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5 Sage

5 Sage
What this card means... The Sage Self calls you to teach by telling your story. Sometimes a wise cracker or a laugh might reveal some potential wisdom.

The Voice, Word, and Delight of God


Sages as defined in the Michael Teaching


Sage arachetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemSage archetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemSage archetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemSage archetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemSage archetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemRichard Pryor - Sage in the Michael Teaching
Definition of Sage in the Michael Teaching
Bella Abzug - Sage
Cartoon Sage as defined in the Michael Teaching

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Dissemination

(Articulate, Colorful, Dramatic, Entertaining, Enthralling, Expressive, Friendly, Fun-loving, Humorous, Informative, Inquisitive, Knowledgeable, Light-hearted, Perceptive, Storyteller, Verbose, Wise)

  1. Wise Sages disseminate information with words that define, describe and hopefully entertain, if not enlighten. Use your words to bring enlightenment to the situation.
  2. Think about how much you have learned when the lesson was offered in a light hearted way. Some humor needs be brought to this situation to disseminate your information. Yes, your ideas are important, but they need smooth delivery.
  3. Tell a story about something that is true for you. Act with levity and brevity and the communication you seek to make will be bridged.
  4. Wise communication denotes the general theme of this card. When it appears in your spread, know that a focal point issue is what to say and how to say it.
Quotations illustrating this Overleaf pole
  • “The gift of teaching is a peculiar talent, and implies a need and a craving in the teacher himself.” Chapman
  • “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln
  • “I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and prevents arguments.”Oscar Wilde

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Oration

(Arrogant, Bag of Wind, Deceptive, Demands Attention, Drama Queen, Egocentric, Gossipy, Hogs Conversations, Intrusive, Loud, Oratorical, Overblown Sense of Entitlement, Sleazy, Tactless Bore, Tasteless)

  1. Endless oration proves not intelligence but verbosity. Long windedness may sound pleasing if the voice is singing or waxing poetically. In this case, talking has gone on long enough! Someone needs to be told to “shut-up”!
  2. Needless verbosity is dominating the dialogue. Get to the point.
  3. Be aware that some joker thinks him/her-self above the rest. Bring someone back down-to-earth with a tangible truth.
Quotations which illustrate this Overleaf pole
  • “If you put your foot in it, be sure it’s your best foot.“ Mae West 
  • “I don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right.” Michael on Sages

Sage Role Overleaf Energy The Michael Teaching

Sage arachetype as defined in the The Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trair SystemSage is the role that holds as highest priority comprehension of and playing with expression, particularly when it comes to verbal communication. Wired to be speak; sometimes vociferously and loudly, at the other end of the spectrum it is possible to hear spell binding speeches and use of words that may illuminate and teach. Mentally, the Sage is attuned to the lightest of vibrations understanding that levity and humor are often the most successful way to transmit information. But Sages need not be overly talkative instead opting for strategic output when the purpose suits them. This is the hallmark of the wise Sage of lore. Seldom content to be outdone, it is common for a Sage to finish the sentence of another person even before the other person has completed the thought.

Life Metaphor and Implied Metaphor

Life is a stage. Everything you say matters. Live a little!

Cultural Archetype- Exalted Arcana

President FDR - Mature Sage in the Michael TeachingsWe call the wise men/women of our history Sages. It boils down to the simple rule of knowing what to say, when to say it and how it should be delivered; like Ronald Reagan. His smooth delivery and fatherly tone conveyed much in the way of confidence and comfort, yet in the opinion of many, delivered little in the way of actual facts or details. The Sage is the the storyteller archetype who delivers both subtle and blunt moral lessons by speaking usually while dramatizing the high points. Thus, the Sage assumes the role of teacher and in many cases, loves the performance of the idea itself. Because of the facility with words and perceptive wisdom, in many cultures the Sage is given the task of naming things. Thus, to possess sagacity, meaning someone who possesses acute discernment and sound judgment, demonstrate authority over words and therefore knowledge. A Sages power of being is in words, not in actions. In the highest order, Sages possess not only intelligence and wisdom, but the ability to eloquently craft its delivery for the specific audience intended. That is why, at the other end of the spectrum, the snake-oil salesman, or the con artist or the politician can so successfully bamboozle those whom he/she would withhold information through lying, embellishment or outright fabrication.

Examples of this Archetype

  1. Famous People: President Abraham Lincoln, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Bill Clinton, President Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Eddie Murphy, Cary Grant, Bill Cosby, Cleopatra, Thomas Edison, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Senator Robert Kennedy, Jim Carrey, Lucille Ball, William Shakespeare, Walter Cronkite, Michael Douglas, Duke Ellington, Larry Flynt, Betty Friedan, Scott Hamilton, Hugh Hefner, Wolfman Jack, Nikta Khrushchev Ann Landers, David Letterman, Jay Leno, James Michener, Bette Midler, Steve Irwin, Will Smith, Leon Panetta, Martha Ray, William Shakespeare, Whoopi Goldberg, George Carlin, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters, Richard Fenyman, Will Farrell, Tina Fey, Rusch Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Socrates, Aristotle, H. L.Menken, .
  2. Mythical or Cartoon characters: FogHorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck, Bacchus, Loki, Hyoka,
  3. Institutions: Comedy, teaching, singing, storytelling, opera, theatre,
  4. Familiar Occupations: comedian, advertising, DJ, actor, news reporter, actor (especially on stage), teacher, writer, salesperson, politician, TV announcer, public spokesman, psychic.
  5. Animals: Toucan crow, coyote, chimpanzee
  6. Inventions or works of art: whoopi cushion, tower of Pizza, bards plays, language, linguistics
  7. Cities and Nationalities Italians, Los Angeles, Branson MO, Greece, dolphins

Identify Statements of the Sage Role Energy
(Not every aspect may be in play.)

  1. I seek to communicate insights.
  2. The medium of speech is my personal playground and the world is my audience.
  3. People say I have the gift for gab or a loud mouth, often both.
  4. Learning should be an entertaining experience.
  5. I hate to be ignored or misunderstood.
  6. I can spend a lot of time rehearsing what I want to say, because clarity of my communication is absolutely imperative to me.
  7. I often learn what I am thinking when I hear myself say it out loud.
  8. I love to name things or give people nicknames.
  9. Humor is the most important way I know how to disseminate the truth or share my insights.
  10. A good story goes a long way.
  11. People tell me that sometimes I tell too much story and don’t get to the point.
  12. I make faces or have facial ticks when I speak. Most anyone can see when I am reacting to something because it is often written on my expression.
  13. I love a phrase turned well and with smooth precision, insightful wisdom, or playfulness word play.
  14. My greatest wish is to communicate something important about a situation or the human condition.
  15. There’s often a running commentary in my head that never stops. Apparently if I’m not a chatterbox around others, I’m perfectly willing to have long conversations with myself. In other words, generally speaking, I’m generally speaking.
  16. Whenever I think of something in a certain light, I give it a funny voice or make a face to dramatize it.
  17. There is nothing so fun as to be on a jag, hear a peel of laughter at something I said, and feel like they like me.
  18. Being a performer and having an audience, whether fearful to me or not, seems like the most exhilarating thing.
  19. I love to teach or share information, sometimes it turns into lecturing or gossip.
  20. On the downside of wanting to share, or get approval or appear an authority, if I don’t know an answer, I might just make it up on the spot.
  21. Some people call me a bullshiter and tell me I ought to be in sales.
  22. I see life as a drama and can get into a part as if I were in my own soap operas.
  23. Friends and family might describe me as funny, full of insights, a great communicator, a natural teacher, someone who likes to make play out of work, a person that lightens up the crowd.
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