The Michael Motivation Cards

47 Lunar

47 Lunar
What this card means... Quiet intelligence, shifting moods and hiding or revealing ones light.

“Shine on, shine on harvest moon”



Lunar Body Type as Defined in The Michael Teaching


Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Luminosity
(subtlety, brightness, coolness, gentle light, indirect light)
  1. A pale brightness is often more beautiful to behold because it is luminous and not stark. Be graceful with the subtle expression of energy.
  2. Reaching for the stars has reminded mankind to start closer to home. The moon, your emotions, is a much more logical starting point, to launch your ambitions into space.
  3. A soft glow can make even the most hardened person wax poetically. Like a full moon, shine with gentle reflection.
  4. Like the moon, one reveals themselves in varying degrees. Within, like the sea, there is a cycle with tides that rise and recede. Be at peace with all the phases and moods. Let others see the shades and glow of your diverse luminosity.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • “The perceptions of middle age have their own luminosity.” Gail Sheehy

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Pallid

(evasion, passivity, shadow, subterfuge, incommunicative, depressive, cold, obsequious)

  1. The new moon is dark to our eyes. Its complexion is pallid from lack of reflected light. The effect on the tides of emotion is still present but hidden. What is not being seen nor said but still affecting you moods?
  2. When the mood has turned away from the sun it is invisible. Keep your peripheral vision alert and note the sideways glance.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • “Coldhearted orb that rules the night that robs the colors from our sight. Red is black and gray is white; but we decide which is right…and which is an illusion.” John Lodge, The Moody Blues

Relevance in the Michael Teaching

The Lunar Body Type as Defined in the Michael Teaching

The Lunar body type is that of the genius whose nerd like qualities may make them look slightly like a pudgy newborn, but in whom rests the mind of a machine capable of wresting the hidden answers from the mechanical universe. It is common they are amazing at mathematics, and at seeing the precision within systems, even if they personally might have difficulty implementing one of their own.

Generally small in stature, this body type is considered feminine by this teaching and from the Astrology basis which it is borrowed. They are associated with the element of water because their moods can change like the tides.  And one moment their light seems bright, while the next it seems hidden. Each during its various phases like the satellite it is named after.

As with all the Body Types, one finds it combining with others in order to form a physical matrix which offers the personality a unique appearance and predisposes it for various illnesses and immunities. The Lunar is related to the Lymphatic System which regulates the movement of mucous carrying off toxins through sweat and lubrication of various orifices for excretion: bowels, ear wax, etc. Metaphorically of course, the Lunar takes on the mantle of the water element (emotions) embedded in the body. When the plumbing is constricted, and our body’s own natural tides fail to ebb and flow correctly, we are bound to see our complexion go pallid as our optimal warmth wain into a darkened, self-induced and cloaked retreat.

In appearance, this Body Type is Inspirational, calling up notions of “cute and sweet.” It has a natural opposite affinity to its counterpart, the Saturn Body Type, which demands notice as striking. Sometimes the pairing can be seen to others as odd, even freakish in the extreme, like Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln, with her height at almost two feet less than her statuesque husband.

Psychologically, the Lunar Man, may experience much of the feminine attributes as homosexual tendencies. The Lunar woman, on the other hand, is likely to experience themselves as sexually fearful or uninterested; viewing sex as a necessity for marital relations and child rearing purposes, at best.

When you find yourself pulling this card or attracting this energy toward you, a few useful questions for consideration is: Have I gotten out of touch with my moods or rhythms?

Famous Examples

Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, Woody Allen +mercurial, Diane Keaton +Solar, Ingrid Bergman, John Lennon, Robert Redford +Mars, Saturn, Charlie Brown, Scarlett Johansen + Mars, Venus, Solar, Philip Seymour Hoffman +Jovial,

Cultural Meaning

How many of us fear being seen? Except perhaps when we feel ourselves in our fullness? Then, we let it all hang out and glow!  Where emotions are concerned, one aspect to be ever vigilant of is the tendency to try and hide them or use the mind to rationalize them into control. The strategies which have emerged from the human psyche have been often tragically brilliant; where a simple fear is escalated into a tortuous monster and fed by beliefs and intellect which cages yet protects it; in the same way that a still pond may become a cesspool.

The Lunar type reminds us that many of the things we think, or invent from them, are driven by the fear of being revealed and how vulnerable that makes us feel. When this motivation is coupled with a deep insecurity as to one’s own worth or lovability, then it may give rise to the most heinous and rejecting of behaviors toward others, beginning within the Self. With all the precision and yes predictability of stages of the moon, it may pour its pain upon others with a callousness robbed of any light, like emanating from a darkened moon, invisible to our view, but still assailing the rest of our senses.

Like intoned in the Canticle of St. Francis of Assisi, Sister Moon is feminine and reflects or hides from the shine of Brother Sun. But they are siblings, with one equal to the other; and each with their own gifts and motions. Thus, the burning star that the mind has become, is best used to explore ones emotions not control them. And when our emotions hide themselves, causing us to fall into a dark night of the soul, indeed isn’t it more reasonable to wait until it turns its face toward us, rather than frenetically explaining why we shouldn’t feel it at all?

But, no matter how clever one may be, the lure of romance bears as its calling card, la bella luna, the beautiful lovers moon!

Attributes of this Body Type…

  • Smaller in height
  • Whitish skin
  • Flesh is a bit baggy or soft (zofdig as it is expressed in Yiddish)
  • Eyes appear to be recessed into the head, but the stare can be piercing
  • Expressions can appear cold or reflected timidity
  • Round or “moon shaped” face.
  • Small teeth and nose.
  • Tends to walks with a slight waddle
by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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