The Michael Motivation Cards

54 Feminine

54 Feminine
What this card means... Yin or Feminine energy attends to the needs of yourself and others. Issues concerning deep emotions are inferred.

Yin – The Mother Instinct


Yin Feminine Energy as defined in the Michael Teaching


Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Receptivity – Being

(Love, flexibility, generosity, nurturing, divergence, eclectic,  love  order, submission,  intuition,  right  brain,  flow., ‘Yin’ energy, sacrifice,  altruism , higher chakras,  weave, elements of Earth & Water, goodness, lovemaking,  tolerant,  elaborate,  inductive, inclusive, abstract, personal, concept, conserve, relatedness, generalization and extrapolation, conserve and save, natural and organic, inner creator)

  1. Be receptive to new ideas. Allow  flexibility to enable or adopt any form needed for doing a job. Be like water: spread out and fill the gaps.
  2. Yin energy’s receptivity and desire to nurture is utilized for filling gaps and supporting cohesion. It can diverge attention for effective multitasking.
  3. Let things settle out. Look to your sensitivity and intuition. Female persons may figure prominently. Make time for nurturing.
“Appropriate Quote.”
  • “God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.”
    Farrah Fawcett

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Passivity – Apathy

(cunning, deceptive, hidden, inactive, whining, bitchy, lethargic, parasitic,  repel & isolate, masochistic, passive/aggressive, fear ambivalent and worthless,  entice to attract, others act on them, avoidance, emotionally identified, indirect, submissive, vanity, manipulative)

  1. Mistaken ideas fog the mind and evoke erratic emotion. Such diffusion blurs and defeats one’s ability to contribute appropriately. It is possible that a woman is involved. There are too many things on your plate.
  2. Waiting for someone to come sweep you off your feet? Well if you hear the other shoe drop, it might already be too late.  Being passive never made anything happen.
“Appropriate Quote.”

Relevance in the Michael Teaching

Feminine Energy (Yin) is the dark half the TAOist symbol. It relates aspects of human nature which allow rather than assert, receive rather than take, and act in the realm of intuition rather than the mind.  When a person is graced with the majority of this attribute, he-she will most likely experience life as something that is encountered rather than something than is to be made. Yin is the creative force of the Universe through the act of gestation rather than building, which is Yang.

The TAO is the unity from which all things are sprung, but the first duality is the Yin-Yang.  Everything is made from both sides of the TAO yet to which proportion will influence the way a person experiences themselves. The female gender is the Yin energy placed in a body. However, the two ways it may show up are what we term Active or Masculine Female and Receptive or Feminine Female. Each expression takes interest in various ways but suffice it so say that both bring their primary focus to others or to the environment which they live.

Cultural Meaning

The schism between the family and the individual and the vanity as a show of values is core problem facing the feminine aspect of the race today. The version of “family values” set forth shelters beneath the surface a vapid disdain for feminine power and sees it as a

Active (Masculine) Females

A masucline female as defined in the MIchael Teaching In today’s world, those women who appear assertive, bold and outgoing are those who usually fall under this category. By no means, all “boyish” or “gay” the Active Female may be just as goal oriented as any male and equally as disciplined and indeed prizing a sexually alluring body as much or more (as a self adornment) as their Receptive counterpart. Humorously, these strong or powerful women I have dubbed a “guy with a pie” in contrast to the Receptive Male’s “chick with a dick.”

The Active Female may allow herself a more direct and assertive role in achieving this and perhaps mingle personal needs with her sense of service. However, in the event she becomes so focused on outer issues or the Pragmatic use of her energy, she may lose the softness in temperament that is characteristically female.

Examples: Sigorney Weaver, Grace Jones, Meg Whitman, Jane Lynch,  Oprah Winfrey, Rahel Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne Barr, Kathy Griffiths, Jamie Lee Curtis, Indira Gandhi, Valkyries, Betty Davis, Katherine Hepburn,  Former Princess Sarah Ferguson, Margaret Thatcher,

Receptive (Feminine) Females

The Receptive Female as defined in the Michael Teaching.The “fem-fetal” might be either form of female, but it tends to fall under the category of Receptive Female. The Receptive Female will greatly depend upon the acknowledgment of those who she influences and can seem faultlessly other directed. However in the extreme without a masculine balance of self care, they either fall from exhaustion or require rescue.

Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, Betty Crocker, Jane Goodall, Coretta Scott-King, Mary Tyler-Moore, Meg Ryan, Audrey Hepburn,  Christina Ricci, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II,

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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