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42 Instinctive

42 Instinctive
What this card means... Like all animals, you have instincts. Notice if you have a "hunch" about something. Perhaps the hair is standing up on the back of your neck?

The hackles on the back of my neck just went up!


The stare of the predator. Instinctive Center of the Michael Teaching.

Card messages associated with Illuminated position.

+ Essential

(Atomistic, eros, )

  1. You are the alchemical product of your Essence. Let your gold luster with natural brilliance. Trust your gut instincts to point you in the right direction,  for you!
  2. One’s Essential nature expresses itself whether awareness is present or not. Open the doorway to your animal nature as framed by evolution and programmed by the soul. Rely upon and sharpen your instincts. Fly by the seat of your pants! If you are reckless, you will leave skid marks. 🙂
  3. Sometimes, the fluid, unplanned and uninterrupted reaction is far more Essence directed than anything the mind could cook up. Jump into action! Don’t think, just do!
  4. Pay attention, as if you were stalking prey!
Quotation Illustrating this concept…

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” Francis Scovel Shinn

Card messages associated with Shadow position.

– Atavism

(survival, remote, unconscious, id,)

  1. Ignited by atavistic survival mechanisms this shadow is vigilant but unable to know motive or operate from volition. The hallmark energy is the automaton reacting from habit driven behaviors outside of its control. Are you predator or prey in life’s jungle?
  2. Animal instincts are operating in place of awareness. Be alert of some rash reactions.
  3. Pay attention as if you are being stalked.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…


Overleaf of the Michael Teaching

Imagine someone who can sense something deeper and with greater subliminal accuracy than you. An adventurer perhaps, a hunter, or maybe even a psychic? Using one’s instincts is to enhance all the levels of the human animal with ESP extended sensory perception.  Said another way, this Center contains all the other Ordinal Centers within it. Thus it is valid to conclude that it gives a potential integration with all the others.

The Instinctive Center, the 1st or base chakra, contains access to all of the data every experienced by all the forerunner species of planet Earth.  And, as the Michael’s report of Devic Evolution would suggest, it was we, in our hive soul stage of development, that went through earlier and less complicated phases of life. All this accumulated information is nestled in the molecular memory of the DNA molecule upon which all life is built and shares.

As a connection point to Spirit, the Instinctive Center is our doorway into the Akashic Record. Often compared to the Universe’s data warehouse,  access to all past life and design information is said to be stored here.  Any time we invoke the concept of data, of course, it calls to mind the mechanical concept of computing and from there, programming.

Indeed, instincts are response patterns learned over millions of years of both biological and spiritual evolution, that have been distilled into chemical patterns. These patterns are embedded deeply within the Psyche. Most typically referenced as the “flight or fight” response, make no mistake these patterns are shared across species and reflect a dual response to fear.

But because the Instinctive Center is connected to the Akashic Record, as it is often referred to, the function of this chakra connects us to the Earth but also to that storehouse of memories that have happened in our past. So that hunch or gut reaction you experience in reaction to a circumstance or a person, is very likely a deep instinctive memory being triggered, probably alerting you to danger, but sometimes activating one of the other primal motivational drives: food, drink, sex, or comfort.

Primal Scream Therapy, introduced by Arthur Janov, champions the idea that clearing all the residue of past traumas can only happen when one completely descends into the depths.  What Freud called the ID, the process was activated when one descended into their animal self, to reigniting all other aspects the emotional, kenesthetic, and belief attributes concurrently; in Michaeleze: the Emotional, Moving, and Intellectual Centers. Like a volcano disgorging it’s magma from deep within the Earth, reshaping the landscape above with both destructive purging itself but also, leaving behind a new topography upon which a new life is built.  A human psyche goes through a similar process in acting our the metaphorical explosion and purging to the surface all which has been deeply stored or hidden.  This comparison describes two very instinctive processed.

Famous Examples

Count Dracula, Adolf Hitler, Pablo Picasso, Willem Defoe, Ted Kazinski, Tarzan, Tim Roth,  X-Men characters, Rod Serling, Mogli of the Jungle Book, Anton Levey, Franz Kafka, Stephen King,  Satanic cults, Charles Manson,

Cultural Meaning

instinctive Center as defined in the Michael Teaching


When one is totally present with that ancient aspect of one’s animal nature, the mind is not lost and rationality discarded but augmented with a keener awareness added to with more highly attuned resources which many have stopped paying attention to because of the pressures of modernity.

You might be Instinctively Centered if….

  1. You notice smells frequently and you derive meaning from them: fear, joy, arousal, etc.
  2. At the result of being “startled” you natively find yourself ready to kill or be killed.
  3. Emotions are fluid in me. I can have them and letting go quickly and easily.
  4. I can’t help but notice my surroundings.
  5. I have a tendency to look for a way out of any place I am located.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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