The Michael Motivation Cards

77 Nexus

77 Nexus
Context of Card: Unpredictable intervention! The Tower has been hit. All bets are off!
Character Augments:
Life Options:

“The TAO giveth
and the TAO taketh away!”

God and Adam - Michael Angelo's Fresco

Game Changers & the Element of Surprise

The opening void of the Nexus

Card messages in the Illuminated position + Liberation

(Fluctuation, variance, multiplicity, transformation, serendipity, synchronicity, conjunction, alteration)
  1. You cannot predict the unpredictable only respond to it. If you made contingency plans to deal with the tangible, then your safety is assured. Stay awake!
  2. You have just been freed up to try something completely different. Follow those bread crumbs even if they lead you into a dark forest. There is no witch to confuse you, just which way.
  3. When relationships alter abruptly, their loss can, for a while, seem irreplaceable. Yet, an opening has occurred for new things to fill the gap transforming the shock into something extraordinary.
  4. If something comes in from “out-of-the-blue”; TAO, working with your Essence, may have reshuffled the deck of probabilities to give you another chance, and sometimes to remove one.
  5. Everything is topsy-turvey. This may be the luckiest day of your life. At least, find the luck in it.
  6. If you have the element of surprise on your side, you can take a situation and completely shake-up the expected outcome. Seize it before it seizes you.

Card messages in the Shadow position Erasure

(Decimation, extinction, complication, recondite, elimination, disjunction, obliteration, conflagration)
  1. When options are suddenly decimated, the erasure can leave one stunned or reeling.  Extricate yourself from immediate trouble. Then assess what nexus of events changed to make it happen.
  2. Undoubtedly things are fluctuating at this very moment! Jumbles of possibilities which don’t make sense pervade your thinking. It is difficult to get a handle on what must seem like a decimation of your plans. Wait. You’ll see how the terrain has altered once the dust has settled.
  3. No one likes it when the ‘rug is pulled out from under them”. It could be that you’ve lost your bearings as to what you do or go from here. Remember, when one door closes, another one opens.

Relevance in The Michael Teaching

A Nexus can be described a moment in time, where the trajectory of a time line is interrupted in some way. There are 4 major ways a Nexus can occur: 1) Creation of a new script supplanting the original set into your DNA and unconscious psyche…otherwise know as your Instinctive Center. 2) Complete erasure of time lines. 3) Convergence of Parallel Realities where a blend of possible futures modify existing patterns. 4) Divergence of parallel realities such that variations of options not chosen get spun into existence leaving a person somewhat lightened to pursue their chosen course.

Cultural Implications

“There are little cats and lions but in the Olympics sometimes the lion turns into a little cat, and the little cat into a lion.” Beach volleyball world champion Juliana Felisberta of Brazil

A reversal of fortune contrasts the sometimes stunning advances which may propel one forward on a direction which seems unstoppable. But this is what a Nexus is! An alteration in the fabric of one’s own space time destiny by reconfiguring the options available.

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