The Michael Motivation Cards

43 Mercury

43 Mercury
What this card means... A message is to be delivered in a timely manner. Act with agility.

“Run Forrest, Run!”


forrest-gump Nercurial Body type as defined in The Michael Teaching


Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Agile

(sprint, nimble, effervescent, elastic, spirited, sprightly, irrepressible, chatty)

  1. Agile of mind and body this card confers a quickness to move and respond with a cleverness of wit. Act fast and glide over obstacles.
  2. The messenger had better be agile and know what they are about to say, lest they be killed for bringing a message that is unwelcome or poorly delivered.
  3. An intellect that is nimble, flexible and yet aware of its premises, can hear anothers point of view, examine it, take in new information or readily find the mistaken assumptions of ideas presented to it. Mercury brings messages all the time!
  4. The communication road is wide open! Negotiate the hair pin turns with your words and your wit.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • “I feel real light, mobile and agile. I feel I can run longer. My endurance is up.”  Glen Davis
  • “Agility … is a theme that runs through almost everything we’re talking about these days. We can’t know what the future’s going to look like. We have to be agile enough to be able to respond to that uncertainty.”   Linton Wells

Card messages in the  Shadow position.

– Nervous

(Edgy, clammy, gawky, slippery, elusive, effete, volatile, erratic, flighty, tempermental, quicksi)

  1. Feeling anxious, restless or hyper because of unchecked mental chatter? Nervous energy like that is usually annoying to everyone else as well. Does someone need to burn of some energy? Get grounded by using your tension in an applied way…take a walk and mellow out!
  2. Tension is signaling your that there is strain somewhere. Are you handling your stress?
  3. A nervous speaker can stammer or be glib. A mercurial mind moves faster than its awareness. If a message is unclear, slow down, take a breath and ask for clarification.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • “Wit is the epitaph of an emotion.”  Friedrich Nietzsche


Relevance in the Michael Teaching

This Body Type is favored by those who like an agile mind, quick wit; and in the positive pole, keen but stealthy perception. Because it tends to favor narrow, long, and flexible bone structures, people of this Body Type often make exceptional runners, swimmers, and gymnasts; where extension is an advantage.

The person with this ability can be as fast with a comeback as they can be with moving quickly like the winged feet of the God which carries its name. In either expression, in the American culture both speed of wit, like speed of foot are highly valued traits. When in use by the likes of a Robin Williams, a Venusian-Mercurial, truth can be issues like darts from a blowgun, leaving its prey just as paralyzed.

Intended by Essence for use in augmenting one’s ability to “think fast”, this Body Type’s metabolism and neural network is apt to be running  flat-out, all the time! Hence, weight gain physically, and calm minds intellectually, are NOT a common part of its make up. High output can be expected from this Body Type as a result, but so to can burnout from a hyperactive use.

Famous Examples

Jodie Foster (+solar), Johnny Carson +(saturn), Jimmy Stewart (+saturn), Glenn Close (+lunar), Freddy Mercury (+Venus +Saturn),  Michael Jackson, (+Venus +Solar), Madonna (+Solar), Keith Olbermann (+Saturn), President Barack Obama (+Venus-+Saturn), Hip-Hop and Rap music, Tom Hanks +Venus

Cultural Significance

Johnny Carson was the King of the quick comebacks. This Mercurial Sage was known to exploit any weakness in the statement of another when he thought it would get him a laugh. But the nervous, uneasiness underlying wit, can be, as Nietzsche said, “the death of an emotion”, especially when a mind fettered by chatter is more concerned about protecting itself, than engaging in debate. For if and when one must resort to ‘dissin or “shit slinging” instead of constructive engagement, then it is not only emotion that suffers, but truth itself. Ronald Reagan, another Mercurial-Jovial, was masterful at this; earning the accolade as the “Great Communicator” with his jabs. But they often served to distract from an issue rather than confront it.

The character of Mercury, or Hermes in the earlier Greek mythology, was known as the messenger of the Gods. But more so, he is known as the bringer of medicines and healing. His most significant messages were those that made pronouncements which blasted away rhetoric with polemics and prophetics which could rattle the foundations of any argument or rattle the cage, or the confidence, of any arguer.

Today, there are but a few with the courage to act in Mercury’s stead. Some like Keith Olbermann (+Saturn or Rachael Maddow (+lunar) on the American Left, and but to his credit another on the Right: recent Presidential Jon Huntsmans(+Solar), are all Mercurial’s more willing to speak the unspeakable; sometimes with a halting staccato of appended phrases (like President Obama), or in tune with a progression of syllables which would make any ones head spin from eloquence like Olbermann.

But the underlying strength of this qualities lies in its ability to above a fray and seek out what is clearest and reach its goal the fastest. Yet, like so many of those great Mercurial messengers of the past, like Jesus and Martin Luther King, they fell prey to the old edict that comes along with delivering a true message that is not liked and vehemently opposed: namely, kill the messenger!

Perhaps the best thing for a Mercurial messenger once they have delivered their powerful news is: run like you have wings on your feet!

Attributes of this Body Type are…

  • Narrow & long bones
  • Lower toned voice
  • Slender and lean
by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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