The Michael Motivation Cards

8 Discrimination

8 Discrimination
What this card means... Choices abound.! But this card requires discerning the differences. In extreme it leads to rejecting some options or people.

Distinction, Discernment and Prejudice


Discrimination as defined in The Michael Teaching


Card messages in the  Illuminated position.

+ Discernment

Discerning, Precision, Refinement, Sophistication, Exclusive, Gourmand, Categorization, Specialization, Differentiation, Distinction

  1. Show your expertise and sophistication. Demonstrate the refined temperament and knowledge of a specialist.
  2. Subtlety is only learned because of the power of discernment. Differentiating flavor, or texture, or nuance is a pleasure and a necessity of living. Has someone hatched a sophisticated plot? Have you missed the subtlety currently operating? It is time for deeper scrutiny.
  3. sophisticated person measures carefully their time, tastes, and appearance. Discern exactly what qualities you are looking for when you decide to make an investment in time, money, or another person.
Quotes that characterize this pole…

“Do not judge and you will never be mistaken.” ~Jean Jacques Rousseau

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Prejudice

(Judgmental, Opinionated, Bigoted, Prickly, Rejecting, Snobbish, Close-minded,  Exclusion, Banishment)

  1. To be a victim of prejudice is to be judged less-than and rejected because of it. Placed in a hierarchy and rejected for being different. Is your judgment tainted by some bias? Are some facts being rejected?
  2. Rejection is usually a fear based response. Are you about to banish someone or something that is actually useful just because the way they show up is not to your liking?
Quotes that characterize this sentiment…
  • “Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.” ~Merry Browne
  • “Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds”. ~Albert Einstein

Relevance in the Michael Teaching

As a Goal, Discrimination, formerly called Rejection, requires the Personality to refine, by whatever means necessary its categorizations of things and experiences. In other words, this can be a process governed by well reasoned, thoroughly investigated, illuminated and sophisticated discernment; or it may be outright reductionism and emotional favoritism substituting personal prejudice as the mechanism for segregating experience.

Coffee Connoisseurs in Discrimination as defined in the Michael TeachingThe 2% of people who activate this goal as their primary learning directive may as a matter of course seem intellectual but by no mean all educated in an academic sense. More common of this goal are those who know a vast number of things about a specific subject. It might be that person knows the nuances of art, or engine repair, or biological processes, or the exact way to bake a perfect cake.  Subtle differences comprise all life and the advancement of the soul depends upon a periodic sorting of knowledge as to capture the deeper or richer meanings embedded therein.

When in the Shadow of this Goal, a person may if they commit themselves to being liberated from it, may utilize the paired opposite of this impulse is to drop the constricting parameters relinquishing it to Acceptance. Acceptance is inclusive and allows for variation and difference without the need to segment. It is the counterbalance for an overactive need to restrict or reject things that cannot be understood or controlled.

Cultural Meaning

Discrimination is either a highly emotionally charged word or a highly precise scientific term. Both tend to follow the trend of the negative and positive poles of the Overleaf above. Both involve separation and distinction.

Discrimination uses the Nose and looks down at you through it.When most people hear the word discrimination: prejudice, unfair treatment and exclusion, are the words often considered synonymous. They are not.  Discrimination means choosing distinguishing amongst similar objects because of minute differences is the talent of this aspect of human understanding. This latter description is how psychologists apply this concept to maturity and development of understanding.  Knowing the difference between love and infatuation, sex and true intimacy, inner power vs. outer dominance are keys in a person’s ability to make choices that are life affirming and in harmony with ones values.

Otherwise, as is the case with all person’s whose sense of “picky” specificity is based upon some unfulfilled need or fear of being wrong, the emergence of favoritism to the extreme of extermination. Being faced with a need, or in some cases obsession, which requires placing into “boxes”, ideas, beliefs and experiences then serve as a template for deepening understanding or codifying fears and reactions into well justified and preconceived notions.

You might have this Overleaf if…

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