The Michael Motivation Cards

38 Moving

38 Moving
What this card means... This card has to do with motion, activity, and moving the body differently. It suggests also assessing whether you are spinning your wheels and actually getting somewhere.

“Rollin, rollin, rollin,
keep them doggies going”


Definition of Moving Center


Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Productive

(responsive, ambling, attuned, poised, pouncing, active)

  1. Focused action can bring about productive outcomes. When one’s body is engaged one’s ability to sense space is enhanced.
  2. Pay attention to your movements. How are you using your body?
  3. Get kinetic! Sometimes just moving your body will stir the kind of energy you need to get going.
  4. Keep your health and your balance. It is the surest way to be most productive. Strengthen results by conditioning yourself.
Quotes Illustrating this Pole
  •  “Movement never lies.” Martha Graham American Dancer – Choreographer
  • “Words represent your intellect. The sound, gesture and movement represent your feelings.” Patricia Fripp

Card messages associated with Shadow position.

– Frenetic

(ADD, hyperactive, manic, morose, reactive, impetuous,)

  1. Frenetic energy is hyperactive like the chicken with its head cut off! Motion without direction is frantic and often exhausting to everyone who is caught in the whirlwind. Now is the time to stop and think where the frenzied feeling comes from.
  2. It appears as if someone is bouncing all over the place. Settle down!
Quotation Illustrating this Pole


Overleaf of the Michael Teaching

Moving Center as defined in the Michael TeachingThe Moving or kinesthetic or Kinetic Center is the third chakra and serves as the focal point of motion and thus activator of the physical body.  It is Ordinal in that it functions in a mechanical and foundational way for the human animal and need not provide a doorway for higher awareness.  In a behavioral sense, this person may have a great need to be in continual motion. And if circumstances allow it, that outlet might take the form of workaholism.

Pavlovian reactions are somewhat common for the Moving Center person especially early on. While most everyone reacts to a loud noise or something delicious on the stove, just like the dog in Pavlov’s experiment, the Moving Center person is likely to have a strong visceral response, not just say a memory or pleasant emotion.  This type of response is not limited to a Moving Center person, but this type of reaction originates within the Moving Center in everyone.

Serena Williams is Moving Center as defined in the Michael TeachingAssociated with the primary focus of learning through sensation and movement. A favorite of many athletes this centering does not enhance one’s sporting performance per se’ just the likelihood that they will find an outlet in sports. Moving Center persons do not lack intelligence but rather their ability to comprehend is greatly enhanced when they can interact or do the task themselves. Touch is particularly important for the Moving Center person as is the need to “try it out for themselves.”

One feature of this centering is a bias toward flexibility: both physically and in options. The Moving Center presence might even be seen in someone who has a bit of a rubbery face or stretchy covering to their skin. It indicates this tendency in their actual physiognomy. When a person finds themselves in the negative pole of this center, they can be equally morose and hypertensive. Their is little in the way of a balancing point for them and as such their energy is scattered and erratic. Quite often, people here are stuck in a “act first, think later” cycle.

Essence chooses to focus a person’s learning through the Moving Center when it desires more experience living through the sensations of the body. Breathing techniques like those in yoga which combine exercises to gain awareness of the condition of one’s vehicle, can bring us closest to our animal selves and ground us in a way that brings us into the present moment. This state of being is the optimal way by which a person may align themselves for action and center themselves with clarity.  If a soul has been overly traumatized emotionally, or stuck in the ramblings of mental activities in prior lives, then choosing this Center aims to reorient the personality through the physical. Thus, he/she will have  a realistic sense of their physical energy and them an optimal sense of stamina given their Body Types, Soul Age, and Karmic augments.

Famous Examples:

Jim Carrey, Mae West, Lucille Ball, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Sandra Bernhardt, David Byrne, Marlon Brando, Brittany Speers, Cher, Julia Child, Elvis Costello, Sean Puff-Daddy Combs, Teddy Roosevelt, Prince Diana, Bob Dylan, Road Runner, Serena Williams, Adolf Hitler, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Gere, John C. Riley, Pee Wee Herman (Paul Rubens), Nikita Khrushchev, Bette Midler, Mao Tse Dung, Paul Newman, Chuck Norris, Sean Penn, Yoko Ono, Mary Lou Retton, Gertrude Stein, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Malcolm X, George Washington, John Wayne,

Cultural Meaning

In the modern era, the Moving Center has taken two seemingly diametrically opposed stages: the beautiful and cut Adonis’s and Aphrodite’s, and the human body in decline  as a part least in use but most important to return awareness to.

The first reference of course, refers to the almost obscene attention paid to the physical form as a commodity and imagined as some pure form of health and superiority. Genetic engineering, cosmetic surgery, super diets, and the fitness industry are all off shoots of this cultural manifestation of Moving Center fixation.

On the other hand, and more significant to the vast community of human beings, the proliferation of knowledge-skills (those favoring the Intellectual Center) are fast becoming, in industrial countries at least, the predominant way we work for a living. Thus, unlike every other creature on Earth, our bodies face increasing disuse and atrophy in ways that affect our health care, quality of life, and the shrinking of sensory awareness. With machines replacing natural physical labor, (a good labor saving thing by most reckoning) it nonetheless diminishes most people’s access to natural exercise, making regulation of weight and other bodily systems stretched to the extreme. As virtual technology continues some futurists predict, the degree to which people will employ their bodies or have authentic sensory experiences will decline.  And as the song, 2525 reminds us, “Your arms are hanging limp at your sides, Your legs got not nothing to do. Some machine is doing that for you.”

The test of balance for human beings is to continue to be aware of the average use of the body and the homeostasis available when one partakes directly in the common body we all share: the playground of the Earth.

You might be Moving Centered if…

  1. As a kid, you couldn’t sit still in class.
  2. Learning for you was always best if you could do it yourself.
  3. You like the feel of things in your hands.
  4. If you are shopping, often the texture of something serves as a keen indicator of it’s qualities or desirability.
  5. You feel an inordinate desire to move your body like dance, run, or stretch.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2011

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