real man” or “tough guy”, and in a woman, as the “capable female.” Loyalty, trust and duty are the triad of integrity for this breed. Trust is only built from experience and follow through. If you win this quality from a warrior you have an ally for life. If you betray it with them, trust is very hard to reestablish. If you sell prison your inner warrior, you will be betraying the bravest and nobles part of yourself. Instead of engaging in noble quests, or standing for a honorable cause, you simply become a mercenary available not to principles, but to filling the emptiness left inside. Excitement and physical stimulation take over from aliveness and sensuality.

The Way of the Warrior
If you keep your spirit correct
from morning till night,
accustomed to the idea of death,
and resolved on death,
thus becoming one,
with the way of the Warrior
you can pass through life,
with no possibility of failure
and perform your office properly.

From Hidden Leaves by Yamamoto Tsenenori, 17th century

Examples of this Archetype

  1. Famous People: Sigorney Weaver, Harrison Ford, Angela Bassett, James Brolin, VP Dick Cheney, Winston Churchill, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Dench, Jodie Foster, Harrison Ford, Henry Ford, Salma Hayek, Jessica Lange, Jack London, Robert Mitchum, Robert Redford, Oliver Stone, John Wayne, Sylvester Stallone, Fidel Castro, Hannibal, Martin Luther King Jr., Hilary Clinton, Clint Eastwood, President Dwight Eisenhower, Jane Fonda, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Ayatollah Khomeini, Geraldine Ferraro, Mary Kay Ash, President Ulysses S. Grant, Oliver North, Paul Newman, Richard Wagner, William Tecumseh Sherman, President George Washington, General George Patton, King Richard lll, Theodore Roosevelt, Igor Stravinsky, Barbara Streisand, Harry Truman, George Washington, Sigourney Weaver,
  2. Mythical or Cartoon characters: GI Joe, Thor, Mars, Yosemite Sam, Donald Duck,
  3. Institutions: Military, gender clubs, sport, gambling
  4. Familiar Occupations: soldier, businessman, entrepreneur, foreman, manager, police officer, fireman, lawyer, prison guard, athlete, construction worker, bouncer, assassin.
  5. Animal Totems: Wolf, dog, hummingbird, hawk, bear, gorilla, sharks, tasmanian devil, rhinoceros
  6. Inventions or works of art: spears, arrows, money, war, hunting, adventurer,
  7. Cities and Nationalities Ancient Sparta, Chicago, IL. USA, Russia, West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs

Identify Statements of the Warrior Overleaf Energy
(Not every aspect may be in play.)

  1. My tendency is to seek a challenge.
  2. Tasks are like territory to be conquered or victories to be had. Achievement of the objective is paramount.
  3. I take charge of situations and know what I want and know how to get it.
  4. I can be persuasive or intimidating, depending on my mood or the person I am dealing with.
  5. I look for the strategic edge in business, management, and the achievement of personal goals.
  6. My thoughts have a quality to size people up strategically. I instinctively look to see signs if they are trustworthy or not.
  7. Sometimes, I have an inclination to put a person in their place or take command and kick butt if necessary.
  8. By and large, everything I to is like a goal I must accomplish.
  9. I tend to dislike weakness, especially in myself. I prefer to act with strength and protect my boundaries.
  10. While I can work in a team, I believe in the adage “if you want the job done right, do it yourself.” This often leaves me overworking and failing to delegate or ask for help.
  11. I am instinctively territorial, knowing what is mine and what is yours.
  12. Sometimes, especially when I am angry, I want to bite someone’s head off. Even if just inside my own mind.
  13. My humor can tend to be on the bawdy side. Often blunt and to the point.
  14. Blunt, forceful, and with an unflinching knack to say it like it is, I lack the subtlety to be an accomplished diplomat — or even a good liar. But I’ll fight for any cause that defends strong principles and justice.
  15. My mantra might very well be “What’s the bottom line?”
  16. I tend not to like length descriptions or evaluations, I want people to cut to the chase and get to the point, the I can assess the situation.
  17. For those I love, I want to fight for them. As a parent I’d probably be known as a ” Tiger mother“.
  18. I tend to have a strong appetite for physical things like food, sex, sports, and using my body in ways where I exert myself and show my prowess.
  19. I tend to be a bit tougher than other people, or at least so I believe.
  20. I play hard, I work hard, and I tend to like doing things with others that involve an activity.I’m surprisingly maternal, a good provider, and will draw my sword, if necessary, to protect my loved ones.
  21. Even as a female, I tend to be more macho than feminine women and can be said to be as assertive as a guy.
  22. I see myself as not needing much in the way of fancy or exaggerated status or things. I am pretty down-to-earth or at least tend to know what the bare essentials are.
  23. I think that being competitive, brave, honorable, tough, and duty-bound, are the highest qualities I can demonstrate.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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