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4 Scholar

4 Scholar
What this card means... Our Scholar self immerses into study and assimilating knowledge for the sake of wisdom and understanding.

The All Knowing Aspect of God

Defining Scholar in the Michael Teaching


Scholar Archetype as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves SystemScholar Archetype as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves SystemScholar Archetype as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves SystemScholar Archetype as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves SystemScholar Archetype as defined in the Michael TeachingScholar as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemCartoon Scholar as defined in the Michael Teaching

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Knowledge

(Adventurous, Curious, Easy-Going, Grounded, Knowledgeable, Logical, Mediating, Methodical, Neutral, Observing, Studied, Understanding)

  1. Immersion into learning is the motivation of this card. Awareness is the ground for true knowledge to be gathered and the basis of wisdom. Neutrality is required for gathering information untainted by judgment. It is time to look at all sides with neutrality and see what you can learn.
  2. Time to engage an expert or at least someone who has the knowledge you need. Perhaps you need to go back to school.
  3. By drawing this card the message is about knowledge: acquiring it, learning it, or paying attention for someone who possesses it. In any case, it is the person who most observant and able to synthesize who will have the advantage.
Quotations Illustrating this Overleaf pole
  • “If all the dreams that men had dreamed during a particular period were written down, they would give an accurate notion of the spirit which prevailed at that time.” Hegel
  • “And let a scholar all earth’s volumes carry, he will be but a walking dictionary: a mere articulate clock.” George Chapman
  • “The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything.” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  • “Truth, which is important to a scholar, has got to be concrete. And there is nothing more concrete than dealing with babies, burps and bottles, frogs and mud.” Jeane Kirkpatrick
  • “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr” – Prophet Muhammed


Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Theory

(Abstract, Arrogant, Boring, Dusty, Intellectualizing, Overbearing, Passive, Pontificating, Reclusive, Slow, Theoretical)

  1. Hiding away in books or study builds alienation. Let go of the fear that “no one understands me.” You might be getting stale.
  2. Our ideas do not always match up to actual life. Living life through the prism of a theory takes an incomplete set of ideas and assembles them like a connect the dots puzzle, only in whatever way suits it. Study does not replace living for learning the lessons of reality. Is what you believe about life bringing you pain or pleasure? How is it working for you?
  3. Time to stop studying. Take the test.
Quotations Illustrating this Overleaf pole
  • “We make trifles of our terrors, ensconcing ourselves into a seasickness is a musical problem, every cure is a musical solution.” Novalis
  • “A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.” Lao Tzu
  • “I suppose every old scholar has had the experience of reading something in a book which was significant to him, but which he could never find again. Sure he is that he read it there, but no one else ever read it, nor can he find it again, though he buy the book and ransack every page.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cultural Archetype- Exalted Arcana

Ivory Towers may be thought of as the preferred location of the Scholar, but only when they are stitching the threats of events, facts, and ideas into a workable theory of the fabric of reality. The nerd is the modern version of a long tradition of the ardent learner, researcher, and archeologist of knowledge. The Scholar is who we turn to for credible information. We hold erudite and lettered expertise in high esteem though usually disconnected from the workings of daily life. Usually preferring to go it alone, seldom is anything more stimulating to the true scientist at the heart of all scholars as a collegial debate or a dive into a research or exploration project. For any person who has ever turned their attention toward the deep understanding, investigation and perhaps even dissection of a topic they hold dear, then you have touched your inner Scholar.

Scholar Role Overleaf Energy in The Michael Teaching

Scholar as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemAll that is available to learn, acquire, collect, archive, organize, study and observe has been willingly engaged by theScholar. Able to adapt to the immediate situation, the practical Scholar will always look for the best vantage point, attitude, or goal to maximize the all the knowledge that can be learned. In his glory, the Scholar will radiate the glow essence it essence, having grasped and assimilated all that the Universe is and the realization of unity. Can anything be more practical than to know and realize your own divinity? No but only when the Scholar maintains his flow and willingness to allow in and move with now information. Problems can arise for the Scholar, like the ivory tower theoretician who is more interested in preserving his sense of being in alignment with his dogma than his dedication to what is new. The obstinacy causes stagnation of thought to occur. What was once an organic flexible and clear process of knowledge gathering and understanding is reduced to stubborn machinations. The strength of a scholar is in the neutrality and non-attached clarity of Observation. A Scholar who embodied many of these traits was Galilee Galileo.

Life Metaphor or Implied Motto

Life is a library. Life is for learning. Life is exploration.

Famous Examples of this Archetype

  1. People: Carl Jung, Meryl Streep, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Stanley (of Stanley & Livingston fame) Socrates, Plato, Howard Hughes, Elizabeth Taylor, Chief Seattle, Jane Austen, Anthony Hopkins, Mary Shelly, Truman Capote, Tilda Swinton, Walt Whitman, President George H. Bush, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branaugh, Dustin Hoffman, J. Robert Oppenheimer (developer of the A-Bomb)
  2. Mythical or Cartoon characters: Mr. Peabody (Wayback Machine), Bullwinkle Moose,
  3. Institutions: University, NASA, Internet,
  4. Familiar Occupations: scientist, technical writer, college professor, historian, philosopher. computer scientist, information architects like database designers and artificial intelligence, and the information highway via the Internet is something I soak up like a sponge.
  5. Animals: Owl, Whales, Cranes, Mouse, (actually can possess any role as individuals)
  6. Inventions or works of art: Telescope, mathematics, Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, aqueducts
  7. Cities and Nationalities Switzerland, Cambridge MA, Ancient Alexandria Egypt, Baun, Germany, Ancient Baghdad, Seattle WA,

Identify Statements of the Scholar Role Energy

(Not every aspect may be in play.)
  1. I love knowledge and I tend to record data unconsciously, a least somewhat, in just about every situation.
  2. My curiosity about the world lends itself to me noticing details whether useful or quirky.
  3. Some people comment that I can neutral or at worst detached.
  4. My emotions can be deep, but I keep tend to keep them in check until I have digested the situation.
  5. My favorite times are investigating or studying whatever it is I find interesting.
  6. It is fun for me to be a storehouse of information, although I tend to take more in than am concerned about letting out.
  7. I am excited by the objects my of study.
  8. I often times regard life as one great learning or classroom.
  9. Books are a particular interest to me because they are my resource and place to explore.
  10. Some say, if I am honest with myself, that I am a pack-rat; but I can’t through much away because I know it is useful.
  11. I love to accumulate knowledge and make it available for the benefit of others. Not surprisingly I’m often surrounded by a pile of books, articles, or objects knowing I have my own catalog of specimens.
  12. People say they value my opinion because I am willing to see an issue from many perspectives and weight them fairly.
  13. Being a librarian might be a good job for me since I am interested in so many things.
  14. In meetings, I want to make sure that no important information to slip away unrecorded
  15. I can get obsessed and sidetracked with trivialities or subordinate facts and lose sight of the goal or the main point.
  16. Words or phrases like a vigilant observer, scribe (note-taker) recorder, and chronicler of important information, or historian are ones that I relate to.
  17. My attention is most absorbed when I am doing research.
  18. When hooked on some idea or course of studies, I want to relentlessly pursue knowledge even if it means tasting the “forbidden fruits” or going metaphorically “out-of-bounds” to explore the subject fully.
  19. My need to find the order in things causes me to create theories, but I might stop their and not actually test them from first hand experience.
  20. In my desire for knowledge and experience, I will try almost anything at least once. This may lead to unpleasant circumstances, but gaining experience is my modus operandi. Regardless of the outcome, there’s always something new to learn, and just having the experience is considered mission accomplished.
  21. Knowledge games like puzzles, Q & A quiz games, computer strategy games, or solve the mystery, really engage me.
  22. Whether good a actual math or not, my mind tends to organize things an keep track of them.
  23. I’d make a good referee or mediator because I can fair and impartial.
  24. With a mind that’s sponge-like in absorbing facts, figures, and pertinent information, I can be an invaluable resource for others.
  25. I’m at my worst when I tend to speculate and make up hypotheses to cover gaps in my knowledge.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2011

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